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Sailgating at a Giants Game

September 28, 2012 – McCovey Cove

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Sailgating to a Giants game is a must for Bay Area sailors. Photo Latitude / Andy
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In late August, Discover Boating released their list of favorite 'boatgating' — we, of course, prefer to call it 'sailgating' — locations in the country. "The combination of two American pastimes — boating and tailgating — is still one of the most unique ways to enjoy game day at stadiums across the country," said the press release.

Naturally, San Francisco's AT&T Park, home of the Giants, made the cut. "Catch all the action or even a splash hit — home runs that land in the water on the fly without hitting the Arcade or Portwalk — from a boat in McCovey Cove, where the scoreboard and replay screens are visible." The Giants have clinched their division and playoffs will begin soon. Tickets have already gone on sale but there may still be time to get some. Whether you take a slip at South Beach Harbor (advanced reservations are a must) or pop into McCovey Cove, a family cruise to enjoy a ball game will not soon be forgotten.




Check out the most recent splash hit made by Brandon Belt on September 4.


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Fall Crew List Party

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Norman Heads North into the Sea

September 28, 2012 – Sea of Cortez

When it comes to hurricanes off the coast of Mexico, September has been a model of regularity. For if you look at the tracks of Miriam, Kristy and Tropical Storm John, they've had remarkably similar tracks, starting well off the coast of mainland Mexico at about the latitude of Puerto Vallarta and then paralleling the coast to pass several hundred miles west of Cabo before petering out.

Miriam, Kristy and John all have taken the same track. © 2018 UNISYS

But now there is Tropical Storm Norman, which isn't a threat so much because of wind — maximum speeds of just 40 knots — but rain. Pat and Carole McIntosh of the Roseville area, who had said they weren't buying any more sailboats but who are nonetheless closing a deal on a "not a project" Cheoy Lee 35 in Barra de Navidad, report they had a "good old-fashioned gully washer" there last night. "Tell the folks up in the Sea of Cortez, where Norman is headed, to keep the scuppers clear because there is a lot of water headed their way." Based on the Unisys hurricane weather satellite site, it appears that Norman is sweeping up the mainland, not Baja, side of the Sea of Cortez.

Tropical Storm Norman's predicted track through Wednesday. © 2018 NOAA

Based on historical data, October can still be a busy month for hurricanes off the coast of Mexico, with the number suddenly plummeting toward the end of the month, particularly for storms in northern Mexico.

- latitude / richard

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Ad: SailTime's New Hunter 39

September 28, 2012 – Pier 39, San Francisco

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Racing Preview

September 28, 2012 – Three Bays

Flying Dutchman Worlds
After a shoreside postponement due to lack of wind, the Flying Dutchman Worlds sailed races 5 and 6 in 8-10 knots of breeze off Santa Cruz yesterday. © 2018 Richard Phillips

The 45 Flying Dutchmans from 11 nations vying for their World Championship continue racing through Sunday at Santa Cruz YC. "The competition is heating up with the first two boats (HUN 70 and GER 88) tied on points after six races and one discard in the nine-race Championship," reports publicist Richard Phillips. We're planning coverage in the November issue of Latitude 38.

The growing Melges 20 fleet ends the month of September with their Pacific Coast Championships, and launches into October with their Nationals on October 5-7. Corinthian YC hosts both regattas. See CYC is a busy place — YRA's Season Closer wraps up the Party Circuit there this weekend. See

Then, on Thursday, October 4, CYC is hosting a soirée to celebrate the America's Cup, with French speakers (Consul General Romain Serman; Bruno Trouble, Creator of the Louis Vuitton Cup; Alain Thébault, creator and skipper of l'Hydroptère DCNS, which is still moored at CYC; and Loïck Peyron, AC45 Energy Team helmsman), French hors d'oeuvres, French wines and French cocktails. Regardez

Energy Team
The Energy Team crew show gritty determination while practicing on San Francisco Bay. © 2018 Gilles Martin-Raget / ACEA /

Of course, the AC World Series returns to San Francisco Bay on October 2-7, coinciding with Fleet Week on October 4-8.

Half Moon Bay YC’s Vice Commodore’s Cup Regatta is scheduled for October 6-7. Invited classes include Coronado 15s, Lasers and Cal 20s. This year, a new group will be added to the mix: Kids who participated in the summer Youth Sailing Camp will be invited to sail in an Optimist race on Sunday, separate from but related to the Regatta. See Lasers have also been invited to join 5o5s and Flying Dutchmans for the October Dinghy Regatta at Santa Cruz YC on the same weekend. See

If it's October, it must be Chowder time! Berkeley YC kicks off their beer can-style winter series on Sunday, October 7.

"Tiburon YC is attempting to rekindle the Joan Storer Women's Regatta," writes TYC Racing Chair Ian Matthew. "It will take place off Paradise Cay on October 13 and is open to any boat with a PHRF certificate crewed by women with only ONE man allowed (who must NOT touch the helm!). The entry form can be downloaded here — or people can call me at (415) 883-6339 or email me." The Joan Storer is part of Latitude 38's unofficial Women's Circuit.

The Pink Boat Regatta returns to CYC on October 14 for its second running on San Francisco Bay, following a wildly successful — and just plain wild — outing in Seattle at Sloop Tavern YC on September 9. Sign up now so you can start your fund-raising! The races benefit the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. See and keep an eye out in the October 1 edition of Latitude 38 for a full report on the Seattle regatta.

Double the trouble, double the fun. The second Pink Boat Regatta - the first held in Seattle - saw hordes of pink-clad sailors riding the waves of Puget Sound. © 2018 Jan Anderson /

Another fundraiser just down the road and a bit farther down the calendar, the Leukemia Cup comes to San Francisco YC on October 21. New this year is a Classic Yacht Class, featuring Gary Jobson and Ted Turner racing aboard the Kaplan family's 55-ft 1935 S&S schooner Santana. Go to for complete info.

The month of October, for some reason — perhaps because it enjoys our region's nicest weather of the year — has a racing calendar that's as swamped as any of the summer months. We'll have more previews of October races in future posts.

- latitude / chris

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Wild, Wild Lake County

September 28, 2012 – Lake County, CA

Latitude readers probably best know Lake County as the place where, on a pitch black night in '06, Sheriff Deputy Russell Perdock slammed his powerboat into a nearly stationary O'Day sailboat at high speed, killing passenger Lynn Thornton, a just-retired employee of the state of California. In a move that drastically undermined our faith in law enforcement and district attorneys, Lake County District Attorney Jon Hopkins inexplicably didn't charge Perdock with any crime, but rather charged Bismarck Dinius, a passenger on the idle sailboat who happened to be sitting in the helm position, with manslaughter. His defense cost Dinius a small fortune, but he was acquitted by a jury in a matter of minutes — about as big a slap in the face that a jury could have given Hopkins.

Apparently U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag sees nothing wrong with running your powerboat at full tilt after dark and killing a woman. Photo Courtesy Channel 7 I-Team
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

According to a fine story in the August 25 Sacramento Bee by Stephen Magagnini, Lake County is one hell of a crazy place. In a 'clean out the old boy network' move in '10, Cuba-born Francisco 'Frank' Rivero was elected Sheriff, beating out the incumbent of 16 years, by campaigning on the promise to eat his hat if voters could find a more corrupt place in California.

"I'm a rough character to deal with when you're screwing around," Rivero told the Bee. "Aggressive law enforcement's taking place. We're going out, kicking down doors and taking people to jail in volume, which creates controversy."

No kidding. According to the story, his critics include the current district attorney, motorcycle gangs, an army of marijuana growers, both local newspapers, and the chairman of the Board of Supervisors who — and we're not making this up — is a bounty hunter who says he tracks down 900 bail jumpers a year (who apparently come from all over the country to lie low in Lake County), raises buffalo, and who says he called the sheriff when he found 7,500 pot plants growing on his property.

Rivero is proud to say that he's cut $1 million in waste from the Sheriff's Department while throwing many more criminals in jail. But his most controversial move was to ask the FBI to reopen the investigation into the boating death of Lynn Thornton. In a move that pretty much finished off what little faith we had left in the U.S. legal system, Melinda Haag, the U.S. Attorney in San Francisco, declined to reopen the case. Why, Melinda, why? You see nothing wrong with not charging someone for slamming his boat into another boat and killing someone? As for former D.A. Hopkins, who charged Dinius but not Perdock, he claims there was no corruption in his handling of the case. He reminds us of a woman who once tried to convince us that buttermilk was a diet beverage.

In related news, Perdock was let go from the Lake County Sheriff's Department in '10. But just a couple months ago he was sworn in to the Lake County Fire Protection District Board. As for Dinius, he and his attorneys are suing the county of Lake, the Lake County Sheriff's Office, 34 county employees (in their inpidual and official capacities), Jon Hopkins, former Sheriff Rodney Mitchell, Russell Perdock, Dennis Ostini, Lloyd Wells, C. Brown, Captain James Bauman, James Samples, Wesley Frey, Dean Pick, Andy Davidson, and Sacramento County Sheriff's Dept. Sgt. Charles Slabaugh. Attorney Laurence Masson alleges that the county's conduct was “unconstitutional and corrupt” following the incident and throughout the court proceedings, accusing the employees of “conspiring” or “aiding and abetting one another” to conceal and fabricate evidence and defraud the court in order to prosecute Dinius for a “homicide that he did not commit.” Masson argues that this not only constitutes malicious prosecution but is also a violation of Dinius's civil rights as granted by Title 42 section 1983 of the United States Code.

Like we say, it's wild up in Lake County.

- latitude / richard

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