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Archive for March 2009

Dramatic Rescue in DHF

When longtime Sausalito resident and friend of Latitude Dave Wilhite was diagnosed with leukemia in 2004, he moved to Bellingham, WA, to be close to his parents while he waited to die. More »

Doublehanded Farallones Race

Heat Wave, along with 10 other racers, waited out the lull near Pt. Bonita and wound up rounding the rocks. Unfortunately, they didn’t finish the race. © Peter Lyons For most competitors, the 30th Annual Doublehanded Farallones Race was a bust windwise. More »

Sea Angel Catches an Ocean Lady

"I just caught this ‘ocean lady’, as the locals call sail fish, yesterday while sailing in the channel between St. Vincent and Bequia," writes Marc Hachey. Hachey has been sailing his Auburn-based Peterson 44 Sea Angel six months out of the year in the Caribbean for many years. More »

Mayan For Sale

David Crosby’s schooner Mayan sailing off Southern California. Yachtworld
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC One of the prettiest classic yachts on the West Coast is up for sale, and she comes with an interesting provenance. More »

Sea of Cortez Sailing Week

Can you think of a more dramatic setting for a cruisers’ regatta than Caleta Partida? © 2009 Glenn Twitchell With a terrific Banderas Bay Regatta on the books, a group of about 15 ‘can’t get enough sailing’ folks from the cruising class of 2008-09 have started to make their way 350 miles north to La Paz for Sea of Cortez Sailing Week. More »
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Keep These on Your Racing Calendar

• The Bay Area Multihull Association‘s (BAMA) 30th running of the Doublehanded Farallones Race is Saturday. If you haven’t signed up and can’t make the skippers’ meeting at Oakland YC tonight at 7:30 p.m., More »

Cruiser Murdered in Thailand

Malcolm Robertson, 64, was murdered by young pirates in Thailand. His wife Linda, 57, survived her ordeal with minor injuries. Mr. Bean
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC British cruisers Malcolm and Linda Robertson were anchored off the Buntang Islands in southern Thailand on Monday when three hammer- and machete-wielding pirates reportedly boarded their 44-ft steel Bruce Roberts cutter Mr. More »

17th Annual Banderas Bay Regatta

Louis and Laura of Hayward, on #13 Cirque, hit the pin end of the line at the start of the first race. The couple, in their second year of cruising in Mexico, scored three bullets. More »

Sleeping Giant Awakens

Some people don’t believe that the South Tower Demon exists. They explain those instant changes in wind direction and velocity — which often cause nearby boats to spin out and momentarily head right toward the tower — by spouting lame ‘facts’ based on supposed real-world physics. More »

Spectacular Volcanic Eruptions in Tonga

The twin islands of Hunga Tonga and Hunga Ha’apai have become one large pumice island. It should only take a few months for the ocean to wear it back down. © Robert Stone On Monday, a Tongan volcano that had been quiet since 1988 blew its stack. More »