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Archive for September 2007

Bertarelli to Speak at St. Francis YC

Ernesto Bertarelli, winner of the 2007 America’s Cup, is scheduled to speak at St. Francis YC next week. America’s Cup
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC If you’ve been following the tumultuous politics of the next America’s Cup engagement, you wouldn’t be alone in your curiosity about its future. More »

Speaking of Ellison . . .

Prop planes soaring through the afternoon sunset. Note the two painted with the ‘Oracle’ logo. Ellen Hoke
© Latitude 38 Media, LLC It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no, it’s just another party held by billionaire Larry Ellison, fourth richest man in America. More »

Head (South)West Young Man

Bay sailing is great but Guy Sandusky wants to remind everyone that lake sailing is great too. © Guy Sandusky This is Heron Lake, located in northwestern New Mexico approximately 40 miles south of the Colorado border. More »

Mexico Cruisers Heading South

"This time of year, every time the weather is good the marina fills up," said Scott Pryor of the Monterey Municipal Marina. This writer was lucky enough to grab the second to last slip at the 413-berth facility, having just sailed down from San Francisco aboard Tom Liliienthal’s Beneteau 41 Dreamseeker. More »

Ad: Congrats to Kim & Bill

© 2007 KKMI Congratulations to our very own Kim Desenberg and Bill Erkelens, crew aboard Bustin’ Loose which took first in the Big Boat Series’ Sydney 38 class! This isn’t the first – or last – time these two will be part of a winning team. More »

Sailing with Kids? Not So Tough

Who says sailing with kids is tough? Here’s what super-sailor Rob Wallace has to say about it: Rob knew baby Cristopher was a born-sailor on the way back from Hawaii in ’87 – check out the kid licking the salt spray off his lips! More »

Folding Boat – and We Do Mean Folding

Boelter’s boat ‘underway’ on the Elbe. The origami creation is part of an ongoing exhibit by the artist. © 2007 Latitude 38 Publishing Co., Inc. German artist Frank Boelter was fooling around with a milk carton at breakfast one morning when all of a sudden (so the report goes) it occurred to him that you could build a boat out of this stuff. More »

Leukemia Cup – Sail for a Cure!

The Leukemia Cup, hosted by San Francisco YC, is this Saturday, and is not only a worthy cause, but also tons of fun. First and foremost, it’s a PHRF race but secondly, and more importantly, it’s a fundraising event. More »