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Goodbye '11, Hello '12

December 30, 2011 – Latitude-land

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The January edition of Latitude 38 hits all the usual spots starting today. And don't forget to pick up a fresh copy of the 2012 Northern California Sailing Calendar & YRA Master Schedule while you're at it! Photo Latitude / Annie
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A new year represents many things, among them that a fresh issue of Latitude 38 will be hitting your favorite pick-up spot at any moment, and that the 2012 Northern California Sailing Calendar & YRA Master Schedule is ready to help you plan your sailing schedule for the year. The Calendar includes much more than just dates and times of races. In it you'll also find maps of race courses, current info, equipment requirements, signal flag guides and much more — all in one place and all for free! Seriously, every boat — not just race boats — should have a copy aboard. 

In the January issue of Latitude, you'll find the final installment of the Season Champs, an interview with Bay Area Mini sailor Emma Creighton, reader reaction to Dennis Howard's forced abandonment of his Flicka, a youthful perspective on 'go small, go now', and about a million other juicy tidbits for your long holiday weekend — including our annual Year in Review article. To get the wheels of nostalgia turning, you'll find photos from a handful of the top sailing stories of the year below.

As 2011 comes to a close, our wish for our readers is for 2012 to be your best year ever.

Bay Area sailors rang in the New Year with the news that the America's Cup would be held in San Francisco Bay. Photo Courtesy America's Cup
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The tsunami that devastated Japan in March also sent shockwaves along the West Coast. Photo Courtesy YouTube
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Participants in the Voiles de St. Barth awed spectators in April. Photo Latitude / Richard
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In July, we were taught how to fish naked . . . or to make naked fish. Or something like that. Photo Courtesy Lightspeed
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August's Delta Doo Dah was better than ever. © 2018 Mitzi Carter

The inaugural Pink Boat Regatta in October helped raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. © 2018 Roxanne Fairbarn

- the latitude crew

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See the current magazine here.

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