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Hugo Boss Dismasts En Route to New York

May 9, 2014 – Mid-Atlantic Ocean

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

This file shot gives you an idea of Hugo Boss' offshore speed. She was beating upwind when the partial dismasting occurred, apparently under shortened sail, as no sail damage was reported. Photo Courtesy Hugo Boss
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While sailing across the Atlantic from Portsmouth, UK to New York, the Open 60 Hugo Boss dismasted, breaking its rig above the top spreader. The boat was repositioning to compete in the inaugural New York- Barcelona Racethe first-ever IMOCA-sanctioned event to ever begin or end in the United States. Onboard were Alex Thomson, American Ryan Breymaier, Pepe Ribes and preparateur Willy Altadill.

The Englishman Thomson, who finished 3rd in the last Vendée Globe, had chosen American Ryan Breymaier to take his place in the doublehanded race from New York to Spain, alongside co-skipper Pepe Ribes, so that he can be home for the birth of his second son. Breymaier, a veteran of the last Barcelona World Race, has recently signed on with the same sports marketing agency as Hugo Boss and is in a prime position to land a good sponsor for the next Vendée Globe, which starts in France in 2016. The New York-Barcelona race aboard Hugo Boss was supposed to be his big shot.

Latitude staffers had the pleasure of meeting up-and-coming sailing star Ryan Breymaier, left, when he arrived in the Bay last year with Giovanni Soldini (center) and crew, after their record-breaking NY-SF run aboard Maserati. Photo Latitude / Andy
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Hopefully it still will be. With no reported damage to the rest of the rig or sails the team is now sailing for Newport, RI under reduced sail, and will attempt to fix the mast before the May 25 prologue race from Newport to New York. Hugo Boss was sailing upwind in 25 knots of wind when the partial dismasting occurred and, despite there being a trio of Open 60 round-the-world racing veterans onboard, the cause of the failure is unknown, leading this writer to speculate that the mast section may have simply broken above the spreaders due to an odd load, while sailing reefed and with solent in heavy upwind conditions.

The rig, a two-spreader Southern Spar, had been around the world twice with Jean-Pierre Dick as Virbac-Paprec 3. Winning the last Barcelona World Race and finishing 4th in the last Vendée Globe, the spar had been the very definition of reliability.

Also in Newport, the all-female Volvo Ocean Race Team SCA recently arrived, thus completing their first transatlantic training run! 

One thing you can say about Team SCA's all-female Volvo campaign: Their bright-pink racing machine will be easy to pick out within the fleet. Photo Courtesy Team SCA
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- ronnie simpson

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Fall Crew List Party

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

No More Dusty-Field Ha-Ha Baseball

May 9, 2014 – Turtle Bay, Mexico

The formerly brown baseball field at Turtle Bay is now a lush, plastic green. Even the outfield! Photo Courtesy Chip Prather
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Perhaps the most hilarious recent innovation at the Baja Ha-Ha has been the now-annual baseball game on the dusty dirt field at Turtle Bay. We guess it would be a stretch to call it 'baseball,' as there are normally about 30 people on the field, all batters get as many strikes as they need to hit a ball, and the pitches come in about 10 seconds apart. Did we mention that participation of all genders and ages is strongly encouraged?

The game — which always features as many locals as possible, including really young kids who are superb at cutting in line to bat for the 34th time — has always been played on a ragged dirt field. No more. For as the accompanying photo from Chip Prather shows, the Turtle Bay field now sports AstroTurf, and looks great. If we're not mistaken, the light standards make it seem as though it's ready for night games, too.

Back in 2010, before the Ha-Ha rabble took the field, the youngsters showed us how the game is supposed to be played. That six-year-old pitcher was a phenom. Photo Latitude / Andy
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Turtle Bay, with a population of about 2,000, is baseball-mad. The last we heard, they had three superb adult teams that traveled all over Baja to compete. In addition, there are a number of kids' teams, including one for kids six and under that recently won the Baja Championship in Cabo San Lucas.

The Ha-Ha version of America's favorite pastime bends almost all the standard rules. But it sure is fun. Photo Latitude / Andy
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Speaking of the Ha-Ha, it's now possible to register online for the 21st running of this San Diego-to-Cabo rally. You'll find the schedule of events, an FAQ and more at the official website. Leg One of the 750-mile rally begins October 27.

- latitude / richard

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Ad: Delta Ditch Run May 31

May 9, 2014 – Richmond to Stockton, CA

Delta Ditch Run, May 31, 2014, RYC to SSC
Classes available for PHRF-rated monohulls and BAMA-rated multihulls, plus a Cruising Class with motoring allowance, a great way to begin your Delta Doo Dah vacation!
© 2018 /

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Weekend Racing Preview

May 9, 2014 – San Francisco Bay and Beyond

Before we get to the weekend's racing, we want to pass on some information we received indirectly from Ralph Morgan at KKMI. Next time you are out sailing around Southampton Shoal, please be aware that, "the Southampton platform has two pilings that have bent over and protrude out about 10 feet, one to the northwest and one to the southwest. Please give the platform a wide berth."

Racers enjoy summer-like conditions during an Encinal YC's Friday night Beer Can race. © 2018 Fred Fago

This evening, you can get your Friday Night Beer Can fix at these participating clubs: Berkeley YC, Corinthian YC, Encinal YC and Island YC.

Saturday, May 10 is jam-packed with racing: the Delta's Lake Washington Sailing Club holds its second one-design regatta, while Monterey Peninsula YC invites Laser sailors to participate in the Laser Fleet Championship. Up north, three races will be held at Konocti Bay Sailing Club Series #2. The Mercurys race at Encinal YC, and the WBRA fleets meet at the Olympic Circle. Ocean racing continues with the Duxship, and for those interested in completely different conditions, head to Foster City and race El Toros. Nearby at Los Gatos YC there's the Gromeeko Round the Island Race. Back up in the Delta, Vallejo YC hosts its second North Bay Series, and here in San Francisco Bay, St. Francis YC holds its Team Racing Qualifier. Hopefully, some of our local Santana 22 racers will be heading to Santa Cruz for the first part of Santa Cruz YC's Team Racing event as well.

As for Sunday, it's supposed to be very sunny and warm — there's just no racing. That shouldn't stop you from going out for a pleasure sail anyway — take mom!

- latitude / ross

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Ad: Sale Boat of the Day

May 9, 2014 – Tiburon, CA

Gorgeous Islander 36, 1972

Absolute under cover

© 2018 Passage Yachts /

The cover is now off for all to see. Why is it covered? The owner takes great care of her and she's been protected all winter, so she's ready for you this summer. A full boat cover is just the beginning for this very well maintained Islander 36 that is comfortable and well equipped for both racing and cruising this summer. To peek under the covers click here or schedule an appointment to come have a look in person. 

Asking a more than reasonable $34,995.

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