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Tahiti Transpac '16 Seeks Entries

May 6, 2015 – Transpac YC, Los Angeles, CA

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Tahiti calls. Having received several inquiries from interested boat owners, the Transpac YC hopes to run their long-established Tahiti Race again next June. As in years past, finishers will undoubtedly be greeted on the quay by dancers and musicians.  

Photo Latitude / Andy
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Back in 2008 when the Transpac YC decided to resurrect the long-dormant Los Angeles-to-Tahiti Race, cosponsors at the Tahiti YC in Papeete initially had to root around in the club's dusty attic before finally locating the event's top prize, the Fritz Overton Memorial Trophy. It will soon be polished up again, however, as the Transpac YC is now seeking entries for a 2016 race. 

First established in 1925, the 3,700-mile course from San Pedro's Pt. Fermin to Papeete's Point Venus is roughly 40% longer than the Hawaii Transpac (slated to begin in July). But the biggest difference between the two contests is that the Tahiti Race is generally half running and half reaching, with the vagaries of the equatorial doldrums (ITCZ) thrown in as the ultimate wild card. 

The ancient volcanic peaks of Tahiti can often be seen a day before arrival at the Point Venus finish line. 

Photo Courtesy Tahiti Tourism
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The Tahiti race's first reincarnation in 2008 drew four entries, with Doug Baker’s Andrews 80 Magnitude 80 setting a new course record: 11 days, 10 hours, 13 minutes and 18 seconds (roughly a 13.5-knot average). The 2012 race attracted only two entries, but both were impressive: Karl Kwok's Hong Kong-based Farr 80 Beau Geste took line honors, but two day's later Steve Rander's Oregon-based Wylie 70 Rage corrected out to win — despite bow damage from colliding with a whale the night before her arrival. Neither boat broke the record.

Currently, "Transpac has received several inquiries from interested sailors about another race," says Race Committee Chair Dave Cort. Entry info and the official Notice of Race will be available on the Transpac website soon. Although a start date has not yet been announced, the race is expected to begin in mid-June 2016. Marks along the way? There aren't many: After the start, simply leave Catalina and the Tuamotu archipelago to port.

- latitude / andy

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Fall Crew List Party

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

True But Misleading

May 6, 2015 – The Daily Mail, United Kingdom

If you ever wanted proof that a newspaper article can be mostly true, yet very misleading, you only need to visit this Daily Mail site. The article is about Latitude's old friend Liz Clark of the Santa Barbara-based Cal 40 Swell, whom we knew and wrote about before she took off on her cruise 10 years ago. You've read about Liz in Latitude 38 many times, and she's contributed articles to Latitude many times also.

Liz loves the cruising life, and she's probably happiest when she's in the water riding a wave.

Photo Courtesy Liz Clark
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The title of the Daily Mail article is "Sailor wanted! Bartender spends 10 years sailing around the world after a generous benefactor gave her a yacht (and now she's looking for a travel partner)" and it immediately gives an entirely false impression of Liz and her life. First of all, while Liz tended bar at the Endless Summer in Santa Barbara years ago, being a 'bartender' is not now and never was her career. Second, the word 'yacht' would probably be taken the wrong way by most Daily Mail readers. Swell is a well-used and anything-but-luxurious vessel. Third, when it says "Sailor Wanted" and "now she's looking for a travel partner," it almost seems as if Liz is desperate for companionship. This is baloney. Liz is cute, fit as a fiddle, adventurous, and relatively young, and thus gets hit on about as often as a baseball. We're sure she'd like to have a partner, like 99% of humans, including our daughter the Devilette, who is also in her mid-thirties but still single. But singles are particular these days. Fourth, it's inaccurate to say that Liz has been "sailing around the world," as she's sailed Mexico, Central America, French Polynesia and Micronesia. No knock on Liz, but that's not even "around" the Pacific let alone around the world.

We're also going to accuse the Daily Mail of misrepresentation by omission. For nowhere did they mention the depth of Liz's commitment to eat well and responsibly, and treat the environment with love and respect. Liz is not a bartender, but a person who is attempting to show, by living through example, a different way to live.

Needless to say, Liz is fit as a fiddle.

Photo Courtesy Liz Clark / HotSpotMedia
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

If we didn't know better, we'd think the Daily Mail only ran the feature as an excuse to run a large number of photos of Liz, often in a little bikini. One can only imagine the drooling that the photos induced in Old Blighty.

- latitude / richard

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Sign up for Baja Ha-Ha XXII

May 6, 2015 – San Diego, CA

© 2018 Baja Ha-Ha XXII /

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Weekend Racing Wrap-Up

May 6, 2015 – San Francisco Bay and Beyond

Tartanic douses at the Mare Island Strait entrance

A clean jibe and douse at the entrance to Mare Island Strait sorted winners from losers in tight divisions on Saturday in the Great Vallejo Race. Despite what appears to be trouble on Tartanic, Robert Lanzafame's Tartan Ten won the SF 30 class.

Photo Latitude / Chris
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Question: What's more brutal than short-tacking up the Cityfront in summertime ebb chop? Answer: Bashing upwind into the chop in (apparently) any current on San Pablo Bay in 30 knots of wind. While the YRA's Great Vallejo Race lived up to its name on Saturday, with a long spinnaker run followed by a fun party at hosting Vallejo Yacht Club, Sunday's bash into building wind and flood current back to the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge turned punishing before Point Pinole. We'll have much more in the June issue of Latitude 38.

Waves in San Pablo Bay

On Sunday, Bob Bloom's J/35 Jarlen carried a big genoa out into San Pablo Bay.

Photo Latitude / Chris
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

At this weekend’s Elvstrom-Zellerbach Regatta, 88 entries in six dinghy classes, Formula Windsurf and Hydrofoil Kite took to the waters in front of St. Francis YC. Six races were held over two days in building breeze topping out in the low 20s. All fleets saw competitive racing, with standout performances in three classes: Neil Marcellini of Richmond YC scored all bullets — including his throwout — in the 29er; Lawson Willard of StFYC in the 420 and Jack Barton, SFYC, Laser Radial, both scored all bullets after the throwout. This year marked the 40th anniversary of the Elvstrom Regatta, an event that started in 1975 with more than 100 Lasers on the starting line. We'll have more about the history of the event in the June issue. You can check results at

On Day 15 of Leg 6 to Newport, SCA's Aussie-American Sophie Ciszek sorts a halyard out during a sail change in the Volvo Ocean race.

© 2018 Corinna Halloran / Team SCA

The six VO 65s that departed Itajaí, Brazil, on April 19 in the Volvo Ocean Race are expected to begin arriving in Newport, RI, on Thursday midday local time. This will be a homecoming for Team Alvimedica, as skipper Charlie Enright is from Rhode Island. The crew's onboard reporter, Newport-based Amory Ross, wrote on Tuesday: “It has happened so many times in this race that after thousands and thousands of miles spent crossing this world’s oceans, it is the final hundred or so that decide the outcome. As much as we’re already thinking about Newport and how great it will be to get back there, we promise we’re doing our best to prepare for every opportunity we may get between now and then to show how far we’ve come since we last left.”

- latitude / chris

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