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JP Dick Capsizes MOD 70

October 11, 2013 – Belle île, France

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Jean-Pierre Dick and Rouland Jourdain's MOD70 Virbac-Paprec capsized and dismasted yesterday while training for the Transat Jacques Vabre. © 2018 Y.Zedda / VIRBAC-PAPREC Sailing Team

This year has had its high points and low points for famed French yachtsman Jean-Pierre Dick. While sailing his IMOCA 60 Virbac-Paprec 3 toward the finish line in third place during this year’s Vendée Globe, his keel fell off. Exuding true class and professionalism, the skipper from Nice calmly ballasted the boat up and ran away from a 50-knot storm to anchor off the coast of Spain, eventually finishing the race in fourth place, arriving to a well-earned hero’s welcome. After the Vendée, Dick and sponsors Virbac and Paprec made the move from one hull to three hulls with the launch of their new MOD 70 Virbac-Paprec 70. 

Dick (right) was injured in the accident, but Jourdain managed to escape relatively unscathed. © 2018 VIRBAC-PAPREC Sailing Team

Since then, it’s been no less of a roller coaster for Dick. After finishing in last place (fourth out of four) in the inaugural Route des Princes, the team was looking forward to the biennial Transat Jacques Vabre with a renewed optimism. Dick won the IMOCA class in the 2011 edition of the doublehanded transatlantic race and, by teaming up with none other than world-renowned shorthanded sailor Roland 'Bilou' Jourdain, the crew was almost guaranteed a solid result. 

A sight that would sicken any sailor. © 2018 Y.Zedda / VIRBAC-PAPREC Sailing Team

The dynamic duo were a shoe-in to rip across the Atlantic, but their boat is now being towed to port — sans mast. While training off the coast of France yesterday in a 15-20 knot breeze, Dick and Jourdain were surprised by a strong gust that caused them to capsize in dramatic fashion. Jourdain was uninjured in the incident, but Dick was thrown into the water and suffered a back injury. Considering that the 6.9-ton tri then collapsed onto him, it's nothing short of a miracle his injuries weren't any worse.



"I'm still in shock," Dick said. "Everything happened so fast. I fell from a great height. I hit something and fell into the water. It was violent. Fortunately, I managed to get back on board very quickly and realized that my back was hurt.”

We wish a speedy recovery to the always vibrant and positive Jean-Pierre Dick. Stay tuned to ‘Lectronic for ongoing coverage of the Transat Jacques Vabre which begins November 3.


- ronnie simpson

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Fall Crew List Party

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Weekend Racing Preview

October 11, 2013 – California

Brack Duker (white hat, at the wheel) won the Campbell Cup for the West Coast 70 Class last year and will compete for that honor again this weekend. © 2018 Rick Roberts

This weekend's Campbell Cup at Long Beach Yacht Club will feature a division of nine Farr 40s; four Santa Cruz 70s will race in the West Coast 70 division, rounded out by Roy P. Disney's Andrews 68 Pyewacket. They'll try to get in five windward-leeward races.

Kite Foilboard
What's a kite foilboard look like? Johnny Heineken provides the answer. © 2018 Erik Simonson /

The first-ever Kite Foilboard California State Championship runs today through Sunday on the Cityfront, with St. Francis YC hosting.

Richmond YC will host the Laser Short Course Championship this Sunday, with starts for Radials and standard rigs. The races will be 10-15 minutes long. The fleet is encouraging novices to try this out, as they expect flat water and a protected environment. Bring $15 in cash or check only to register at the club before noon on Sunday morning.

The Sunday Laser Series at RYC starts the following weekend. This series is a part of the club's junior program, although adults are invited to join in. Expect short course racing with lots of starts and a 'distance' race back to the yacht club to end the day. The entry fee is just $10 per day or $60 for the series.

The skippers meeting at Oakland YC (and the deadline to sign up) for the Singlehanded Sailing Society's last regatta of 2013, the Vallejo 1-2, is Wednesday, October 16. On Saturday the 19th, the fleet will race singlehanded to Vallejo YC, where they'll pick up one crew and sleep over, then race to Richmond YC doublehanded the next day.

YRA's new Sport Boat Fall Championship will be run in conjunction with the Champion of Champions Invitational Regatta on October 19. It's open to all Bay Area sportboats, even those that don't qualify for a PHRF rating. The fleets competing in the Champion of Champions Regatta will race using their PHRF ratings while the sportboats will race in separate divisions under the Portsmouth rule. Sportboats don't need an invitation and can enter now for just $15. Invitations have been emailed to the top finishers in HDA, ODCA, OYRA and Party Circuit divisions for the Champion of Champions. Berkeley YC will run the races on the Olympic Circle at the same time as their Oktoberfest, which will feature a pursuit race around Alcatraz for PHRF-rated monohulls and buoy racing for BAMA-rated multihulls.

Sequestor sailed in last year's Jessica Cup. The boats range from funky to colorful to magnificent. Photo Latitude / Andy
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

October 19 will be a busy day indeed on San Francisco Bay. The Master Mariners' Jessica Cup for Birds, Farallon Clippers, Gaff and Marconi divisions will provide a spectacle on the Cityfront, run by StFYC, which will also host the Paige/Logan/Simpson on October 19-20 for Stars, Mercuries, Express 27s, Moore 24s, IODs, and Etchells.

Looking ahead to the last weekend of October, registration is now open for the Great Steampunk Pumpkin, brought to you by RYC.

- latitude / chris

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Ad: SOS Dan Buoy

October 11, 2013 – Newport Beach, CA

SOS Dan Buoy

© 2018 Just Marine /

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Fall Cruising Seminars

October 11, 2013 – Downwind Marine, San Diego

Downwind Marine in San Diego is a cruiser hotspot in the weeks leading up (and after) the start of the Baja Ha-Ha. © 2018 Downwind Marine /

Heading south of the border this cruising season? If so, you'd be wise to attend many of the helpful seminars offered in San Diego by Downwind Marine, West Marine and others.

Downwind's kick-off event is October 16 and their seminar series runs through November 8. CLICK HERE for the full schedule and descriptions.

Downwind Marine Seminars:
2804 Canon Street, San Diego

Offshore Communication Training Series
(RSVP recommended; $25/person or $30/couple unless noted)
  • 10/16 — Using Your Marine SSB by Gordon West & Shea Weston, 5:30-9:30 p.m. 
  • 10/17 — SailMail Training by Jim & Sue Corenman and Shea Weston at Pt. Loma Assembly Hall, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. ($50/$75)
  • 10/17 — Radar Made Simple for Cruisers by Terry Sparks, 5:30-8:30 p.m. 
  • 10/18 — Icom M802 Made Simple for Cruisers by Terry Sparks, 5:30-9:30 p.m.  
Evening Cruisers' Seminar Series
($3 at the backdoor of Downwind Marine, 6-8 p.m.)
  • 10/21 — Tips & Tricks for Life Afloat by Wendy Hinman
  • 10/22 — Charts Past, Present & Future by Capt. Ann Kinner
  • 10/23 — Cruising Mainland Mexico & PPJ Prep at Puerto Vallarta Marina by Dick Markie
  • 10/24 — Surviving a Haulout by CF Koehler
  • 10/25 — Life at Sea: What Works, What Doesn't by Capt. Dale Parshall
  • 10/28 — Philosophy of Ground Tackle by Capt. Holly Scott
  • 10/29 — Safety Lessons for Offshore Cruising by Bruce Brown
  • 10/30 — Mexican Liability & International Health Insurance by DeAnne Amancio
  • 10/31 — Outboard Motor Care by Tom Teevin
  • 11/1 — Cruising the World: A Bluewater Family Adventure by Bob & Gail French
  • 11/4 — What's New for Cruising Mexico by Capt. Pat Rains
  • 11/5 — 12-Volt Cruising by Barry Kessler
  • 11/6 — Off the Beaten Path in Mexico by Mark & Emily Fagan
  • 11/7 — Staying Friends with Your Diesel Engine by CF Koehler
  • 11/8 — Planning for Cruising by Capt. Ann Kinner
West Marine Seminar:
1250 Rosecrans, San Diego
  • 10/14; 1 p.m. — Rigging: Inspect & Prevent Rig Failure 
Other Events at Downwind Marine:
  • 10/19 — Baja Ha-Ha Welcome Party, with special discounts, a vendor fair (including author signings) and potluck, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • 10/21-25 — Baja Ha-Ha Week, includes morning buddy boat meetings with coffee and donuts, 10 a.m.
  • 11/2 — Annual Cruisers' Potluck Party, with special discounts, a vendor fair (including author signings) and potluck, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
Need Crew?

In an effort to making it easier for potential crew to find rides, and captain's in need to find watch-standers, Downwind Marine has set up a special binder on their front counter that contains resumes and photos of a variety of potential crew. If you'd like your info to be added, drop by or mail in your info (2804 Canon Street, San Diego, CA 92106).

- latitude / ladonna

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