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September 28
Sailgating at a Giants Game
Norman Heads North into the Sea
Ad: SailTime's New Hunter 39
Racing Preview
Wild, Wild Lake County
September 28 2012 Lectronic
September 26
Change Is in the Air
Quake Rattles La Paz
Ad: Attention, Ha-Ha and Mexico Skippers
Racing Round-Up
Boatrides and Barbecues
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
September 26 2012 Lectronic
September 24
Happy Birthday Yucca!
Circumnavigate in a Moore 24?
Ad: Buccaneer Days Oct. 4-7
The Rocketeer Saves Three Sailors
Open 5.70 North Americans
September 24 2012 Lectronic
September 21
Latitude's Mailbag
Is It Hard to Rebuild a Marine Diesel?
Ad: Solar Panel Clearance
Stop By SailFest on Sunday
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
September 21 2012 Lectronic
September 19
Washingtonians Dominate at Artemis Event
Racing Round-Up
Ad: SailFest at Modern Sailing
Ha-Ha Entry Deadline Extended
September 19 2012 Lectronic
September 17
Ta-Ta One - Reggae Pon da Ocean
A Truly Bodacious Waterslide
Ad: Bottom Painting at KKMI Pt. Richmond
Peaceful Northwest Cruising - Usually
September 17 2012 Lectronic
September 14
San Francisco Sunset Spectacular
Racing Preview
Ad: Sail Saves Boat from Whale
Coastal Cleanup Day Tomorrow
Ta-Ta Update
September 14 2012 Lectronic
September 12
SoCal Ta-Ta, Day Three
Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Sailrite, Your Source for DIY Repair
The Electro-Diesel Mystery
Scott's Ship Found
September 12 2012 Lectronic
September 10
SoCal Ta-Ta Takes Off
Sweeter Deal for Marine Sanctuary
Bela Bartok Recovery Talk
Dad Arrested, Kids Home, Boat Returned
September 10 2012 Lectronic
September 7
Rolex Big Boat Series in High Gear
'Unleashed' Being Tracked by USCG
Ad: Regatta Racing with Sunsail
Near Miss?
Reggae 'Pon da Ocean Begins Sunday
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
September  7 2012 Lectronic
September 6
SPECIAL EDITION: Possible Child Abduction on 'Unleashed'
September  6 2012 Lectronic
September 5
l'Hydroptere Sets Bay Record
Boat Stolen from Ballena Isle
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Big Boat Series Revs Up
Mexico-Only Crew List Party Tonight
Red Sky at Morning, Sailors Take Warning
Ad: Sale Boat of Day
September  5 2012 Lectronic

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