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Please note: Third Class Postage rate is not available for subscriptions to Canada, Mexico, FPO, APO or correctional facilities; please use First Class (see below).
___ $36.00 for one year via Third Class Postage (new subscriptions). Delivery time 2-3 weeks. The Postal Service will not forward third class mail, so you must make with us in advance.
___ $36.00 Third Class Renewal (current subscriptions only!)
___ $72.00 Third Class for Two Years
___ $55.00 for one year via First Class Postage (new subscriptions). Delivery Time 2 to 3 days. Subscriptions to Canada, Mexico, FPO and APO [U.S. Military], and correctional facilities MUST be First Class.
___ $55.00 First Class Renewal (current subscriptions only!)
___ $110.00 First Class for Two Years

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