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It's Been a Lovely Cruise...Out

February 14, 2011 – Vallejo to Martinez

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Memories of beautiful weather -- even with the light winds and heavy ebb pushing us back toward Vallejo -- will help this weekend's cruise-out participants, including Buffalo Spirit's Ruben and Robbie Gabriel, tough out today's dismal conditions. Photo Latitude / LaDonna
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As a new member of the Vallejo YC, it was this reporter and her husband's delight to take part in our first cruise-out as members this weekend. This year's annual Sweetheart's Cruise sent the fleet of 15-or-so boats the nine miles to Martinez Marina, where the Martinez YC hosted two very fattening meals on Friday and Saturday, and a rockin' Valentine Party on Saturday night. And considering today's misery in the weather department, this weekend's cruise couldn't have been better timed.

Cruise outs are a great way to make new friends, check out other people's boats, and explore a new area. Photo Latitude / LaDonna
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Grandma and Grandpa, Janet and Jim Pecorella, love taking Austin on cruise outs aboard their Gulfstar 37 Pelagian -- and Austin loves it too! Photo Latitude / LaDonna
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Whether you belong to a yacht club or not, cruise outs are an outstanding way to set a date to get your boat out of the slip. In today's hectic world, it's easy to say, "Oh, we'll go out next weekend." Then six months goes by without stepping on your boat. But if you've committed to an outing with friends, it's much harder to blow it off. So do your stress level a favor and either join your club's next cruise out or organize one with some boat buddies — you won't regret it!

Ken and Gail Hall of the Young Sun 35 Lady Hawk would like to leave you with a gentle reminder of what today is! Photo Latitude / LaDonna
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- latitude / ld

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Hats Off!

February 14, 2011 – San Francisco Bay

Oopsy daisy! Maybe it's time for Norman to invest in a revolutionary new hat-saving device: a piece of string. Photo Courtesy Shooter
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"My boat partner snapped this shot while crossing the slot on our Islander 36 Shooter on the way to Sam’s for lunch," writes Norman Pearce. "But one of the boat's rules is that we only retrieve hats if the head is still attached!"

While hats don't make the most realistic 'human substitutes' for crew overboard drills, a lost hat is a really good excuse to practice your boat handling skills. But we can certainly understand that, after a hard day's sail, a burger at Sam's might occasionally beat out skill honing.

Speaking of which, we still want to hear about your favorite boat-in dining spot on the Bay or Delta. Send your suggestions, stories and photos to LaDonna.

- latitude / ld

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Ad: Third Annual BoatFest

February 14, 2011 – Marina Village, Alameda

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Weekend Racing Wrap-up

February 14, 2011 – The Bay

The bow/pit team aboard David Douglas' C&C 37 XL Maggie earned their post-race beers on this drop during the Berkeley YC Mids on Saturday. . . the kite never hit the water! Photo Latitude / Rob
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The Berkeley YC and RegattaPRO/Sausalito YC must have lodged their weather reservations well in advance, because the rain stayed away long enough for a brilliant weekend of midwinter racing. Full sunshine, 6 to 10 knots of breeze and mild current during the days meant that sailors were left with little to complain about for their series' respective finales.

Motorcycle Irene El Raton Express 27 Sailing
Motorcycle Irene rounded the first weather mark just ahead of Ray Lotto's El Raton. The tables soon turned, and Lotto and crew went on to take the BYC Saturday Express 27 title for '10-'11. Photo Latitude / Rob
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On the Circle, the Berkeley YC's mids wrapped up with some close finishes. The series, which is scored separately for Saturday and Sunday, saw some tight battles for the top spots come down to the final race. In the 18-boat Express 27 division, Ray Lotto's El Raton and Will Paxton's Motorcycle Irene went into the day tied with six points apiece. The two boats stayed close together at the start, and after splitting slightly from each other, the latter got to the top mark first. But Lotto and company — the class's '10 season champions — rebounded to take the race and the series win. Saturday's other battle went to Robert Schock's Newport 30 Achates, which entered the day needing to put a boat between it and Emile Carles' Tartan 30 Lelo Too to win Division E. Schock was able to do just that to win on a countback. The closest contest in the Sunday series went to Richard Stockdale's J/24 Froglips, which carried the day to edge out Jim Fair's Merit 25 Chesapeake for a two-point series win in Division 3. The final remaining event in the BYC Mids is the Champion of Champions Race for all the division winners on February 27.

Wetsu Express 27
Roshie Ravan is liking Saturday's conditions aboard Phil Krasner's Express 27 Wetsu. Photo Latitude / Rob
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Berkeley YC Midwinters
Saturday Series (final)
DIVISION A — Family Hour-TNG, Henderson 30, Bilafer family. (9 boats)
DIVISION B — Hoot, Olson 30, Andrew Macfie. (8 boats)
DIVISION C — Shameless, Schumacher Custom 30, G. Ellison/H. Macartney. (7 boats)
DIVISION D — Joyicity, Davidson 1/4 Ton, Patrick Kohlman. (7 boats)
DIVISION E — Achates, Newport 30, Robert Schock. (4 boats)
DIVISION F — Dumbo, Catalina 22, David Torrisi. (4 boats)
EXPRESS 27 — El Raton, Ray Lotto. (18 boats)
CAl 20 — Can O' Whoopass, Richard vonEhrenkrook. (6 boats)

Sunday Series (final)
MULTIHULL — Emma, Corsair 31, Bill Roberts. (1 boat)
DIVISION 1 — Sweet Okole, Mod. Farr 36, Dean Treadway. (5 boats)
DIVISION 2 — Hoot, Olson 30, Andrew Macfie. (5 boats)
DIVISION 3 — Froglips, J/24, Richard Stockdale. (7 boats)
DIVISION 4 — Antares, IS30-2, Larry Telford. (4 boats)
EXPRESS 27 — Great White, Express 27, Rachel Fogel. (9 boats)

J/120 Racing SF Bay
The J/120s never take it easy. Here, series winner Richard Swanson's Grace Dances tries to stay beneath the line with Barry Lewis' Chance and John Wimer's Desdemona (28486) charging hard with the leeward position. Although Grace Dances would end up OCS and having to restart, she took the series by a four-point margin! Photo Latitude / Rob
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

The Regatta PRO/Sausalito YC Winter One Design Series's closest division points-wise was the J/24s, which brought out eight boats. Don Taylor's On Belay beat out Brian Goepfrich's Snowjob by two points to take that division. Eslewhere the points differences were deceptively big, with every division winner making it look easier than it was. The one design series once again got a great turnout from the J/120s, J/105s, Melges 24s, Moore 24s, and J/24s, plus the addition of the Antrim 27s, sailing as a one design on the Bay for the first time in a few years. Even the conditions cooperated for the eight-race series this year

Antrim 27 RegattaPRO
Ian Chamberlain's Abracadabra just squeaks in ahead of Bryce Griffith's Arch Angel (3) and Todd Hedin's E.T. (19) in the revitalized Antrim 27 One Design fleet. Photo Latitude / Rob
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

"We were very lucky this year, as it never rained and we had wind — eventually — for every race," said RegattaPRO's Jeff Zarwell. "The fleets that showed up again this year, and the lack of a single protest made it great. The Sausalito YC stepped up and supported the event this year, and we had a great race committee as well. It's so much easier when you have good people helping out!"

Charles James' Roxanne took the day in the J/105 division with first-string tactician Jeff Thorpe back after a two-race-day hiatus. Roxanne's 3-1 was good enough to sneak them into second place for the series behind Bruce Stone's Arbitrage. Photo Latitude / Rob
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

RegattaPRO/Sausalito YC Winter One Design Series
J/120 — Grace Dances, Richard Swanson. (8 boats)
Antrim 27 — Always Friday, John Liebenberg. (5 boats)
Melges 24 — Personal Puff, Dan Hauserman. (10 boats)
J/105 — Arbitrage, Bruce Stone. (15 boats)
Moore 24 — Moorigami, John Siegel. (7 boats)
J/24 — On Belay, Don Taylor. (8 boats)

- latitude / rg

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