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Weekend Racing Wrap-Up

May 23, 2012 – San Francisco Bay and Puget Sound

Farr 40 Twisted
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Tony Pohl's Farr 40 Twisted, sailing for the Coast Guard, won the fourth annual American Armed Forces Cup Regatta. © 2018 Marianne Armand / Club Nautique

Tony Pohl's Farr 40 Twisted and his winning Coast Guard crew clinched the American Armed Forces Cup Regatta — raced on the South Bay — in a landslide victory. Only one other boat was able to finish due to light winds and strong currents in the morning. Coast Guard participants included Lieutenants Ryan and Christie Hawn, and David Stern. Lt. Ryan Hawn is the helicopter pilot who picked up two of the survivors from Low Speed Chase, while Lt. Stern (another helo pilot) was involved in the search for the remaining crew.

Winning crew
Twisted's crew. Left to right: OJ (The Juice) Everett, Scott Parker, Alisa (Rocket) Hawkins, Lt. Ryan Hawn (USCG), Lt. Christie Hawn (USCG), Greg (Twinkle Toes) Wilson, Robert (not the boat Captain) Milligan, Tony Pohl, and Tactical Ted Wilson. Not pictured: Lt. David Stern (USCG). © 2018 Marianne Armand / Club Nautique

"Tony participated in honor of his daughter Krysia Pohl, who serves in the Coast Guard," said Marianne Armand of Club Nautique, which hosts the event. "Krysia was a big-time Europe Dinghy sailor," said Tony. "She was national champ at one point and the runner-up at the '04 trials. She’s back in the Coast Guard in Seattle — she’s the one who put me on to this."

Presidio YC, located at Fort Baker in Sausalito, held their Baxter/Judson Race #2 on Sunday. Eight boats competed over a course of 7.7 miles, from Horseshoe Cove to the red buoy #8, one mile east of Point Blunt, back to Little Harding and then returning to Horseshoe Cove. Louis Canotas' Ranger 26 Jazzman won the race; second was Steve Hocking's Ranger 23 Roadrunner, and third was Mark Tishler's Catalina 30 Willin. See

Beach cats racing
A fleet of beach cats, plus one Musto Skiff in the background, raced in the rain on Sunday. © 2018 Jan Anderson /

Mark Laura's J/24 Tundra Rose is the overall winner of the Seattle Sperry Top-Sider NOOD Regatta, held on Puget Sound May 18-20. The race committee, run by Seattle YC and Corinthian YC of Seattle, was able to get in nine races over the three days in mostly light air, with rain on Sunday. Go here for complete results and more.

By comparison, last weekend's Elite Keel and Phyllis Kleinman Swiftsure Regattas (formerly known as the Stone Cup) on San Francisco Bay had plenty of sun and wind — as a matter of fact, the Bay breeze built to more than twice what was forecast. We'll report on those races in the June issue of Latitude 38.

- latitude / chris

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Latitude 38 Crew List

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Tragic Cruiser Drowning

May 23, 2012 – Isla Espiritu Santo, Mexico

The West Coast sailing community was saddened to learn of the tragic death of longtime cruiser Mark Barger, 64, in a diving accident last week at Isla Espiritu Santo. Formerly of Sausalito, Barger and his wife Kathleen had been sailing together extensively for more than 40 years. They own a beautiful home and rental property at Manzanillo, in addition to their Passport 51 Lisa Marie, which they've sailed since '91.

Bargers 98
This 14-year old file photo shows Mark and Kathleen in '98, not long before they headed south aboard Lisa Marie with the Baja Ha-Ha rally. Photo Latitude / Archives
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Details about Barger's death are still sketchy, but according to online Mexican news reports, Mark was diving beneath either his dinghy or Lisa Marie to make repairs, but he could not surface without help as he was wearing a heavy belt. Both Kathleen and a Mexican assistant were reportedly on the scene but, according to a report on, a misunderstanding due to language difficulties resulted in Barger not being helped to the surface in time to save his life.

Unsubstantiated reports on Mexico cruiser radio nets claim that local authorities removed Kathleen (and possibly a crew member) from the boat, leaving it unattended at anchor on the east side of the island. It apparently dragged but hooked up again at Isla Ceralvo the next day — or perhaps was moved there. We're told that the boat is now back in its slip at Marina Palmira. We hope to have additional details on this tragic incident soon.

- latitude / andy

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Hawaii Return Options Seminar

May 23, 2012 – Oakland YC, Alameda

As the June 30 start date draws near, the second to last Singlehanded TransPac prep seminar will be tomorrow (Thursday) night at Oakland YC in Alameda with race vets sharing how they got their boats home from Hawaii. Paul Nielsen and Race Chair Rob Tryon will speak about their very different experiences sailing home, while George Lythcott and Bob Johnston will discuss shipping options. Another option for racers to consider is hiring a delivery skipper.

Solo TransPac vet Ronnie Simpson and his return crew Ed McCoy sailed the last 800 miles of their 2010 return trip without a keel. Ronnie doesn't recommend this to others. Photo Latitude / LaDonna
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Doors at OYC open at 6:30 p.m. and the talk starts at 7. As usual, the event is free and open to the public — Pacific Cup racers are especially welcome — and will feature a no-host bar.

- latitude / ladonna

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Volvo Ocean Race Update

May 23, 2012 – Atlantic Ocean

VOR In-Port Race
The Volvo Open 70s get in position for the start of the Miami In-Port Race on Saturday. It was good to see Team Sanya back in action. © 2018 Paul Todd / Volvo Ocean Race /

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro," says Kenny Read, skipper of Puma. It's actually a Hunter Thompson quote, but it accurately describes what's going on in Leg 7 of the Volvo Ocean Race. All six 70-ft boats are off to Lisbon, Portugal, after a short stop in Miami and a strange in-port race that saw lead changes every few minutes in a dying breeze and shortened course. Abu Dhabi Racing pulled out the win with Groupama and Puma behind in second and third.

At the start of Leg 7 across the Atlantic on Sunday, all eyes were on a tropical depression named Alberto (any time a storm has a name, you know it's trouble) and instead of avoiding it, the fleet charged into 40 knots of breeze with rain and lightning. Puma was battling Groupama in the front and looking for chance to pass. Puma set up for a jibe in 35 knots of wind. "Unfortunately, it was 20 minutes too late," said Read. "By the time we had everything ready to go, Groupama jibed first and got away." Consequently, the lead pack of Groupama, Telefónica and Abu Dhabi are 40 miles ahead in better wind. Little mistakes like that are all that separate the first and last boats, and this leg will probably go down to the wire.

The next obstacle is a high-pressure ridge right in the way, and some clever navigating will be necessary to get around it. It may shake up the standings once again. While at the dock in Miami waiting to go racing, Read reminded journalists what he said at the very beginning at the start in Alicante, Spain. "Remember when I said this was going to be the closest racing in VOR history?"

The VOR media people are trying out daily live video feeds and interviews with the crews during the race, which can be seen at: Just keep your browser open during the day and see what pops up. Your co-workers will love it too.

- ncs

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