Pursuit Race up the Sacramento Ship Channel
Way back in 2005 over a few craft beers too many, a fellow by the name of Ken Crawford announced to his Lake Washington Sailing Club cronies, “Why don’t we run a pursuit race all the way up that b*t%# of a ditch from Rio Vista to the club?"
West Coast Circumnavigators
We are a little reluctant to say that any sailor  is in the homestretch — especially a circumnavigator who has been sailing around the world for going on a year now. 
Wednesday, Sept. 11 at the Bay Model in Sausalito

Latitude 38's Fall Crew Party in Sausalito

A great way to get involved in sailing, cruising or racing.

Find a boat, find a ride, find crew for sailing on the Bay or the Baja Ha-Ha
The Fall Crew List Party is also the Baja Ha-Ha meet-up party where those doing the Ha-Ha meet other participants and potential crew.

Magazine Features: August 2019

50Th Transpac — The Biggest One Yet

There was a lot of energy and enthusiasm behind making the 50th Transpac the biggest one yet.

Around The Next Corner In Indonesia

The natural beauty of Raja Ampat, and Indonesia at large, is truly stunning. From east to west, Indonesia is slightly larger than the United States. (It's a five hour plane ride to Papua.)

Volunteering to Fight The Good Fight

Although its direct-action approach to ocean conservation has often been controversial — particularly years ago in regard to Japanese whaling operations — the Sea Shepherd organization has endured since 1977, and continues to operate a variety of campaigns internationally.

Tahiti Rendez-vous

When a fleet of ordinary sailors completes a goal as ambitious as crossing three or four thousand miles of open ocean nonstop, it's only natural that they'd want to do a bit of celebrating, right?

Max Ebb: A Shoestring Operation

It's an old sailing instructor trick: Just when the students in knot-tying class have mastered the square knot, the instructor has everyone examine their own shoes.