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Weekend Racing Wrap-Up

February 20, 2012 – San Francisco Bay Area

Tai Kuai
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Dan Thielman's RP44 Tai Kuai, which won both races this weekend in the Corinthian Midwinters PHRF 1, fights the ebb on the light air run from Yellow Bluff to Knox on Saturday. Photo Latitude / John A.
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Despite unpredictable winds and a raging ebb, the Corinthian YC got in the final two races of their midwinter series this weekend. (The bonus race, now called the Rob Moore Regatta, is yet to come on March 17.) Saturday started with a one-hour postponement, as the Race Committee waited for the wind to fill in. Finally the fast boats in the first two divisions were sent off to Yellow Bluff, where several of them got sucked into the windless outbound river toward the Golden Gate Bridge, all the while striving to break free and make headway toward their leeward mark, Pt. Knox buoy. Another postponement ensued, and the RC changed strategies and reset the start line.

The C&C 37 Maggie snagged the pin on Saturday, prompting another postponement. Photo Latitude / John A.
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Once the racing got going again, it was to Harding Rock instead, on a much, much shorter course (only 2.9 nm). Unfortunately, this put the busy starting line, which was not restricted, right in the path of the fast boats still sailing back to Yellow Bluff again. Finally, after 2 p.m., the wind filled in — from the north!

PHRF 3 start on Saturday
Ahi, Red Sky, Sea Ghost and Baleineau stuck to each other like glue. Photo Latitude / John A.
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Sunday also started with a postponement — thankfully a much shorter one. Again, the faster fleets were given a long course, the middle starts were sent up to Blackaller (actually a temporary mark just off the beach at Crissy Field), and the last five starts got the Harding Rock mini-course again. A brisk westerly blew through the Slot, roughing up the ebbing water and raising white caps. The wind lightened as racers approached Belvedere Cove for the end of the race, making for the usual tricky game of picking the best approach against the adverse current.

PHRF 3 spinnaker run
Some of the same boats, still clumped tightly together the next day. Photo Latitude / John A.
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Series trophies were handed out Sunday evening. San Francisco YC's "Hank's 8 Balls O'Whoopass" team won the Aotea Team Trophy, and Hank Easom's 8-Meter Yucca received the Rob Moore Best Performance Trophy. See for more. We'll have division results and more in the March issue of Latitude 38.

Leslie Richter and Hank Easom
Leslie Richter and Hank Easom, with the Rob Moore Best Performance Trophy. Leslie, who was Rob's wife, crewed on Hank's Yucca. Photo Latitude / Chris
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"In the midwinter series that is quickly becoming known as 'The Endless Summer,' Oakland YC Sunday Brunch racers enjoyed their fourth-consecutive shorts and t-shirts race on the Oakland-Alameda Estuary," reports Ronnie Simpson, who took second in class aboard his Moore 24 US 101. "With shifty breeze, a large fleet of Optis to contend with, and just a bit of ebb, racers had their hands full on another amazingly beautiful Northern California winter day. The holiday weekend perhaps made for a light turnout, but the usual 45 suspects are expected back for the fifth and final race in this series on March 4." We'll have Ronnie's complete report in Racing Sheet, so be sure to pick up Latitude 38 when it comes out on March 1. In the meantime, see

Oakland YC's midwinter series once again offered shorts and t-shirt conditions for the fleet. Photo Latitude / LaDonna
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- latitude / chris

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See the current magazine here.

Dinghies & Keels & Cats! Oh My!

February 20, 2012 – Jack London Square, Oakland

There are any number of ways to get out sailing on San Francisco Bay. J/World's presentation on Wednesday at Oakland's Waterfront Hotel will help you or your friends figure out how. Photo Latitude / Andy
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We all have friends and family who we'd like to encourage to learn more about our favorite sport, but don't necessarily want to take on the responsibility of teaching them ourselves. If that sounds familiar, you might want to plan a group outing with those friends to a free community event sponsored by J/World Sailing that will outline how newbies can get out on the water, how more experienced sailors can broaden their horizons, and even the best spots to view the Americas' Cup. " Whether you're new to sailing, seeking to broaden your skills or exploring ways to connect with other sailors, you won't want to miss it," says J/World's Barry Demak.

The event is slated for this Wednesday evening from 6-8 p.m. at the Waterfront Hotel at Oakland's Jack London Square, with the presentation — including the all-important Q&A — starting at 6:30. Light refreshments are provided by Oakland Marina, and a no-host (cash, please) bar will be available. RSVP here.

- latitude / ladonna

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February 20, 2012 – Pt. Richmond and Sausalito

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Look Who's on Candid Camera

February 20, 2012 – Santa Barbara

Where's Waldo...or in this case Profligate? © 2018 Paul Martson

"I was walking through the new air terminal in Santa Barbara and, while on my way to my gate, passed a video screen that had a slide show of nature 'beauty shots'," writes Paul Marston, crewmember of the Corsair 31 Drei in the last Ha-Ha. "When the accompanying photo came up, I not only recognized that it wasn't a nautical scene of Santa Barbara Harbor, but that the boat on the right looked familiar. I was on my way to sail aboard Rick Waltonsmith's Corsair 37 Transit of Venus, which we are prepping for the summer's Pacific Cup from San Francisco to Hawaii. Our goal is to be the first multihull to ever finish that race."

Oh, there she is! © 2018 Paul Martson

If we're not mistaken, the shot that included Profligate was taken years ago when we combined with Dawn Riley's America's Cup campaign to take a bunch of "at risk" kids for a sail on the Bay. The kids enjoyed the sail, but what they really liked was having a pillow fight with all of Doña de Mallorca's accent pillows. As you might expect, de Mallorca wasn't aboard for that sail because she normally doesn't allow things like that.
But it brings up the question, have you ever been surprised by a photo of your boat on a calendar, newspaper, advertisement, Google Earth segment or the like? We'd like to hear about it.
On an entirely different subject, does anyone know of a hot/slutty-looking young woman who goes by the name of 'Baja Ha-Ha'. A reader, who prefers not to be identified, reports that he/she somehow found himself/herself on an internet 'dating' site, where one of the female posters listed her internet name as 'Baja Ha-Ha'. We don't suppose there is any point in asking her which sex act she prefers most.

- latitude / richard

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