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Latitude 38's Classy Classifieds is the place to buy or sell boats - as well as marine gear, trailers, liferafts, boat partnerships, trades and more.

Returning users and shoppers will notice we have a new look and some great new features. Now when you set up an account or log in, you will be able to view and manage your ads old and new and your payment method, and edit your contact information.

Also, we are happy to announce our Run Until Canceled automatic renewal program! You need not worry about missing another deadline. Thirty days after the date of posting a Classy ad, the credit card used for your initial ad submission will be charged automatically. You can cancel at any time by signing in to your account before the next ad deadline - always the 15th at 5 p.m. PST.

Let’s get started! Simply sign in to your account [here].

Or you can begin shopping by exploring the various categories.

Looking for something in particular? Search using a keyword (i.e. Catalina or winch) or location.

As always we offer FREE ad listings for items less than $1,000. For more information and to post a FREE ad click here.

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