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September 30
Wayback Wednesday
Sailboat Grounded, Skipper Busted
Ad: Scanmar International
Racing Round-Up
September 30 2015 Lectronic
September 28
Seeing an Old Friend
A Salute to Unsung Heroes
Ad: San Francisco Sailing Company
October Racing Preview
September 28 2015 Lectronic
September 25
Just a Month to Go to the Start of the Baja Ha-Ha
Stay Gold Sails Again
2016 Racing Is Just Around the Corner
Cuba Here We Come
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
September 25 2015 Lectronic
September 23
Mini Transat Update & More
More on Philippine Kidnappings
Ad: Free Quote from BoatU.S.
Youth Program Receives Grant
September 23 2015 Lectronic
September 22
SPECIAL REPORT: Yachties Abducted from Ocean View Resort Marina
September 22 2015 Lectronic
September 21
Faces in the Crowd at RBBS
Keeping Current with the Times
Ad: KKMI Bottom Painting Packages
Not Your Typical Boat Rental
September 21 2015 Lectronic
September 18
Rolex Big Boat Series Underway
Not Your Ordinary Ta-Ta
Ad: Modern Sailing School
Momentum Building for Super 12s
Hear Sally-Christine's Voyaging Tales
September 18 2015 Lectronic
September 16
Chuan's NE Passage Triumph Is Bittersweet
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: PredictWind
Golden Rule Visits Bay Area
September 16 2015 Lectronic
September 14
A Great Ta-Ta Welcome from Santa Barbara
MOD70 Capsizes in Indian Ocean
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Alaska Racers Challenge Ellison
September 14 2015 Lectronic
September 11
Wild Oats Chopped; LC2 Rebranded
Another Powerboat Death at Catalina
Ad: San Francisco Sailing Company
AC 34's Foiling Legacy
Baja Ha-Ha Deadline Nears
September 11 2015 Lectronic
September 9
Two Killed In Dinghy Collision Near Avalon
Young Hands on the Tiller
Ad: American Marine Training Centers
Clipper Race Fatality
September  9 2015 Lectronic
September 8
SPECIAL REPORT: The Passing of Philo Hayward
September  8 2015 Lectronic
September 4
How Some .0001-Percenters Race
Free Event at Fort Mason
Sign Up for Baja Ha-Ha XXII
Sailors to the Rescue
Just For Fun
September  4 2015 Lectronic
September 2
Hundreds of Charterboats All in a Row
Tenth Clipper Race Begins
Latitude 38 Mexico-Only Crew Party
Did You Get Yours Yet?
September  2 2015 Lectronic

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