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September 28
Bertarelli to Speak at St. Francis YC
Speaking of Ellison . . .
Stylin' in Latitude Gear
Head (South)West Young Man
Mexico Cruisers Heading South
September 28 2007 Lectronic
September 26
Folding Boat - and We Do Mean Folding
Leukemia Cup - Sail for a Cure!
Ad: Congrats to Kim & Bill
Sailing with Kids? Not So Tough
The Un-Northern California Sailing Look
September 26 2007 Lectronic
September 24
Marina Riviera Nayarit
Speaking Of Aussie Girls . . .
NorCal Women's Sailing Seminar
RYC Totally Dinghy - Totally Dude!
September 24 2007 Lectronic
September 21
The Tale of Two MaxZ86s
Got Crew? Ha-Ha-ers Gather October 3
Latitude 38 T-Shirts and More
Looking for Some Weekend Fun?
The Pacific Puddle Jump Diet Plan
Call for Volunteer Bottoms
September 21 2007 Lectronic
September 19
Where There's A Will, There's A Way
Jessica Cup Dates Changed
Saving The Turtle Eggs
Shooting Fish - And Photos
Google Earth is More Detailed Than Ever
International Talk Like A Pirate Day!
September 19 2007 Lectronic
September 17
Rolex Big Boat Series Special Edition Samba Pa Ti
September 14
Big Boats Meet Little Wind
Santa Cruz Chosen for Clipper Race
Ad: Be Green with Solar Panels
How's the Weather?
The Tall Ships are Coming!
Who Gets the Prize?
Photo of the Day
September 12
Photo of the Day
Go Cal!
LB To Cabo Fleet Shaping Up
Northwest Passage Under Sail
Crowhurst Film Airs in Bay Area
Hard Deadline Approaching
Photo of the Day
September 10
Photo of the Day
Search for Steve Continues
Hurricane Update
A Trio at Tiburon
A Special Visit for Special Visitors
There Is No Cold Beer
Photo of the Day
September 7
Henriette Grazes San Carlos
Steve Fossett Still Missing
Latitude Gear for Sale
Cloud Nine Does the NW Passage
Lovin' Labor Day Livin'
Honcho & Poobah Squabble
Photo of the Day
September 5

Mystery Photo of the Day
Steve Fossett Missing
Ad: Help Wanted at Glacier Bay
Hurricane Henriette Blasts Cabo
Ha-Ha Deadline Looming

Photo of the Day

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