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The Ha-Ha Is Less than Two Months Away

August 28, 2015 – The West Coast

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

When an event has a large number of entries, its needs an appropriately large battle flag, don't you think? This year's flag is so big that despite standing on bundles of Latitudes, the gals still couldn't keep the bottom off the ground.

Photo Latitude / Richard
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

With the start of the 22nd annual Baja Ha-Ha cruisers’ rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, via Turtle Bay and Bahia Santa Maria, less than two months away, Latitude’s Chris Weaver and the Ha-Ha’s Doña de Mallorca decided to try out the new Ha-Ha battle flag. It was a traffic-stopper on Locust Avenue in Mill Valley, so we liked it.

Want to be 100? If you act quickly, you can be the 100th entry in this year’s Ha-Ha; the entry list — as you can tell from below — is currently at 99. To sign up, visit The official deadline for entries is September 15.

We probably don’t have to tell you, but the Ha-Ha is open to boats 27 feet or longer that were designed, built and have been maintained for open-ocean sailing. A minimum of two crew, and a fun-loving attitude, are entry requirements.

We also want to remind everyone that the Latitude 38 Crew List Party will be held at Encinal YC in Alameda next Wednesday, September 2, from 6 to 9 p.m. Both the Grand Poobah and Doña de Mallorca, who have done 40 Ha-Ha's between them, will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

The entry list as of Friday morning:

1. Moonshadow / Deerfoot 2-62 / John and Deb Rogers / San Diego
2. Mykonos / Swan 44 / Myron & Marina Eisenzimmer / San Francisco
3. Tamara Lee Ann / Celestial 48 / Doug & Tamara Thorne / Emery Cove
4. Northern Lights / J/42 / Roderic & Mary Deyo / Seattle, WA
5. Windstar / Liberty 49 / Stephen & Bente Millard / Santa Barbara
6. Scarlet Fever / Jeanneau 509 Sun Odyssey / Paul Hofer / Wilmington, DE
7. Lokomaikai / Catalina 320 / Ron & Gail Hodel / Dana Point
8. Matador / Beneteau 50 / Stephen Meyer / San Diego
9. Elixir II / Islander 40 / Frank Nin & Leslie Honey / Brookings, OR
10. Millie J / Brewer 34.8 / James Atkins & Amy Arroyo / Vancouver, WA
11. Tandem / Pearson 365 ketch / Steve & Joni Stein / Emeryville
12. Kiki / Hunter 466 / Roger & Karen Lamb / Alameda
13. Ahelani / Outbound 46 / Steve & Patricia Stanley / San Francisco
14. Tahitian Dream / Amel Maramu 46 / William & Janet Fletcher / Richmond
15. Gratitude / Hylas 46 / Martin Eggenberger & Nina Lesowitz / Oakland
16. Dancy / Kelly Peterson 44 / Dwain & Nancy Lentz / Tempe, AZ
17. Nakamal / Island Packet 380 / John Ryan & Elinore Craig / Tucson, AZ
18. Pablo / Westsail 32 / Steve & Sherri Brenner / Santa Cruz
19. Vitesse / Beneteau 473 / Tom Price / San Francisco
20. TBD / TBD / Chris Maher / Seattle/Alameda
21. Carmanah / C&C 43 / John & Donna DeMeyer / Bainbridge Island, WA
22. Gettin Knotty / Ericson 38-200 / Andrew Davis / Marina Del Rey
23. Callisti / Waterline 50 / Roland & Rebecca Thiel / Vancouver, BC
24. Del Viento / Colvin Tamarack / Schooner 34 / Mark & Susan Hall / Stockton
25. Second Wind / Gemini 105Mc / Dennis Randall / San Diego
26. Tranquilo / Catalina C445 / Lloyd & Colleen Clauss / Ensenada
27. Yankee / Pearson 365 / Rod & Flori Soder / Moss Landing
28. Sojourn / Catalina 385 / John Van Vessem / Vallejo
29. C'est Si Bon / Beneteau 46 / Perry Chrisler / Scottsdale, AZ
30. Huzzah / Jeanneau 45.2 / Gerry & Jody Gilbert / Gig Harbor, WA
31. Illusion / Lancer 37 / Patricia Bonnifield / Stockton
32. X / Santa Cruz 50 / David Addleman & Shayne De Loreto / Monterey
33. Carthago / Beneteau 423 / Jose Castello & Gina Harris / San Francisco
34. Snug Harbor / Catalina 470 / Charley Eddy / Alameda
35. Atsa / Tayana 48DS / Hartley Gardner & Lesley Johnstone / Phoenix, AZ
36. Maria Elena / Nordhavn 40 / William & Andrea Kirsh / San Diego
37. Intermezzo / Leopard 39 / Stephen Cox / Sonoma
38. Bella Luna / Catalina 36 / Stephen & Lynne Smith / Stockton
39. Iris / Catalina 36 MkII /  Frank Hydoski / San Diego
40. Finte / Skarpsno 44 / Jeff Holt & Mary Smith / Port Townsend, WA
41. Swell / Lagoon TPI 42 / Shawn & Kristin Betourne / Boulder, CO
42. Tenacity / Roughwater 33 / Marshall Peabody / Seattle, WA
43. Spill the Wine / Jeanneau 42DS / Mark Barry / Zap, ND
44. Impossible / Bruce Roberts 53G / Scott & Jan Hamilton / Juneau, AK
45. Avalon / Dufour 375 Grand Large / Andrew Spisak / Long Beach
46. Swedish Promise / Winga 862 / Victor (John) Veysey / San Francisco
47. Toccata / Jeanneau 43 DS / Steven Dees & Marilyn Gibbs / Anacortes, WA
48. Volaré / Herreshoff Caribbean 50 / Jason & Vicki Hite / Long Beach
49. Gypsea / Ericson 38-200 / Gary & Patricia Phillips / Sausalito
50. Agamere / Hylas 47 / Nicholas & Morgan Rohrbach / Bainbridge Isl., WA
51. Jean Butler / Cape Dory 36 / David Columbus / Portland, OR
52. Pacific Star / Island Packet 35 / Horst Wolff & Julia Shovein / San Francisco
53. Orion / German Frers 41 / Roberto Pellicano / Rio de Janeiro, BRA
54. First Date / Beneteau Oceanis 38 / David Hahn / San Diego
55. Jacquot-Bateau / Irwin 38 / Theresa Lorch / Long Beach
56. Concordia / Columbia 41 / Craig & Janet Shelton / San Diego
57. Valentina / Hylas 56 / Sara Pino & Marcos Rodriguez / San Diego
58. Kanaloa / Rhodes 64.3 MS / Richard Alexander / Boston, MA
59. Baywolf  / Santa Cruz 50 / Kirk Miller & Sachi Itagaki / Sausalito
60. Kini Popo / Jeanneau 409 / Daniel McCoy / Alameda
61. Tranquility / Catalina 36 MkII / Dave & Becky Elmore / Port Orchard, WA
62. Serendipity / Jeanneau 42DS / Jonathan & Rebecca Mote / Corona del Mar
63. Distant Drum / Idylle 15.50 / Harry Hazzard / San Diego
64. Aurora Sky / Dehler 41c / Al Galpin / Anacortes, WA
65. Kailani / Hunter 410 / Douglas & Mary Degange / San Diego
66. Mind Designs / Hunter Legend 40 / Richard LeBlanc / Alameda
67. Uma Karuna / Islander 38C / Edward Bastian / Santa Barbara
68. Western Flyer / DeFever 41 trawler / Ralph & Patricia Perez / San Pedro
69. Intrepid / Islander 36 / Timothy Brill / Reno, NV
70. Cielo Grande / Skye 51 / Nicholas & Kristin Curtis / Laguna Beach
71. August Dream Too / Jeanneau SO 439 / Michael & Cynthia Breider / San Diego
72. Southern Star / Hylas 54 / Walter Smith & Kathryn Crossland / Bellevue, WA
73. Sheldon/2 / Manta 40 / David Driscoll & Kinyon Gordon / San Diego
74. Mariana / Farrier F-44SC / Allen Smith & Jenny Clark / Hood River, OR
75. Anakena / Corbin 39 / Bill Schmid / Everett, WA
76. Wild Rumpus / Spirit 40 / Trevor McCaw & Sally Aaron / Vancouver, BC
77. Six String / Jason 34 / James Wiegand / Loveland, CO
78. Kokomo / Morgan 384 / Randall & Sally Wheeler / San Diego
79. Honu / Island Packet 38 / Mike & Judy Sawyer / San Francisco
80. MyLa / Moody 44 / John & Julie King / Long Beach
81. Penelope / Hans Christian 38 / Peter & Susan Gierga / Scappoose, OR
82. Star Passage / Valiant 40 / Rick & Janis Gio / San Francisco
83. Vita Nova / Aries 32 / Dan & Katie Retz / San Francisco
84. Patricia Belle / 66-ft schooner / Patrick & Jeann Hughes / Seattle/Mazatlan
85. Banyan / Mason 43 / Cameron & Anne Vawter / Napa
86. Freedom Rider / Fantasia 35 / Dave Calhoun / Alameda
87. Ellie / Ericson 30 / Tom & Barbara Dilworth / San Diego
88. Tropical Star / Bruce Roberts PH 48 / Dennis Anderson / Bend, OR
89. Alobar / Island Packet 37 / Joel Ungar / Santa Barbara
90. Prinsibini / Mariner 31 / Henry Wood / Firth, ID
91. Sandee / Mariner 36 / Will & Sandee Trumbull / Dover, DE
92. Brainwaves / J/35c / Jim Brainard & Deb Ehler / San Francisco
93. Talion / Gulfstar 50 / Patsy Verhoeven / Portland/La Paz
94. Whistle Wind / Farr 55 / Sam & Anthony Galdes / San Francisco
95. A Volonté / F-P 42 / Barnabas & Claudio Martonffy / San Francisco
96. Nomi / Tayana 37 / Casey & Linda McMullen / Oakland
97. Journey / Island Packet 27 / Robert Sievertsen / Seattle, WA
98. Maya / custom 70  / Douglas Tausik / Westerly, RI
99. Sheri Lynn / Ericson 29 / Greg & Rob Daw / Dana Point

- latitude / richard

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Latitude 38 Crew List

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Erika and Other Tropical Disturbances

August 28, 2015 – The Caribbean and Hawaii

When it comes to tropical storms, often times the torrential rain associated with them is more destructive than the strong winds. Such was the case with the very mountainous island of Dominica in the Eastern Caribbean on Wednesday. The 70,000 residents of the very poor island were taken by surprise as, unlike the islands just to the north, a Tropical Storm Watch inexplicably hadn’t been posted. So when Erika took a jog south and made a direct hit on them, the results were tragic.

It wasn't the wind of tropical storm Erika that killed on Dominica, but the rain and terrible flooding.

© 2018

Twelve people, including an old blind man and several children, are confirmed dead, and at least 20 more are missing. Roads are few and far between on the island, and most are now impassable, so it will be days before a final death toll will be known. Car after car was washed down narrow roads lined with houses. Countless houses had their roofs ripped off. The airport was overwhelmed with mud. Eighty percent of the population has no electricity. It’s dreadful.

The rain was much needed on Dominica, but not the 12 inches they got in 12 hours.

All of the islands of the Eastern Caribbean are in desperate need of rain, and residents had high hopes of getting a good dose. But only Dominica got lots of it. Both St. Lucia to the south and Guadeloupe to the north got a pretty good dousing, but not a deluge. Antigua didn’t get much at all, St. Martin got a couple of drops, and as one resident reported, "the British Virgins got zilch."

Artist David Wegman's Afriggin' Queen, seen here at Baie St. Jean, St. Barth, is the only sailboat we know that Erika's winds drove up onto the beach. That happened at Coral Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgins. She may have been only slightly damaged.

Photo Latitude / Richard
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Because Erika, like Danny before her, didn’t pack very strong winds, we haven’t heard of a many reports of damage to sailboats in the region. In fact, the only one so far is that our friend David Wegman’s 32-ft schooner Afriggin’ Queen, went up on the beach at Coral Bay, St. John in the US Virgins while Wegman was in Maine. It’s unclear if the vet of a nine-year circumnavigation, the center boat in hundreds of raft-ups, and a floating host to countless ‘everybody is welcome’ parties and sails, is terminally damaged. The rig is intact, so it all depends on the damage, if any, to the hull.

Latitude’s Leopard 45 cat ’ti Profligate was strapped down on the hard in Antigua, so we’re sure she was fine. Ironically, it was the first time in 10 years we’ve had her hauled out for hurricane season. The publisher’s Olson 30 La Gamelle was strapped down on a trailer that was strapped down to the pavement in front of a hardware store in St. Barth, so we’re confident she’s fine, too. If you had a boat in Erika's path, we're hoping she did fine, also.

Erika is currently forecast to hit Florida, which hasn’t been hit by a hurricane in 10 years, on Monday. But she’s only expected to pack tropical-storm-force winds, so boats that are well prepared shouldn’t suffer much damage.

It’s currently the height of the hurricane season in the Atlantic/Caribbean, and another tropical wave appears to be headed for the Caribbean from Africa. As forecast, this has been a light year for tropical storms in the Atlantic, but the last two threatened extensive marine interests. Fortunately, they got weaker the closer they got to the islands, the reverse of the norm.

If current trends continue, Hurricane Jimena may arrive in the Hawaiian Islands on the heels of Hurricane Ignacio.

© 2018 NOAA

Meanwhile in the Eastern Pacific, meaning the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Hawaii, two storms are being closely watched. Hurricane Ignacio is packing winds of 90 mph as it angles toward the Hawaiian Islands. Currently 1,000 miles SE of Honolulu, Oahu, and 840 miles SE of Hilo, Hawaii, it is expected to pass north of the island chain Tuesday or Wednesday, possibly strengthening before its arrival. But meteorologists say it is still too early to make accurate predictions of its path or velocity. 

Hurricane Jimena is much farther offshore (12N, 122W) with winds of 90 mph, and appears to be chasing Ignacio on a similar path to the northwest. See the National Hurricane Center for updates.

- latitude / richard

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Ad: San Francisco Sailing Company

August 28, 2015 – San Francisco, CA

© 2018 San Francisco Sailing Company /

Send resumes and questions to Edward.

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Weekend Racing Wrap-Up

August 28, 2015 – San Francisco Bay and Beyond

Light air start in Drake's Bay

Sunday's light air race start in misty Drake's Bay.

Photo Latitude / Chris
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

We take the Drake's Bay Race for granted because it's been around for decades, but finishing a sailboat race in the Point Reyes National Seashore's remote, wild, scenic Drake's Bay and starting another race there the following morning is really pretty amazing and special. On August 22-23, for the second year in a row, the  Singlehanded Sailing Society joined the Offshore Yacht Racing Association for their annual two-part Drake's Bay Race. We'll have a full report in Racing Sheet in the September 1 issue of Latitude 38.

girl in a bikini climbing out of the water

No shower? No problem. This racer took a leisurely dip in Drake's Bay on Sunday morning. "It's not that cold," she said. Two California sea otters, spotted riding a kelp raft a couple of counties north of their usual range, would agree.

Photo Latitude / Chris
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

a wave from a singlehander

Gregory Ashby racing back from Drake's Bay on his Wilderness 30 Nightmare. We'll have profiles of Ashby and other singlehanded ocean racers in September's Sightings.

Photo Latitude / Chris
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

More shorthanded sailing can be had out of Redwood City. "Blue skies, flat water, 10 knots of breeze in the South Bay and 17 sailors on the water distributed over 10 boats — sounds like we are short a few crew," writes Peter Weigt. "Yes, that was the point of another race in Sequoia YC's Single/Doublehanded Series on Saturday. We had new boats in the series to spice up the competition. Jean-François Hervy on his new J/92 Relentless took first place in his debut in the singlehanded fleet." Tim Anto's Melges 24 Daredevil topped the doublehanded fleet. The final race in the series will be held on September 12.

Singlehander on a J/92

Jean-François Hervy on the J/92 Relentless, recently purchased from Tracy Rogers.

© 2018 Peter Weigt

Featuring a combo of short windward/leeward races, a longer Bay tour, and even a jaunt out past the Golden Gate Bridge, St. Francis YC's Aldo Alessio Regatta served as a sort of warm-up for next month's Rolex Big Boat Series. Open to handicap and one-design boats 35-ft and bigger, the regatta on August 21-23 attracted six J/111s plus 10 others racing under PHRF, HPR and/or ORR. It's interesting to compare the results under the different ratings systems (we'll run the results in September's Racing Sheet, but of course you can see them at in the meantime).

Boomerang at a mark

The new kid in town: the IRC racer/cruiser DK 46 Boomerang, sailed by John Spadaro of Hawaii YC and Skip Ely of Santa Cruz YC, tuned up for Rolex Big Boat Series in the Aldo Alessio last weekend.

© 2018 Chris Ray /

Santa Barbara set the scene for the 15-boat Rolex Farr 40 North Americans. Helmut Jahn, the 2012 world champion, took over the leaderboard with Flash Gordon 6 on the second day of the series and never relinquished it, vanquishing even the Italian Enfant Terrible, which has been dominating the California circuit. Jahn comes from Chicago to race in California, including last year's Rolex Big Boat Series and Farr 40 Worlds at St. Francis YC. Morgan Larson served as tactician aboard FG 6 in the NAs. Long Beach YC will host the Worlds on September 24-27. See

Flash Gordon 6 crew celebrates victory

Helmut Jahn (far right) and his victorious team on Flash Gordon 6.

© 2018 Sharon Green / Rolex

- latitude / chris

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Foiling AC45s Do Battle at Gothenburg

August 28, 2015 – Sweden

The second round of the Louis Vuitton America's Cup World Series takes place in Gothenburg (Goteborg), Sweden, this weekend, but AC promoters aren't making it easy for American sports fans to get revved up about the fast-paced action. In the US, races won't be aired until September 4 at 10 p.m. PDT on NBC Sports Network, although you can watch them in real time on your smart phone or tablet device if you pay for the optional AC+ feature of the otherwise free AC app (which is not optimized for computers). AC+ costs $7.99 for the Swedish event. The basic app has news, photos and race results.

Brisk breeze over flat water made the yesterday's practice races edgy and thrilling. Hopefully the wind strength will hold through the weekend.

© 2018 Gilles Martin-Raget / ACEA

Locally, however, in the picturesque port of Gothenburg — Sweden's second largest city — excitement is undoubtedly soaring, especially due to the 'NASCAR effect' of Artemis Racing's dramatic capsize yesterday during a practice session. 

"That's what these boats are like," said Artemis' helmsman Nathan Outteridge. "We're all out there pushing hard and that's what happens when you push too much. We're really excited to put on a good show and a good performance," he added, promising to be ready for action on Saturday. The boat reportedly only suffered minimal damage to its wing.

Capsizing is always a bummer, but it definitely adds to the buzz of excitement among spectators. 

© 2018 Sander van der Borch

Winds during yesterday's practice were the strongest that these boats have raced in yet: 16 to 20 knots. If that trend continues, it should be a thrilling weekend. "We've all seen how close the racing was [in Portsmouth], and one mistake makes all the difference," said Land Rover BAR skipper Ben Ainslie, who won the Portsmouth, England, series. "Moving into this event, with the race course being that much tighter, all of the teams are getting more experience; it's getting harder to stay ahead on the development curve."

This year's third and final round of AC45f racing will take place in Bermuda October 16-18, with additional events planned for 2016 in the run-up to the actual America's Cup (in non-identical foiling AC48s) in 2017.

- latitude / andy

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