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Smashing Kickoff for Ha-Ha XIV

October 29, 2007 – San Diego

Ha-Ha Party
(Click on the photo to enlarge it.)

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, the modern sailing family . . . Photo Latitude / JR
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Roughly 600 sailors gathered in San Diego for the annual Baja Ha-Ha Costume Kickoff Party which, by any measure, was a smash hit. Despite the fact that every boater who's about to go cruising has a to-do list a mile long, most found time to put together highly creative costumes. The festive atmosphere which resulted helped de-stress the crowd, most of whom had been working frantically to prepare for the
750-mile cruise to Cabo San Lucas.

Ha-Ha Party
How Superman really got his start: sailing south with his super family. Photo Latitude / JR
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Ha-Ha Party
Christian and Mary of Capricorn Cat enjoyed the great buffet. Photo Latitude / JR
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Due to complications brought on by the San Diego fires, the party venue was moved to the West Marine parking lot. Store employees, in addition to Cabrillo Isle Marina staff and various volunteers did a bang-up job of feeding and entertaining the troops who were all greatly appreciative.

Ha-Ha Party
Turns out Jack Sparrow (okay, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow) works for West Marine. Photo Latitude / JR
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Ha-Ha Party
For some reason, Flintstone imitators were in abundance this year. Photo Latitude / Andy
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Of the 178 registered entries, at least 155 are expected to be on the starting line this morning at 11 a.m. in boats ranging from 28 to 94 feet. First stop, Turtle Bay, 360 miles down the Baja Peninsula. Look for a report from there in Friday's 'Lectronic. Winds for the beginning of Leg One are expected to be ideal: 15-20 knots from astern!

Ha-Ha Party
Alan the Knife - Marina Village Harbormaster Alan Weaver, celebrating his ...uh...39th birthday, brought the house down with a stirring rendition of Mack the Knife. Photo Latitude / JR
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- latitude / at

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Latitude 38 Crew List

Classy Deadline the 15th

See the current magazine here

See the current magazine here.

Three Dead in Chicago J/35 Accident

October 29, 2007 – Chicago

Four crew aboard the Chicago-based J/35 Jason were on their way to the boatyard on last Wednesday to haul out for the winter when crewmember 38-year-old Alexander Childers fell overboard. A small craft advisory had been issued just hours before and the seas had built to 10 feet when the accident happened. Owner John Finn, 45, called a Mayday and tried to rescue his crew but the steep seas slammed the boat into a breakwater, destroying it in a matter of minutes. Rescuers were on the scene quickly but were unable to retrieve Childers, Finn, and Adam Kornen, 33, for about 45 minutes. Autopsies will be performed to determine if they died of hypothermia or from injuries from the wreck. The fourth crewmember, Joseph Sunshine, survived and was treated for hypothermia. All four were wearing PFDs.

- latitude / ld

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Ad: UK-Halsey

October 29, 2007 – Cyberspace

When is “starboard tack” not starboard tack? UK-Halsey’s latest online rules quiz covers some very aggressive sailing that recently took place in the J/109 fleet. To avoid getting bullied on the water or sea-lawyered in The Room, view this just-posted quiz (#23). It’s animated, it’s free, and it’s private (no embarrassment in front of crew, competitors or judges).

Free online animated rules quizzes make learning the rules easier than ever.
© 2018 UK-Halsey /

Take your time and study the more than 20 other quizzes on the site. Our effort to make you a better racer isn’t just in selling you our latest laminates - which, naturally, we’d like to tell you about: (800) 253-2002 rings your nearest UK-Halsey loft. Take the quizzes at What have you got to lose?

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The Great Pumpkin

October 29, 2007 – Richmond YC

Great Pumpkin
Even though the winds were less than thrilling this weekend, racers in the Great Pumpkin report a fantastic time. © 2018 Peter Lyons /

The winds were less than 'great' this weekend for Richmond YC's Great Pumpkin Regatta. Saturday's winds maxed-out at about 18 knots - and most of that came after the racing was over. The total lack of wind on Sunday forced the race committee to abandon the pursuit race around Angel Island and Alcatraz.

Great Pumpkin
If there was an award for best costumes, Desdemona's crew would get top honors. © 2018 Peter Lyons /

Regardless, the crew aboard the 256 participating boats had a 'great' time. The three races Saturday (save for the IOR division which had one long race) were short and fun, and many competitors remarked at the lightheartedness of the racing. "After a highly competitive racing season, it's refreshing to just have fun and not worry about results," said 1D35 racer Kevin Moon.

Great Pumpkin
There was just barely enough wind on Saturday to fill a spinnaker. © 2018 Peter Lyons /

While waiting for the wind to materialize on Sunday, many boats rafted together and socialized. The wind never came up but racers enjoyed bobbing around the Bay in the mild and sunny conditions. Most headed back to RYC for the awards party and continued to 'socialize' on the deck.

Party Boy
Bill Mastrangelo cozies up to his best Bud. Photo Latitude / Lindsay
© 2018 Latitude 38 Media, LLC

Though they weren't posted as of this morning, check for full results.

- latitude / lc

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Women's Circuit Wraps Up November 4

October 29, 2007 – San Francisco Bay

With just one race left, a queen of Latitude 38’s unofficial women’s circuit will be crowned soon. Whether you’ve done lots of women skipper events or are considering entering your first race, you’re encouraged to enter Island Yacht Club’s Jack & Jill + 1, to be sailed on the Estuary Saturday, November 4. Jill drives, Jack crews, and they get to bring along another crew of either sex.

Who's the Queen?
Could one of these lovely ladies be crowned the next Queen? © 2018 Cheryl Lincoln

For more info go to and scroll down. You can enter right up until race day morning at 11:30, when the skippers’ meeting will be held at the clubhouse in the Alameda Marina. The race is followed by a chili cook-off, and you’re welcome to compete in that too.

- latitude / cw

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Classy Classifieds Page Temporarily Down

October 29, 2007 – Mill Valley

If you've been having trouble submitting a Classy Classified ad via our website in the last couple days, you're not alone. That page is temporarily down and our techies are working feverishly to get it back up by Wednesday (but hopefully sooner). The deadline for the December issue of Latitude 38 is November 18, so you'll still have plenty of time to get your ad in. We know it's a bit of a pain but just keep checking back until the page is up.

- latitude / ld

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