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A MOD70's Astonishing Record

August 15, 2014 – Around England and Ireland Race

The jubilant crew of Musandam-Oman Sail
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Musandam-Oman Sail set a new world record by 16 minutes.

© 2018 Mark Lloyd / Lloyd Images

Sidney Gavignet and the crew of the MOD70 trimaran Musandam-Oman Sail, which included three relatively new sailors from Oman, finished the 1,956-mile Sevenstar Round Britain and Ireland Race Thursday in a record time of 3 days, 3 hours, 32 minutes, 36 seconds. That's an average of 23.8 knots. The top speed of this offshore racer was 43 knots.

Take that, America's Cup catamarans, which only topped out at about a knot faster in the flat and comparatively safer waters of San Francisco Bay.
The previous Around England and Ireland record was held by Loïck Peyron and the massive Banque Populaire V, which had two huge advantages. First, she was 140 feet, while Musandam-Oman Sail is a mere 70 feet. Second, Banque Populaire could start when the conditions were perfect for setting a record, while Musandam-Oman Sail had to start at a fixed time.
But Musandam-Oman Sail was lucky, too. Despite sailing a circular course, they never had to tack once, only jibe.
Having sailed on Northern Californian Thomas Siebel's MOD70 sistership Orion at a sustained 34 knots on Banderas Bay, Mexico, we, perhaps more than most, can appreciate what an incredible accomplishment it was for the crew of Musandam-Oman Sail. After all, two of the MOD70s have flipped, and when you consistently sail in the 30s, it means you are on the razor's edge of going over.

The Spindrift 2 crew will use the trip from Newport, RI, to La Trinité-sur-Mer, France, to prepare for the upcoming Route du Rhum.

© 2018 Thierry Martinez / Sea & Co.

In other news, Spindrift 2, the heavily modified ex-Banque Populaire, which has been on standby in the Northeast to attack the transatlantic record, has given up for the summer. Skipper Yann Guichard will be taking her back to France so she can be reconfigured for singlehanding in November's epic Route du Rhum race from France to Guadeloupe. Who will be waiting for her on the starting line? Sidney Gavignet and Musandam-Oman Sail. But he'll not be alone, as Francis Joyon will be there with his record-setting 100-ft tri IDEC, as will other multihull all-stars.

- latitude / richard

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Latitude 38 Crew List

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Hot Time in Monterey

August 15, 2014 – Monterey Municipal Marina

As the accompanying photo illustrates, a boat fire is one of the worst calamities a sailor or powerboater can experience — either at sea or when tied to a dock.

Marc Lieberman grabbed this shot while at the Monterey Municipal Marina several days ago, and gave us this explanation of how the inferno occurred. "A 32-ft powerboat was having engine work done. Both gas tanks had been drained, but there was a little gas in the bilge. It was ignited by a spark from the electrical system."

Judging by the ferocity of this blaze, it's amazing that no other boats were engulfed. Needless to say, the 32-footer was a total loss.

© 2018 Marc Lieberman

Sadly, the owner suffered minor burns while trying to extinguish the blaze with a dockside hose. Lieberman tells us that damage to an adjacent boat was limited due to the quick action of a passerby who shoved it out of its slip.

The marina's Marine Operations Specialist Brian Nelson clarifies that, "The owner of the boat was apparently removing a battery when something produced an arc." Fortunately, harbor staffers plus Monterey Fire and U.S. Coast Guard personnel were able to respond quickly before the blaze engulfed adjacent boats in the tightly packed marina. 

If you've ever been involved in a boat fire, you know how quickly a small fire can get out of hand. So we ask you: Do you have plenty of up-to-date fire extinguishers on board and within easy reach? And is your fire and liability insurance current?

- latitude / andy

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Ad: Jazz Cup August 30

August 15, 2014 – San Francisco to Benicia

Jazz Cup

© 2018 South Beach Yacht Club /

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Weekend Racing Preview

August 15, 2014 – San Francisco Bay and Beyond

For the first time ever, the Singlehanded Sailing Society is joining the OYRA for the Drake's Bay Race this weekend. The fleets will start on Saturday at the Corinthian YC, sail up to the old lifeboat station on the north shore of Drake's Bay, spend the night, and race back on Sunday. Boats racing in both the SSS and OYRA series will be scored for both. This means that there are a couple of skippers who normally sail with full crews in the OYRA series who will have to singlehand to Drake's Bay to be scored in SSS. OYRA has 24 entries, and SSS has 21. It's an interesting experiment, and we expect a lot of camaraderie in the anchorage Saturday night.

A Quest 33 finishes the 2011 Drake's Bay Race

CYC's committee boat Concise awaits Wayne Lamprey's Rhum Boogie, as the red Quest 33 approaches the finish line of the 2011 Drake's Bay Race.

© 2018 /

As we write this preview, the forecast for coastal waters on Saturday calls for west wind to 10 knots, wind waves 2 feet or less, west swells of 2-4 feet at 13 seconds and southwest swells of 3-4 feet at 16 seconds. Wind up to 15 knots is predicted for Sunday.

CYC's neighbor, SFYC, will be hosting the Summer Keel Invitational this weekend for J/111, J/120, J/105, J/70, Express 37, Melges 24, Melges 20, Open 5.70, and Cal 20 classes, plus the Easom Founders Trophy for Etchells. Racing will be held on the Olympic Circle and/or Southampton Shoal.

Folsom Lake has been quiet this summer, as FLYC really didn't expect to have enough water by now to keep sailing. While the keelboat season is over, tomorrow's Steele Cup continues the dinghy season, also serving as the Pacific Coast Championship for the Banshee fleet.

Tonight's the night for Santa Cruz YC's monthly Friday night Laser races. Organizers call it a "green circle event, even if it's windy," referring to the easiest of ski runs. A BBQ will follow the sailing.

Rolex Big Boat Series is less than a month away, September 11-14, and the early registration discount ends on Wednesday, August 20. As this year marks the 50th edition, host St. Francis YC is collecting photos of the regatta from years past, which can be emailed here

Morning Glory and Genuine Risk

Not so distant history, when 'Big Boats' were really big: Russell Coutts called tactics in the 2005 Rolex Big Boat Series on the R/P maxZ86 Morning Glory (foreground). That's the Dubois 90 Genuine Risk in the background.

Photo Latitude / Rob Moore
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Speaking of StFYC, the club has a team competing at NYYC's Hinman Masters Team Race starting today. They've just won the Madcap there with a team composed of Molly Carapiet with Tom Ducharme, Craig Healy, and Joe McCoy; Chris Raab with Russ Silvestri, Dave Kelly, and Thomas Iseler; and Harrison Turner with John Collins, Mario Yovkov and Kurt Wessels.

A new Vanguard 15 regatta is coming to the Delta next weekend, August 23-24. The Bradford Island Classic will be hosted by Bay View Boat Club on their property there.

- latitude / chris

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Classy Classified Deadline Today

August 15, 2014 – Latitude 38 World Headquarters

Right now is the peak boat-selling season. So don't miss the boat. Submit your ad online today by 5 p.m.

Photo Latitude / Annie
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

A friendly reminder to our Classy Classified advertisers that the ad deadline is always 5:00 p.m. on the 15th of each month. So be sure to place your ad via our online portal by 5:00 today, for inclusion in the September issue.

Be forewarned that submitting your ad over the weekend, or on Monday (the 18th) will be too late to get it into the September issue.

As always, Classy Classifieds can be submitted online in a matter of minutes.

- latitude / annie

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Ad: Sale Boat of the Day

August 15, 2014 – Alameda, CA

2014 Hanse 505 Cruising Edition

Hanse 505 sailing on San Francisco Bay

Are you ready to Ha-Ha?

© 2018 JK3 Yachts /

The Baja Ha-Ha is fast approaching – are you ready to join the more than 100 boats making the trip south to Cabo San Lucas? This 'Sale Boat of the Day' will take you there in style! Barely used, including generator, watermaker, washer/dryer, fridge/freezer, performance cruising sails, cruising gennaker, and so much more. Available right now in Alameda.

Contact Jack Lennox, (510) 227-2100

Jk3 Nautical Enterprises Logo

© 2018 JK3 Yachts /

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