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San Salvador Replica on the Move

July 22, 2015 – San Diego Harbor, CA

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Construction volunteers and spectators were out early this morning to witness the San Salvador replica's first move from her build site at San Diego's Spanish Landing Park.

© 2018 Lynn Ringseis

Who was California's first sailor? That distinction belongs to Portuguese explorer Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo, who — along with his crew, of course — was the first European to explore the coast of what is now California aboard the 100-ft galleon San Salvador. On September 28, 1542, Cabrillo's party discovered San Diego Bay, a fact which has always been a point of pride with nautical history buffs there. 

So much so, in fact, that the San Diego Maritime Museum sponsored the construction of a full-size San Salvador replica which is now nearly ready to launch. A major step in the process was completed early this morning when — after three days of various delays — professional builders and volunteers successfully moved the massive galleon from its build site at Spanish Landing Park onto a barge. She is now headed to the South Bay where she'll undergo a variety of pre-launch preparations.   

Taking roughly four years to complete, the new San Salvador is a magnificent work of nautical art. 

© 2018 Lynn Ringseis

Latitude contributor Lynn Ringseis was on the scene: "The jubilant crowd cheered when San Salvador was safely on board the barge. Soon after, she was whisked away over pleasantly calm waters."

The original San Salvador was built in El Salvador, taking her name from that country's capital. Cabrillo eventually sailed as far north as the Russian River, and also visited the Channel Islands. He died at Catalina Island. 

With any luck, the new San Salvador will be launched in about a month. In the meantime, you can check out details and photos of the building process at the Museum's website. The site has all sorts of interesting stuff, including free downloadable paper models of the ship.

After completion, the 94-ft galleon will become part of SDMM's impressive collection of historic vessels, and will travel the California coast, serving as an 'ambassador' for San Diego. We can't wait to see her here in the Bay. 

- latitude / andy

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Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

North Coast Rescue

July 22, 2015 – Humboldt Bay, CA

The Coast Guard rescued three sailors 53 miles west of Eureka at dawn on Friday. The 55-ft sailboat Kaloni was transiting from Bellingham, WA, to San Francisco when the crew called USCG Sector Humboldt Bay at 10 p.m. on Thursday.

The skipper told the Coasties that he'd lost engine power and the boat's sails were torn. He and his crew (whose names have not yet been released) were in no immediate danger, but were unable to control the sailboat. The weather conditions offshore deteriorated through the night, with winds of 35 knots and a sea swell of 15-20 feet. As you might imagine, after several hours of this, the crew became seasick. As the seas were becoming increasingly dangerous, the distressed sailors requested immediate evacuation by the Coast Guard.


Kaloni, as seen from the CG helo at sunrise on Friday.

© 2018 United States Coast Guard

Sector Humboldt Bay dispatched a MH-65D helicopter piloted by Lt. Cmdr. Jason Bustamente and Lt. Cameron Welicka. When they located Kaloni, the wind was at 55+ knots and the seas had built to 25 feet. After two unsuccessful attempts to place a rescue swimmer, Petty Officer 2nd Class Max Kaczmarek, aboard the distressed vessel, the rescue crew lowered him alongside the sailboat, the sailors entered the ocean, and the Coasties hoisted them from the heavy seas one by one. None of the three sailors were injured.

CG Helicopter with crew

The crew of Kaloni and their rescuers, safely on the ground at Sector Humboldt Bay.

© 2018 United States Coast Guard

"Those were by far the largest waves I have ever seen," commented Lt. Welicka.

"Fortunately, the sailors had the appropriate communications equipment to call for help," said Capt. Art Snyder, commander of Sector Humboldt Bay.


- latitude / chris

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Ad: Bay Marine Boatworks

July 22, 2015 – Pt. Richmond, CA

To get your bottom in shape, contact us.

© 2018 Bay Marine Boatworks

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Weekend Racing Wrap-Up

July 22, 2015 – San Francisco Bay and Delta and Beyond

Fleet under spinnaker south of the San Mateo Bridge

Here they come! Northerners from beyond the San Mateo Bridge invade the South Bay.

© 2018 Kara Hugglestone /

More than 60 boats in 10 divisions started the YRA's Westpoint Regatta northeast of Treasure Island with good breeze on Saturday. The fleets headed first to YRA Mark 24 and then around Alcatraz. "Some boats tried to make their way from 24 to Alcatraz by crossing the channel early in the leg," said the YRA's Don Ahrens. "Others hugged Angel Island until they felt they had enough westing to make it across the fairly large flood tide. Those that hugged Angel made much better time across the channel from Angel to Alcatraz." After rounding Alcatraz, boats were able to set spinnakers, but just south of the Bay Bridge the wind came forward and kites came back down. The wind backed enough past SFO for a re-hoist. "The reach/run down the South Bay was extremely pleasant — shirtsleeve sailing the whole way," said Ahrens of the final leg to Redwood City. "After finishing, the boats made their way up Redwood Creek channel to Sequoia YC for one of the best after-regatta parties I’ve been to in some time."

Victorious female match racers

This women's team from San Francisco — McKenzie Wilson, Karen Loutzenheiser, Molly Carapiet and skipper Nicole Breault — defeated their rivals in Russia.

© 2018 Nations Cup / Barracuda Communications

This past weekend, Nicole Breault's St. Francis YC-based crew won the women’s division of the ISAF Nations Cup, a match racing championship held in Vladivostok, Russia, in the hosting Seven Feet YC's Platu 25s. The team’s next event will be a little closer to home, the U.S. Women’s Match Race Championships in SoCal on August 14-16.

At the Pan Am Games in Toronto, Paige Railey sailed away with the victory in the Laser Radial, her second Pan Am gold medal following her 2007 success in Rio de Janeiro. Team USA also won bronze in Women’s RS:X (Marion Lepert from Belmont) and 49erFX (Paris Henken of Coronado, CA, and Helena Scutt from Kirkland, WA).

Wylie Wabbits in Richmond Harbor

Nine Wylie Wabbits started the Wiver Wun in the Richmond Harbor.

© 2018 Richmond Yacht Club

After the relaunching of Kim Desenberg and John Groen's newly refurbished Mr. McGregor, nine Wylie Wabbits departed Richmond YC at 11:30 a.m. bound for Rio Vista on the Sacramento River in their annual Wiver Wun. Sarah Deeds brought Wild Bunch 2 in first at 4:40 p.m. A BBQ and awards followed the finishes at Delta Marina.

El Toro Juniors running up the San Joaquin River

El Toro Juniors raced up the San Joaquin River in the newly-minted 'Delta Dinghy Ditch Run'.

© 2018 Roy Obrecht

Stockton Sailing Club put together a short downwind El Toro race during last week's 25th anniversary Sail Camp. All 83 campers started at the same time. The Novices started closest to the finish line; upwind from them were the Beginners; upwind from them were the Intermediates, etc. Everyone finishing received a medallion left over from the Delta Ditch Run. They called the race the Delta Dinghy Ditch Run — not to be confused with Lake Washington Sailing Club's Dinghy Delta Ditch on August 1.

The Transpac is still neatly divided into two groups, with the 'slower' July 13 starters still in the lead and the July 16 and 18 divisions blended in one big batch playing catch-up. As of this morning, the Santa Cruz 37 Celerity was closest to the finish, with 400+ miles to go, and the J/44 Patriot was still leading on corrected time. We'll have a more thorough TP update in Friday's 'Lectronic.

- latitude / chris

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