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Seeing an Old Friend

September 28, 2015 – Santa Barbara

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Our old Flying Scud may be more than 50 years old, but we think the Philip Rhodes design still looks great. In this photo she's seen at the anchorage off Stearns Wharf with the Santa Barbara Riviera in the background. 

Photo Latitude / Richard
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There was a very nice-looking blue boat anchored off our starboard beam when we motored in toward the Santa Barbara Yacht Harbor before the start of the SoCal Ta-Ta a few weeks ago. We immediately knew which boat she was — the Pearson Yachts 41-ft Bounty II sloop that the Wanderer used to live on with Kathleen McCarthy, his first wife, in Sausalito’s Clipper Yacht Harbor in the late 1970s.

Actually, we did way more than live on the Bounty, which was named Flying Scud. In addition to being our home, she was the original office of Latitude 38, as well as the company’s photo boat. We did something like the first five issues of Latitude using that boat as our office.

The original Bounty design was by Philip Rhodes, and about five of the 40-footers were built of wood before World War II. Then in the late 1950s, Frederick Coleman of Sausalito started building an updated version, the Bounty II, in what’s known as the 'Bounty Building' along the Sausalito waterfront. These were the first large fiberglass sailboats built in the United States. A number of them even had fiberglass masts. Pearson Yachts later took over production and built some at their facility back East.

Despite some of the Bountys' being nearly 60 years old, we see them all over the place along the coast of California. We saw a second one in Santa Barbara, there was one in Channel Islands Harbor, we know there are several in Newport Beach, and looking out the port from Driscoll Boat Works in San Diego we can see yet another one on a mooring in America’s Cup Harbor. Some of them even still have the original fiberglass masts. And our old boat even did a Baja Ha-Ha.

We didn’t get a chance to look too closely at our old Flying Scud, but other than needing a new sail cover, she still looked in pretty good shape. And oh what memories we have of countless great times we had on her, despite hardly having a clue about how to sail.

All this raises the question, have you ever come across a boat that you previously owned and had strong emotional ties to? And if so, was she in good shape or bad, and how did you feel about it? And, finally did you give any thought to buying her back? Email us here.

- latitude / richard

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Latitude 38 Crew List

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

A Salute to Unsung Heroes

September 28, 2015 – Station Golden Gate, S.F. Bay

During an interview not long ago, we asked a Coast Guard rescue pilot how often mariners who've been rescued return to a Search and Rescue (SAR) base to personally thank their saviors. "Almost never," he said. Yet he wasn't the least bit bitter about that fact. Risking their lives to save others is all in a day's work for Coast Guardsmen, especially here in the Bay Area.

In fact, CG Station Golden Gate responds to more on-the-water emergencies than any other base in the nation — and unfortunately their efforts go largely unnoticed by the public that they serve. That's why a newly formed group called Yacht Clubs Who Care has organized a special event called Picnic at the House of Heroes, which will take place Saturday, October 3 from noon to 3 p.m. at Station Golden Gate, adjacent to Horseshoe Cove (near the northern footing of the Golden Gate.)

No matter the danger, Coast Guard rescue personnel never balk at a call for help. Seen here is the rescue last December of a solo sailor off the wooden cutter Apster.

Photo Courtesy US Coast Guard
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

The event's purpose is to build "supportive relationships between the yachting community and Coast Guard families." This free event is open to the public, although space is limited, so organizers would appreciate an RSVP via email here

There will be an open house and facilities tours where attendees can meet and converse with Guardsmen, and learn about their work, plus boat tours, a helicopter rescue simulation, and a free lunch with beer supplied by Ol' Republic Brewery. Sounds like a great opportunity to acknowledge the unsung heroes that stand by 24/7 to aid boaters in distress, no matter how daunting the mission.

- latitude / andy

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Ad: San Francisco Sailing Company

September 28, 2015 – San Francisco, CA

© 2018 San Francisco Sailing Company /

Send resumes and questions to Edward.

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October Racing Preview

September 28, 2015 – San Francisco Bay

With the summer sailing season behind us and the midwinter season yet to begin, you might think that October would be a relatively quiet month for yacht racing in the Greater Bay Area. But it's not. Instead the October calendar is packed full of regattas, and there's surely something for everyone.

Half Moon Bay Race exits the Bay

The last ocean race, a joint venture between the SSS and OYRA that sailed to Half Moon Bay, started on a light easterly on September 19. It's highly unusual to see spinnakers sailing out the Gate!

© 2018 /

You can still sign up for races this weekend! Among them, the final OYRA race of the 2015 series remains a mystery. "It will be race committee's choice depending on wind direction and conditions," said OYRA president Andy Newell.

At OPB-YC's Crew You Regatta this Saturday, the crew drives. A treasure hunt and a post-race raft-up near Richmond YC round out the fun.

Women sailors will want to take note of this Saturday's Red Bra Regatta, an all-female regatta run by South Beach YC, and Tiburon YC's Joan Storer on October 17, in which the crew must be at least 50% female.

Oakland YC's Oktoberfest will be this Saturday; Berkeley YC's will be on October 17. 

BYC will host the Express 37 Nationals this Friday-Sunday; Corinthian YC will host the Express 27 Nationals on October 9-11.

With their Friday Beer Can Races complete for 2015, BYC switches gears to Sunday Chowder Races, beginning with this Sunday the 4th.

The Singlehanded Sailing Society will wrap up their season with the Vallejo 1-2, comprised of a singlehanded race from the Berkeley Circle to Vallejo YC on October 17 and a doublehanded race from VYC to RYC on October 18. The deadline to enter and the skippers' meeting at Oakland YC will be on Wednesday the 14th.

Another chance to sail aboard or watch grand old woodies will come with the Jessica Cup, hosted on the Cityfront at St. Francis YC, on October 17.

Woodies at Blackaller

Floating eye candy at Blackaller Buoy in a recent Jessica Cup.

Photo Latitude / Andy
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

The Leukemia Cup will be hosted by SFYC on October 17-18. Sign up now, as the entry fee will go up $50 on October 1.

The Halloween theme for this year's Great Pumpkin Regatta on October 24-25 will be 'Village Party' (think Village People). With the remodeling of the '60s-vintage clubhouse underway, festivities will be held in RYC's temporary 'village'. Racing will feature the usual buoy races on Saturday and an either-way pursuit race around Angel Island and Alcatraz on Sunday. "In the interest of fun and family racing, spinnaker-rated boats sailing without a spinnaker have a 10-second per mile allowance; i.e., a rating increase of 10," according to the Notice of Race for Sunday. "Boats with children under 14 years old will, in addition to the normal scoring, also be scored for special trophies."

Creepy costumes

Don't be afraid! It's only the Great Pumpkin Regatta party.

Photo Latitude / Chris
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

October features far too many deserving and interesting regattas to mention here, so be sure to check out the Calendar in the October issue of Latitude 38, due out this Thursday, to find what works for you.

- latitude / chris

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