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September 30
Tsunami Devastates American Samoa
Who Needs a Hot Tub?
Ad: Second Annual SailFest
Online Puddle Jump Rally Sign-Up
City Yachts' Boat of the Day: Hylas 42
September 30 2009 Lectronic
September 28
A Gathering of Geometric Proportions
Watson Undeterred by Official Warning
Ad: Second Annual SailFest
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Calling All Pirates
September 28 2009 Lectronic
September 25
Who's Your Buddy(boat)?
That's My Final Answer
Ad: Second Annual SailFest
Surveyor Needed in Mazatlan
Meet a Movie Star at TYC
September 25 2009 Lectronic
September 23
Sunset Quiz
$630K and Counting
Ad: Ullman Racing Sail Dealer in Sausalito
After 89 Years, Still Going Strong
Health Insurance in Mexico
September 23 2009 Lectronic
September 21
Cruisers Save the Day - and a Finger
Windsurfer Found Dead Outside Bay
Weekend Wrap-up
Health Insurance in Mexico
September 21 2009 Lectronic
September 18
Staggering Response to Autopilot Problem
First Solo TransPac Seminar
Ad: Farallon Electronics
Hot Weather, Hot Deals at Oakland Show
September 18 2009 Lectronic
September 16
'Eros' on Display Today at St. Francis
Boat Electronics Quiz
Ad: Handloggers Sail-Away Sale
Quake Anniversary in October
Vote for John Craig
September 16 2009 Lectronic
September 14
Name That Boat Wreckage
Rolex Big Boat Series
Ad: Upcoming Seminars at KKMI
Freak Squalls Lash Papeete
Driving Taxpayers to Drink Cheap Rum
September 14 2009 Lectronic
September 11
Rolex Big Boat Series Kicks Off
John Guzzwell Day
Ad: Leukemia Cup Regatta
In the Wake of Jimena
Biggest Ha-Ha Entry List Ever
September 11 2009 Lectronic
September 9
Weekend Racing Pre-Wrap
The Aftermath of Jimena's Wrath
Ad: Northstar Risk Management & Insurance
Drama in Teen Sailing
Mexico-Only Crew List Party Tonight
September  9 2009 Lectronic
September 4
Jimena Devastates South-Central Baja
18-Footers Take Bridge to Bridge
Ad: Lake Union Boats Afloat Show
Ha-Ha Deadline & Crew List Party
Forget Driving, Go Sailing!
September  4 2009 Lectronic
September 2
Winning Winning in 18-Footers
Jimena Does Little Damage
Ad: West Marine Inflatable PFDs
Celebrated Circumnavigator Joins Ha-Ha
Unseasonal Rain
September  2 2009 Lectronic

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