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Circumnavigations with and without Crew
In the ninth edition of the solo Vendée Globe, it’s still a dead heat at the head of the pack, with yet another skipper attempting to stake his claim to victory.
Winning in 2020
"It was pretty sad to watch each race in our season get canceled after the March Shelter in Place order," reports Express 27 fleet captain Lori Tewksbury of Hang 20. "We had no racing for a few months. But then Richmond Yacht Club started their beer cans . . .
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Magazine Features: January 2021

Sharon Green — The Woman Behind The Lens

Sharon Green consistently presents the world of racing's eye-catching moments from spectacular vantages on the water or high above in a helicopter.

Mayday! Mayday! Man Overboard

One moment, Niklas Hache was scrambling across the deck of his 22-foot Santana sailboat and the next he was underwater. Fighting the shock from the cold winter water, watching his boat sail away unmanned, Hache found himself adrift in San Francisco Bay.

2020 Season Champions Part 2

Our Season Champions series of features is a bit shorter than in most years — but then so were the championship series themselves.

Max Ebb: Like Watching Very Fast-Growing Grass Grow

"A yacht may be under tow, e.g. to get up on the foils, until the Warning Signal." I had to read that again to make sure it was real: "A yacht may be under tow, e.g. to get up on the foils, until the Warning Signal."

The Racing Sheet

We visit EYC's Jack Frost, TYC's Wild Turkey and first Midwinter Race, and BYC's December Midwinters. Sequoia YC reports on their Winter Series and Redwood Cup and recaps the summer and fall of racing south of the San Mateo Bridge.

World of Charter: Pacific Northwest

We hear from delivery skipper, PNW native, retired foredeck, acceptable at the yacht club, invaluable offshore, and 49 Hawaiian trips — so far — veteran Andy Schwenk about chartering in the Pacific Northwest.