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October 31
Huge Baja Ha-Ha Fleet Heads South
No, What Are YOU Doing Up at 3 a.m.?
Ad: Great Deals at KKMI
Midwinter Racing Preview
Happy Halloween!
October 31 2016 Lectronic
October 28
Guo Chuan Racing not Giving Up
Mexicans Rock TIP Cancelation Process
Ad: Call of the Sea
Socrates Aborts Circumnavigation
Great Pumpkin Preview
October 28 2016 Lectronic
October 26
Chinese Singlehander Missing
We Love the Pre-Ha-Ha Days
Ad: 2017 Ultimate Sailing Calendar
International Masters Regatta
October 26 2016 Lectronic
October 24
Ha-Ha News: Kids, Fuel & Late Entries
Keep a Lookout for Migrating Whales
YRA Ad Deadline Approaching
StFYC to Host Hall of Fame Induction
October 24 2016 Lectronic
October 21
Blustery Joan Storer Regatta
What Is with the Southerly Winds?
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Best Solution for Canceling Old TIPs
October 21 2016 Lectronic
October 19
The Northwest Fountain of Youth
The Straight Poop on Pumpouts
Ad: Precision 9 at Farallon Electronics
Express 27s Take Berkeley by Storm
October 19 2016 Lectronic
October 17
Change of the Watch at Latitude 38
Three Sailors Rescued from Boat Fire
Ad: Modern Sailing School & Club
Great News on Temporary Import Permits
October 17 2016 Lectronic
October 14
Merlin's New Keel Tastes Saltwater
Great Weather on the Way
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Women Who Sail Meet Up
Classified Deadline Saturday, 5PM
October 14 2016 Lectronic
October 12
S.F. to Shanghai Record Attempt
A Study in Contrasts
Ad: Peace of Mind with BoatU.S.
Yacht Club Culture
October 12 2016 Lectronic
October 10
Capsize and Rescue During Fleet Week
Getting Depressed
Ad: Get 30% off Propspeed at KKMI
No Freebies at Morro Bay YC
October 10 2016 Lectronic
October 7
Hurricane Matthew Takes Its Toll
Pacific Cruiser Murder Saga
Ad: Satellite Phone Store
Flashgirl Lives!
Here Come the Blue Angels
October  7 2016 Lectronic
October 5
Hurricane Matthew Gunning for Florida
Short on Cash but Long on Need?
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Golden Globe Race Update
October  5 2016 Lectronic
October 3
Distant Drum Destroyed in Fire
Welcome to Fleet Week
Ad: Satellite Phone Store
Summery J/70 Worlds
October  3 2016 Lectronic

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