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September 30
Going for Broke
Latitudes in the Wild
Ad: W.D. Schock - Harbor 30
Weekend Racing Preview
Thinking About Mexico
September 30 2011 Lectronic
September 28
Different Waters of the World
Minis Prepare to head South
Ad: The Adventure of a Lifetime
Who's Who at Latitude?
September 28 2011 Lectronic
September 26
A Prime Benefit for Expats
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Ad: Will the Cup Runneth Us Over?
Stormpulse Tracks Hurricanes
Mexico on Sale for Cruisers?
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
September 26 2011 Lectronic
September 23
Acrobat Update
Eight Bells for Rudy Choy
Ad: Ullman Sails Offshore Sailing Seminar
We Say, "The More the Merrier"
Emma Gets Ready to Send It
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
September 23 2011 Lectronic
September 21
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Cosco Busan Settlement Largest Ever
Ad: Catalina Island's Two Harbors
Armed Guards on Cruising Boats?
September 21 2011 Lectronic
September 19
Here Comes the Sun. . .
ACWS Plymouth Wraps-up
Ad: Need a Haulout Before the Ha-Ha?
Armed Guards on FUBAR Boats?
Five Ha-Ha Boats from One Club
September 19 2011 Lectronic
September 16
Danish Hostages Freed by Ransom
Last Boat Show of the Year
Ad: Need a Haulout Before the Ha-Ha?
The Basics for Clearing into Mexico
September 17 is Passport Day
September 16 2011 Lectronic
September 14
Sailing Acrobats to Visit the Bay
Talk and Heal Like a Pirate
Ad: Outboard Engine Skate
Weekend Racing Preview
Ka-Em-Te Makes it to Hawaii
September 14 2011 Lectronic
September 12
Rolex Big Boat Series Jams
Another Cruiser Death in Gulf of Aden
Ad: Will the Cup Runneth Us Over?
Prime Cruising Time in Southern California
Boat Work is a Family Affair
September 12 2011 Lectronic
September 9
Rolex Big Boat Series Begins With a Bang
Baja Ha-Ha Rally Entries Surge
Ad: Catalina Island's Two Harbors
Labor Day Fun
September  9 2011 Lectronic
September 7
Crew List Party Tonight!
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Ad: Northstar Risk Management
The Ha-Ha and Hurricanes
September  7 2011 Lectronic
September 2
Did Profligate Leave a "Closed Port?"
Labor Weekend Reading
Ad: Tidetech San Francisco
A Roundabout Route to Mexico
September  2 2011 Lectronic
September 1
SPECIAL EDITION: Windjammers Cancelled
September  1 2011 Lectronic

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