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The events on this page constitute Latitude 38’s unofficial Women’s Circuit. We challenge women sailors to take the helm and create their own series of events from this list. You don’t need to finish first to win, and you don’t need to do all the races on the list either! Just send proof of your participation in as many events as you can or fax it to (415) 383-5816, by November 9, 2016, and you could be crowned Latitude’s ‘Queen of the Women’s Circuit’.

If you’d like your race or seminar listed here next year, please send us details by November 10, 2016. You can reach us by or by fax at (415) 383-5816, attn: Colleen.

Sunday, February 28
Sadie Hawkins women skippers race, IYC
John New, (510) 521-2980,

Saturday, March 12
Rites of Spring (division for all-female crews), OYC,
Jim Hild, (510) 277-4676,

Saturday, May 28
Lady and the Tramp Race, FLYC

Sunday, June 19
Women Skippers Race, PresYC
(415) 677-7917,

Saturday, July TBD
Sadie Hawkins, KBSC
Check website for information:

Saturday, July 16
Jack and Jill Race, SSC
(209) 951-5600,

Saturday, August 6
Kay & Dave Few Regatta, CPYC
(650) 347-6730,

Sunday, August 14
Ladies' Day Races, LTWYC - South Lake Tahoe
David Young, (530) 545-9155,

Sunday, August 21
Gracie & George Regatta, EYC
Doug Perry, (510) 867-8064,

Saturday & Sunday, September 24-25
Women’s Sailing Seminar, with race on Sunday, IYC
John New, (510) 521-2980,

Sunday, September TBD
Jack and Jill Regatta, SCYC

Sunday, September TBD
Jack & Jill, KBSC

Saturday, October 1
Red Bra Regatta, SBYC
Dan Courter, (925) 209-3081,

Saturday, October 15
Joan Storer Regatta, TYC

New! Saturday, November 5
Amazing Grace Cheney Cup, RYC
Gail Yando,

Sunday, November 6
Jack & Jill + 1 (women skipper triplehanded race), IYC
John New, (510) 521-7442,

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