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Encinal YC Gearing Up for Sailstice

June 19, 2013 – Alameda

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Summer Sailstice organizers ordered perfect weather  sunny & in the 70s  for this weekend celebration of sailing in Alameda (or wherever you are). Photo Latitude / John A.
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With this weekend's Summer Sailstice events now just a few days away, volunteers at Encinal YC are busy making preparations. Mike Scheck, a past club president, explains why he and other members are so enthusiastic about being 'Sailstice Central' for the third year in a row: "It's a great fit for EYC, because many of our goals align with those of Summer Sailstice: promoting the sport of sailing, introducing the sport to the general public, a focus on youth, and support for on-the-water nonprofits."

For the uninitiated, Summer Sailstice (the brainchild of Latitude 38 Associate Publisher John Arndt) is defined as a "worldwide celebration of sailing" that takes place on the weekend closest to the annual summer solstice — the 'longest' day of the year in terms of daylight hours. Individuals, YCs, sailing clubs, waterside resorts and other facilities are invited to create whatever means of celebrating that they can come up with, from simply going out sailing, to orchestrating giant circular raft-ups, to hosting elaborate shindigs like Encinal's. (And if you register online you can win valuable prizes.)

 "We make sure that there is something for everyone," says Scheck. "From experienced racers/cruisers to people who are interested in learning about the sport, they'll find free boat rides, sailing exhibits, sailing seminars and boat displays." Needless to say, any and all are welcome to attend. There's plenty of free parking, and boat-in attendees are welcome to tie up at EYC's guest docks — and even stay overnight if they choose to. 

All sorts of vessels are welcome at the Summer Sailstic celebration this weekend at Encinal YC. Photo Latitude / John A.
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

"We will have many boats on display, ranging from Millimeters to big cats," Scheck adds. "Sailing schools, charter clubs and boat brokers will all be on hand to discuss a variety of entry points into the sport. Most importantly, we want to show that you don't need to be a millionaire to get into sailing." That said, guest speaker Tom Ehman, vice commodore of Golden Gate YC, will give his insights into the highest echelons of the sport, as he discusses the imminent Louis Vuitton and America's Cup races.

Now in its 13th year, Summer Sailstice has grown from a vague idea into a widely recognized focal point for celebrating the sport we all love. So we suggest you put off the yard work and mall mashing this weekend, and get out on the water instead!

Related Addendum: Loaner Lasers needed! A couple of sailors from Artemis Racing have shown interest in competing in this weekends resurrection of the Sir Francis Chichester Race for Lasers around Alameda. It's been 18 years since it was last run with a record set of 2 hours and 43 min set by Morgan Larson (unconfirmed). Follow the links from for the NOR if you want to race your own Laser or email if you have a Laser to loan Artemis.

- latitude / andy

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Fall Crew List Party

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Darling Thief Fit to Stand Trial

June 19, 2013 – Redwood City

In the wee hours of March 4, three people eased the $2.8-million Oyster 82 Darling out of her slip at Sausalito Yacht Harbor and sailed her as far as Pacifica before grounding her on Linda Mar Beach. John Furth, the owner of the boat, turned on the morning news only to see his beauty being bashed by the surf. He immediately called the police.

The 'captain' and two crew were rescued and taken into custody for stealing the stricken boat. Two days later, the two crewmembers were released after investigators concluded they were allegedly duped into believing the captain, 63-year-old Leslie Alan Gardner, had inherited Darling. It's been over three months and Gardner is still sticking to his story, and attorneys on both sides of the case against him agree that he truly believes it.

Even prosecutors agree that accused Darling thief Leslie Gardner believes he inherited the boat. © 2018 Tim Sell / San Mateo County Sheriff /

The Chronicle ran a fascinating piece by Vivian Ho in today's edition about Gardner and his apparent delusions. Ho interviewed the accused boat thief twice in the medical ward of the Maguire Correctional Facility in Redwood City, and noted how different he behaved during each session. In the first, she described him as lucid, but in the second she said he was "rambling." 

Ho reports that two doctors have cleared Gardner as competent to stand trial, but that neither side believes he's all there mentally. His family and attorney claim that post-traumatic stress disorder from his time in the Vietnam War led to decades of substance and alcohol abuse. In 2006, he lost a leg to a drunken motorcycle accident, after which he admits to Ho that he became hooked on painkillers. But it wasn't until he accidentally killed his oldest son two years ago — the brakes in his van failed and the son was run over — that his family says he broke with reality. 

Regardless of what Gardner believes, the justice system — and the boat's true owner — believe differently. He is set to appear at a preliminary hearing on June 27 to determine if he will stand trial for multiple felonies, including grand theft, possession of a stolen boat and vandalism.

- latitude / ladonna

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Ad: Coastal LIferaft Special

June 19, 2013 – Cyberspace

Summer Solstice Special

© 2018 Just Marine /

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No Permits for La Playa on July 4

June 19, 2013 – San Diego

San Diego Bay's A-1 'La Playa' Anchorage (marked in blue) will be first-come, first-served for July 4-7. © 2018 Google Earth

Heads up for those in SoCal that reservations made on the SDHPD mooring online reservation system for the A-1/La Playa Anchorage for July 4-8 are no longer valid and that space will be on a first-come, first-served basis, according to a special notice from the Port of San Diego. "With a sponsorship from the San Diego Port Tenants Association, the La Playa Cove Anchorage will once again be expanded for the 4th of July weekend, and permits will not be needed. The special anchorage will open at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, July 3, 2013. Vessels attempting to enter before that time will be turned away. The anchorage will close at sunset on Sunday, July 7, 2013 with no exceptions. Normal weekend permits will be required again the following weekend."

- latitude / ladonna

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Weekend Racing Wrap-Up

June 19, 2013 – Northern California and Chicago, IL

U.S. Women's Match Racing Champs
Jennifer Wilson and crew won the Allegra Knapp Mertz Trophy for the 2013 U.S. Women's Match Racing Championship over the weekend. © 2018 Isao Toyama /

Sacramento's Katie Pettibone was among the crew on Chicago-based Jennifer Wilson's winning team at the U.S. Women’s Match Racing Championship June 14-16 at the Chicago Match Race Center. After defeating Sandy Hayes in a 2-0 Semi-Final, Wilson and team went on to defeat Stephanie Roble in a 3-1 Final. "I was really comfortable racing with this team,” said Wilson. “We have sailed a lot together over the years.” Winning bronze medals for third place after a 2-1 Petit Final was Kate Maxim of Napa and her team from the Bay Area.

The J/105 JGPC sailed in the Berkeley Friday Night Race on June 14. © 2018 Sharon Hind-Smith

Berkeley YC Friday night racers had, "Another agreeable evening on the Olympic Circle on June 14," according to fleet captain Patrick Hind-Smith. "Fourteen racers were on the course, and the starts as well as finishes are getting closer! Be sure to get out there on this coming Friday night, one of the longest of the year. Have to send you farther…"

Andy Costello's J/125 Double Trouble emerged as the overall winner out of 23 finishers of the OYRA Full Crew Farallones Race on Saturday. Max Crittenden lost his rudder on the Martin 32 Solar Wind, but was able to sail safely back using an emergency rudder, and was not even DFL. However, it's unlikely that he'll be able to start the LongPac today. For complete results, see

Fred Paxton took the El Toro Clear Lake Regatta last weekend with his heavy weather skills and now leads the Championship Series, with Gordie Nash just two points away. The next race in the series is this Sunday. "Fremont Race Day will take a voyage. The lake will be moved," reports the Bull Session, to Lake Cunningham in San Jose. "The water level at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont has been going down. It has now reached the point where it is unusable for several classes of boats. The problem has to do with pumps that are out of action, and it is not certain how soon they will be running again." For all things Toro, see

Laser start
A start at the Laser Masters PCCs on Lake Tahoe. © 2018 Lydia Kluge /

Thirty sailors duked it out in seven races at the Laser Masters Pacific Coast Championships, held over the weekend on Lake Tahoe. "Winds picked up in the afternoons to provide consistent gusts," reports photographer Lydia Kluge. "The event drew sailors from as far as Canada and Utah." Al Clark won the regatta. See for complete results.

With even the landlubber forecasts calling for "blustery" wind today, and the offshore marine forecasts predicting 25-30 knots for the next few days, the singlehanded and doublehanded racers attempting the Great Longitudinal Race — aka, the LongPac — will have their work cut out for them. They're starting off Tiburon's Corinthian YC around noon today, and must sail out to longitude 126° 40' W before turning around and returning in this qualifier for the 2014 Singlehanded TransPac and counter in the 2013 SSS series (for your reference, CYC is at 122° 27'). The LongPac has its own web page,

LongPac Race Committee
The LongPac volunteers are ready for the start (left to right: Shama Kota, Ben and Lucie Mewes, George Lythcott, and Bruce Nesbit). They say, "It's nice right now." © 2018 /

- latitude / chris

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