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Yohelah Struck in Nightime Collision

August 5, 2009 – Bora Bora, Society Islands

Hit & Run & Hit Again
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

We've heard of successful night fishing, but this catch takes the prize. Photo Courtesy Yohelah
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Nights are generally extremely quiet on the Bora Bora lagoon. But not last night. The tranquility aboard Rob and Teresa Sicade's Seattle-based Baba 40 Yohelah was shattered when a small speedboat crashed into her port side, while apparently trying to flee another hit-and-run. 

At this writing we have few details, except that the powerboat's driver was badly injured and may lose an arm as a result of his recklessness. Yohelah is one of roughly 100 boats that left the West Coast last spring for French Polynesia. We assume Bora Bora was her last stop in the French Overseas Territory before heading further west.

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Fall Crew List Party

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Alinghi Sets Venue, Oracle Disagrees

August 5, 2009 – Ras al-Khaimah

Ras Al-Khaimah
Ras al-Khaimah: next host of the America's Cup? Photo Courtesy Google Earth
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Alinghi announced today that the they will be hosting the match for AC 33 in Ras al-Khaimah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates.

"Our absolute priorities in making this decision are the prevailing weather conditions and the resulting safety that they bring to both teams,” said Alinghi skipper Brad Butterworth. “We looked everywhere for a venue that suited having good racing for the Match dates in February."

While Alinghi might have found what they think is the prefect venue, it violates the provisions in the Deed of Gift that the match be held in the summer months of whichever hemisphere it's sailed in. Alinghi is banking on a liberal interpretation of Justice Herman Cahn's ruling in the Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court that said that the match, " . . . may be held in Valencia or any other location . . ."

"Golden Gate YC believes SNG's choice of this venue, without our mutual consent, is contrary to the Deed of Gift and decisions and orders of the New York courts," said BMW Oracle spokesman Tom Ehman. "We are reviewing our options."

- latitude / rg

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Ad: Northstar Risk Management & Insurance

August 5, 2009 – Walnut Creek

NorthStar has you covered
Racing to Hawaii or racing the buoys?
Out for a daysail or cruising to Mexico?

NorthStar has you covered!

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NorthStar Risk Management specializes in protection for marine related risks. Our expertise in the industry gives you assurance that your business or yacht is never under-insured. We offer the best protection at competitive pricing, and the best customer service in the industry. Working with the top marine insurers in the market allows us to custom fit your policy to match your insurance needs.

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Hurricane Season

August 5, 2009 – Eastern Pacific and Atlantic/Caribbean

Fickle Felicia
Hurricane Felicia has a long way to go before making landfall in Hawaii. © 2018 National Hurricane Center

There is currently one tropical storm, Enrique, with 50 knots of wind, and one hurricane, Felicia, with 100 knots of wind in the Eastern Pacific (Mexico) hurricane zone. As is typical at this time of year, both tropical events are headed to the west and northwest, posing no threat to the Mexican mainland. Felicia, however, is headed toward Hawaii, but will have a long way to go. Both storms are reminders why it's not smart to sail from Mexico to the South Pacific or Panama to Hawaii at this time of year.

As for the Atlantic/Caribbean hurricane zone, the experts at Colorado State University, of all places, have downgraded the number of tropical storms they expect in the Atlantic Basin to 10, predicting only four of them will become hurricanes, and only two with winds over 110 knots.

There are two reasons for the downgrades. First, the Atlantic hurricane season, which lasts from July through November, has gotten off to a slow start. Secondly, an El Niño condition seems to be strengthening in the Pacific, which often results in stronger wind shear in the Atlantic. Wind shear makes it difficult for hurricanes to form.

- latitude / rs

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Maltese Falcon Off the Market

August 5, 2009 – Sardinia

Falcon Under the Gate
Maltese Falcon sailed under the Golden Gate Bridge last fall to participate in the Leukemia Cup Regatta. Photo Latitude / Annie
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

It looks like Tom Perkins has finally found a buyer for his 289-ft miracle of modern sailing, Maltese Falcon. Perkins had put Falcon on the market last year for a whopping $180 million, but it took a price slash of about $80 million to hook a qualified buyer. In an interview with Britain's The Times newspaper, Perkins admitted that "it is not the best time in the world to sell it," and that the identity of the buyer will remain confidential.

Wouldn't it be something if the owner of the world's largest motoryacht — Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich — thought it would be cool to own the world's largest sailboat as well?

At 557 feet, Eclipse has plenty of room for her two helipads, pool, luxury spa, mini sub and missile detection system. Falcon could be her tender. Photo Courtesy Eclipse
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

- latitude / ld

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