[/* include to set or maintain the user session */] [include: '/111include/session_lat38_01.lasso'] [/* include for future development */] [include: '/111include/session_lat38_01.lasso'] [/* Anything that is between these types of brackets will not be shown at all so it is great for notes. notice that we have to have noprocess tags around anything that has javascript Below are the links to the two includes that are used to process the form. Its important that we never have any visible links to this folder so its kept secret contact_form_names.lasso - processes the links on the contact page and converts to an email address. you can add or change email addresses there. contact_form_process.lasso - sends the email or kicks it back to the form if there is a required field missing. contact_form_email.lasso - is the content of the email message. edit that how you want. */] [/* we have to make sure they got to this page from a contact link or the form processor so we search for the todo variable if we can't find anything then redirect them invisibly to the original contact page */] [var: 'todo' = (action_param:'todo')] [if: ((var:'todo') != 'getform') && ((var:'todo') != 'send_message') && ((var:'todo') != 'form_error')] [Redirect_URL:'http://latitude38.com/contact.html'] [/if] [include: '/111include/contact_form_names.lasso'] [if:((var:'todo') == 'send_message') ] [include: '/111include/contact_form_process.lasso'] [/if]
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[/* IF we see the send_message flag, the user has submitted their form and they will get this confirmation. Format this however you want to. */] [if: ((var:'todo') == 'send_message') ]
Thanks for your message!

[/* ELSE - they either need to fill in the form or there was an error with the form */] [else: ((var:'todo') == 'getform') || ((var:'todo') == 'form_error') ] [/* IF there is an error message show it here */] [if: ((var:'error_form_message') !='') ]


[/* ELSE show this default message */] [else]

All Fields are Required

[/* close error search */] [/if]
[/* we start fresh with the to do variable - if this is showing we know we want to send a message */]
Send Message


[/* END the If/else search */] [/if]


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