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July 2022

58Pacific Cup Preview– Fulfilling a Pent-Up Desire

The 21st edition of the Pacific Cup promises to be a brilliant race and an even better party.

62Master Mariners Regatta

We climbed aboard the gaff-rigged steel schooner Freda B and greeted fellow passenger Aldred Chipman, who had retired as owner of Starbuck Canvas in January. (Aldred says he's still doing canvas work part-time in San Francisco.) The rest of the sailors aboard the tall ship were regular crewmembers.

68Crissy Field — The Kite Scene

Sailboats sail, and foilers foil, but wingers go out and play. Those flying kites have the ultimate playground from the beach launch at Crissy Field.

72Max Ebb: The Stars Compel

I haven't brought a sextant on an ocean race in years, thinking that a handheld GPS or three, and a bag of extra alkalines, was all the backup any boat needed. But my skipper felt differently, citing seemingly far-fetched scenarios involving hostile satellite killers, ground-based hackers, electromagnetic pulse attacks, and even coronal mass ejections from the sun.

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