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Archive for April 2009

The Call of the ‘Seaward’

Okay, so we know it looks like we just told Katinka Kieliger to stand next to Seaward’s wheel, but you better believe it – this girl can drive! She took the helm for a solid 20 minutes and only gave it up when we pulled into the dock. More »

Musings On Swine Flu

"I, like the Grand Poobah of the Ha-Ha, need to go to Mexico to retrieve my boat in Puerto Los Cabos and bring her back to San Diego prior to the June 1 start of hurricane season," writes Lou Freeman of the San Diego-based Swan 51 Seabird. More »

Bay Area Boaters Rescued off Costa Rica

Stephen Szukics (foreground) and James Winningham were looking for adventure. They found it. © 2009 USCGC Sherman When Stephen Szukics’ dockmates at Loch Lomond Marina in San Rafael heard that the 55-year-old was planning to take his 55-ft wooden Baglietto powerboat Black Pearl to Texas via the Panama Canal, they tried to talk him out of it. More »

Princess Tai Ping Rammed in Taiwan

Princess Tai Ping, the 54-ft Chinese junk that visited the Bay Area last October, was run down by a freighter off Taiwan on Sunday. Thankfully, all 11 crew, including three Americans, survived with mostly minor injuries. More »

Moms Love Latitude Gear

Mother’s Day is hurtling toward us at lightning speed, and what better gift for Mom than something pretty from Latitude 38‘s online chandlery? Flowers are soooo 1982 and candy will just make her feel fat afterward. More »

Life Before Google Earth

Ol’ Ptolemy’s maps contained a bit of mis-information, but considering what he had to work with, they are truly amazing. © 2009 Webb Logg With modern technological advances impacting virtually every aspect of our lives these days, it’s easy to take many of them for granted. More »

America’s Cup – Onward Through the Fog

What almost appeared yesterday to be a ‘final decision’ now looks like the bell for just one more round of America’s Cup legal boxing. Earlier this month, the New York Appeals Court ruled that BMW Oracle Racing and its home yacht club, Golden Gate YC, would be instated as the Challengers of Record for AC33, and that the ‘paper’ club, Spain’s CNEV — which was hastily created after the last Cup race to insure the event would stay in Valencia — was out. More »

Watch Mark Do The Canal

What would a beautiful Younger Girl such as this being doing with a skipper who looks like . . . Younger Girl
©2009 Latitude 38 Media, LLC San Diego’s Mark Sciarretta, who is not only a vet of multiple Ha-Ha’s, but also a serial and multiple boatowner, wants everyone to know that he and his new younger girl can be watched, via the internet, transiting the Panama Canal today. More »