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Ocean Film Festival

February 18, 2009 – The City

(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Arrrgh! It's The Attack of the Sea Slugs - see it at the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival this weekend. © 2018 Attack of the Sea Slugs / SFOFF

The San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, now in its sixth year, once again hopes to inspire folks to celebrate Mother Ocean and work to conserve her precious resources. The event, which opens Friday and runs through the weekend at the Cowell Theater in the Fort Mason Center, will feature submissions from around the world. Some of the more West Coast-centric entries include:

  • Cordell Bank: Blue Water Oasis — Check out what's lurking in the granite towers and reefs off Bodega Head.
  • The Farallon Islands: Past, Present and FutureEnjoy a virtual tour of the 'Galapagos of California'.
  • Attack of the Sea Slugs — It may be only six minutes long, but we have a feeling this is one not to miss!
  • The City of the Shark — Sure, San Francisco is known for a big red bridge and a notorious rock, but it's also home to some toothy critters.
  • Quest: Ugo Conti's Spider Boat — This is your chance to learn more about that spider-like contraption that was plying the Bay's waters a couple years ago.
  • Tomorrow's Baja — Find out how Baja is being loved to death.

Festival passes are just $60 for the entire schedule of short films (nearly 40 films in nine programs), or $10 per individual program. For the full schedule and ticket information, go to

- latitude / ld

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Fall Crew List Party

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Sea of Cortez Sailing Week

February 18, 2009 – La Paz, Caleta Partida, Isla San Francisco

Sailing Week Indeed!
A love of sailing is the #1 requirement to join in the Sea of Cortez Sailing Week. Photo Latitude / Nick
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

We've been getting lots of requests for further information on the Sea of Cortez Sailing Week For Cruisers. Here's the poop:

The event is for cruisers who really enjoy sailing, including some 'nothing serious' competition with friends in the spirit of the Baja Ha-Ha and the Banderas Bay Blast. If you don't understand the importance of bringing more to a potluck than you're going to eat and drink, think wearing a costume is silly, or don't like to laugh, this event is not for you.

Surfline Volleyball
The event's 'nothing serious' attitude doesn't always apply to beach volleyball. Photo Latitude / Nick
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

There will be a skipper and crew meeting at Rancho Viejo Restaurant in La Paz at 6 p.m. on the March 31, at which time all the instructions will be made available.

  • April 1 will be the sail from La Paz to Caleta Partida
  • April 2 will be a lay day at Caleta Partida
  • April 3 will be the sail up to Isla San Francisco
  • April 4 will be the sail back to Caleta Partida
  • April 5 will be a lay day at Caleta Partida
  • April 6 will be the sail back to La Paz and an Awards — ha, ha, ha — Dinner at Rancho Viejo.

Rather than being given a handicap, skippers will choose one of three divisions to sail in: 'Slow', 'Not So Slow', and 'Pretty Quick if I Do Say So Myself'. Everyone should take their own finish time, although we're not sure why, as all entries will receive a small plaque indicating they were 'First in Class'.

There will be no protests or whining, but there will be volleyball games and eco-friendly water balloon fights on the beach, great hiking and snorkeling, a potluck or two, a costume party on Profligate, a sunset cruise on Profligate, and you never know what else.

There is no entry fee, but any skipper hoping to get a 'First in Class' plaque is going to have to donate at least $25 to charity. Every cent of the donated money will go to a worthy organization selected by Mary Shroyer of Marina de La Paz. Souvenir T-shirts — last year's were pretty cool — will be $7.50, but only as long as they last.

It's a Party!
The number of entries is equal to the number of people who can fit aboard Profligate for a daysail and party - and that's a lot! Photo Latitude / Nick
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

We've been busy with other stuff, so we haven't been keeping a good list of folks who are planning to participate in Sea of Cortez Sailing Week, but we know the following boats are:

1) Talion, Gulfstar 50, Patsy Verhoeven, La Paz / Portland
2) Dreamseeker, Beneteau Oceanis 411, Tom Lilienthal and Karen Tenorio, San Francisco
3) Full Quiver, Beneteau First 40.5, Steve and Pam Lannen, San Francisco
4) Beach Access, Lagoon 380, Glenn Twitchell, Newport Beach
5) Bombay, Pearson 34, Oscar Berven, San Carlos, Mexico
6) Waveglider, Gemini 34, Barry Baird, San Carlos, Mexico
7) Escapade, Catana 52, Greg Dorland & Debbie McCrorie, Lake Tahoe
8) Capricorn Cat, Hughes 45, Wayne Hendryx and Carol Baggerly, Brisbane
9) Endless Summer, Corsair 41 cat, Steve May, Gualala
11) Cirque, Beneteau First 42S7, Louis Kruk and Laura Willerton, Hayward
12) Destiny, Catalina 42, John and Gilly Foy, Alameda/Punta Mita
13) Eupsychia, Cal 36, David Addleman and Heather Corsaro, Monterey
14) Serendipity, Peterson 44, Barritt Neal and Renee Blaul, San Diego
15) Catatude, Lagoon 42 cat, Tom Wurfl, San Diego
16) Profligate, Surfin' 63 cat, Doña de Mallorca, Punta Mita, Mexico

The lay days help make this a don't-miss affair. Photo Latitude / Nick
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

We're sure there are other boats out there we've forgotten. If yours is one of them, or if you really want to participate, please email both Richard and Patsy immediately to indicate your interest. Since the number of participants is going to be limited by the number of people who can fit aboard Profligate for potlucks, costume parties and sunset cruises, and we're already close to capacity, we're reluctantly going to have to cut off entries soon.

For those cruisers who aren't that interested in sailing, the fine folks at the Club Cruceros de La Paz will be holding their La Paz Bay Fest at about the same time.

By the way, many of the same boats that are competing in the Sea of Cortez Sailing Week will also be sailing in the Banderas Bay Regatta for Cruisers  based out of Paradise Marina, Banderas Bay, March 17-21. This is another 'nothing serious' event for cruisers. Visit for full details. We hope to see you there, too!

- latitude / rs

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Ad: Northern California YachtFest

February 18, 2009 – Marina Village, Alameda

© 2018 Yacht Fest /

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More News from a Busy Weekend

February 18, 2009 – Oceans of the World

Last weekend was a busy one in the sailing world. On Monday, we ran short summaries of the latest news news from the Vendée Globe and Louis Vuitton Pacific Series. Today we have quick reviews of the Leg Five start of the Volvo Ocean Race, the Puerto Vallarta Race and the latest Melges 24 win for Dave Ullman.

keel crack
A grounding and crack in the keel joint delayed Telefonica Blue's start in Leg Five of the Volvo. © 2018 Telefonica Blue / Volvo Ocean Race

Volvo Ocean Race — On Friday the 13th, five of the eight boats in the Volvo Ocean Race started Leg Five from Qingdao, China, to Rio. At 12,300 miles, this is the longest leg of any iteration of this race, going all the way back to its first running as the Whitbread Round the World Race in 1973. Puma led the fleet away from the starting line, but the real drama of this start took place way behind the lead boats. Telefónica Blue, winner of Legs Three and Four and second in overall points to leader Ericsson 4, went aground just minutes before the start. Skipper Bouwe Bekking suspended racing and returned to the dock. The boat was hauled out and inspection showed a chip out of the strut-keel joint. Choosing to be safe rather than sorry, Bekking elected to have the bulb removed for further inspection and repairs. Nineteen hours later, with a clean bill of health, they rejoined the race.

While the repair was in progress, and five hours after the start, Magnus Olsson’s Ericsson 3 arrived to finish an eventful Leg Four. Several days after the Leg Three start in Singapore, they experienced flooding forward and discovered delamination in the forward part of the boat. They stopped racing and pulled into Taiwan where the boat underwent a hurried but thorough repair. Said Magnus, “I think I’ve done 40 legs in the Whitbread or Volvo and I’ve never abandoned a leg. But this definitely feels like the best finish I’ve ever made.” He and the crew said quick hellos, then loaded up the boat with new gear, food, three new crew — and took off again. Total in-port time: about two hours.

Three boats did not start Leg Five. Delta Lloyd (ex-’05-06 winner ABN Amro One) and Telefonica Black both sustained damage that could not be repaired in time for the Leg Five start. They will be flown to Rio, repaired, and rejoin the race there. Team Russia got to Singapore and just ran out of money. They are bravely trying to scrape together enough to get the boat to Rio, but it’s unclear if this team will be able to continue the race.

Dare PV Race
The Beck 60 Dare was first to finish at PV this year. The sails in the background belong to the beautiful 1930 schooner Rose of Sharon, which also did the race. Rose won Leg Four, corrected out second overall and gave the newer boats a real run for the money all the way to the finish. © 2018 Rich Roberts

2009 Puerto Vallarta Race presented by Corum Swiss Timepieces — Fourteen boats took part in this four-leg run down the Baja and Mexican coasts. Sponsored by Del Rey Yacht Club, the 20th edition of this biennial race was markedly different from days past — instead of being nonstop, the 1,034-mile race was divided up into four legs. Just like another event near and dear to our hearts, the fleet stopped in Turtle Bay, Mag Bay and Cabo, with the finish of course at PV. The start was off Marina del Rey on January 31, with the first boat to finish being Bob Kettenhoffen’s 60-ft Dare just before midnight last Thursday. First place trophies in the four divisions — given out at the Awards ceremony Saturday night — went to: Spinnaker A — Carmagnole, Beneteau 45, Dan Howard, DRYC; Spinnaker B — Barking Spider, Catalina 36, David Kory, SBYRC; Non-Spinnaker A — Defiance, Swan 56, Peter Noonan, StFYC; and Non-Spinnaker B — G-Rated, Catalina 42-2, Sid Lampert, DRYC.

Another first for this race — perhaps for any race — was that the support boat . . . wasn’t a boat! When the planned escort powerboat had to cancel at the last minute, three guys jumped in Marty Fiegel’s ‘Winnebago 36’ and headed south on the ultimate road trip. They managed to meet and greet the fleet upon arrival at each of the four stops, including remote Bahia Santa Maria (where the fleet anchored north of Mag Bay)! Go here for more on the race, including complete results.

2009 St. Petersburg NOOD RegattaA pair of Californians put up some really good scores in the 45-boat Melges 24 class at the St. Petersburg NOOD last weekend. Newport Beach sailmaker Dave Ullman posted a bullet and three deuces to go with a third and a fifth to take the regatta by 12 points. Marina del Rey's Alan Field finished the regatta with a 6-1-5 to lock up third. Pre-race favorite and 2008 Rolex Yachtsman of the Year Terry Hutchinson came into the regatta on a hot streak but could only muster a sixth after starting the regatta with a pair of 15s. Full results are here.

- latitude / jr

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