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October 30
Latitude's Secret HQ?
Baja Ha-Ha Update
Made You Look
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
October 30 2013 Lectronic
October 28
Baja Ha-Ha XX Sets Sail
Jeanne Socrates to Speak at TYC
A Warm Welcome for Gloria
Losing Faith in Long-Range Forecasters?
October 28 2013 Lectronic
October 25
Coville Ready and Waiting
Bye Bye to Paper Charts
Visit the Magnificent Gloria
Halloween Edition Race Preview
October 25 2013 Lectronic
October 23
Weekend Racing Round-Up
Tanit Pirates Sentenced
Latitude 38 Online or Offline
Road Trip to La Paz
October 23 2013 Lectronic
October 21
Keel Laid for New SF Bay Tallship
USA-71 to Be Recycled
Ad: Finish Painting at KKMI
Just a Week to the Start of Baja Ha-Ha XX
October 21 2013 Lectronic
October 18
Mexican Immigration Looks Good for Ha-Ha
Sacto Boat Thieves Caught
In Search of C:Drive
Weekend Racing Preview
October 18 2013 Lectronic
October 16
Fishy Goings-On at Catalina
Simpson's Autopsy Report Released
New Hope in Nina Disappearance
Weekend Racing Round-Up
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
October 16 2013 Lectronic
October 14
Fire Aboard: Cruisers' Worst Nightmare
Is This the America's Cup Trickle-Down?
Classy Classified Deadline Tomorrow
Almost Time to Get Your Ha-Ha's Out
October 14 2013 Lectronic
October 11
JP Dick Capsizes MOD 70
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: SOS Dan Buoy
Fall Cruising Seminars
October 11 2013 Lectronic
October 9
50th San Diego to Ensenada Race
Blue Marble Crew's Bittersweet Goodbye
Ad: Pacific Offshore Academy
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
October  9 2013 Lectronic
October 7
Cruisers Converge on Vava'u
Hawaii Race Seminars
Latitude 38 Delivered to Your Desktop
Impressionists on the Water
October  7 2013 Lectronic
October 4
A Folkboat Frenzy
Remember the Doo!
Ad: BoatFest at Marina Village
Weekend Racing Preview
Russian Crazy Craft
October  4 2013 Lectronic
October 2
Good News About Baja Ha-Ha Paperwork
San Diego to Hawaii Buddyboat Wanted
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
October  2 2013 Lectronic

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