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Some of the articles you may have seen in the paper version of Latitude 38

Loss of lives and boats in the 1982 Doublehanded Farallones Race:
Doublehanded Farallones Feature
Kuhushan Sinking
Going For It Once Too Often

You can download a PDF of the Bernard Moitessier Interview from January1981 here.

Young, pregnant and cruising the South Pacific

New sailors bareboat and rock climb Greece’s Aegean Islands.

From September 1978, Skip Allan's TransPac journey: Skip Across the Ocean

San Franciscans on the Solent for the RYS Bicentenary

We've started a new page for the 35th America's Cup.
You can still see our 34th America's Cup page too.

Bay Area Bareboats has been updated for 2017.
Bay Area Multi-Vessel Charter Boats
has been updated for 2017.
Six-Pack Charter Boats has been updated for 2017.

South Pacific Strategies
(from 2012)
New Safety Requirements for U.S. Sailboat Racers
Guide to Bay Sailing
(1,008 kb pdf from May, 2009)
Making Offshore Racing Safer

Remembering Rob Moore
Idiot's Guide to Marine SSB
Sea of Cortez or the Caribbean?
Guide to Boat-In Dining

Fair Weather Sailors: SoPac Weather Simplified
South Pacific Weather, Part 1 and Part 2 (from 1994)

A collection of articles by Dr. Kent Benedict, a sailing MD:
Hypothermia (from 1998)
Medicine to Go (from 1997)
Seasickness (from 1997)
Medical Potluck (from 1997)
Medical Preparedness (from 1996)

Delta Stories, old and new
San Blas Cruisers Guide
The 20th Anniversary of Loma Prieta: Shake, Rattle & Roll
For Flag Day: Show Your Colors
Salute to Circumnavigator John Guzzwell
Hiking the Channel Islands
The Perfect Daysail, 2007 edition
China Sydrome: Sylvain Barielle from Sightings
The Cruise of the Laundry Basket
, circa 1948
Baylis Family:
Inheriting the Wind
Surviving the Tsunami
Pacific Puddle Jump 2004 - Part 1
Pacific Puddle Jump 2004 - Part 2
Boat of the Month: Ranger 33
First-Time Charterers Sample Crewed Cat Sailing in BVI

Peter Blake - Murder on the Amazon

Carl Schumacher, 1949-2002
- Alameda's Gentle Genius
Shimon Van Collie's 1984 Profile of Carl Schumacher
Circumnavigators' List
(to be updated periodically)
Our Big Boat Series Retrospective - 37 Years of History
Over the Top - Circumnavigating, Siberian Style
Cruising with Patrick O'Brian - The Man and the Myth

De-Naming Ceremony

55 MPH to Windward - Truckin' Her Home
Shattered Dreams - The Lure of Booze and Drugs
The Endeavour
Pacific Puddle Jump 1999 - The Call of the Conch Shell
1998 Baja Ha-Ha Wrapup
Steve Fossett's PlayStation
Nightmare Off New Zealand
Alan Andrews: Eyes on the Prize
"Weirdos With Boats" - The 1998 Singlehanded TransPac
The 1998 Big Boat Series
Our coverage of the 1998 J/24 World Championship
Our interview with hired big-gun, Dee Smith


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