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October 31
Aegean Final Report: "Inadequate Lookout"
Smashing Great Pumpkin
Afraid of Missing 'Lectronic?
Ha-Ha Fleet Approaching Turtle Bay
Spaghetti Patch
October 31 2012 Lectronic
October 29
Mexico, Here They Come!
Bounty Sinks off Cape Hatteras
Ad: Top 10 Winter Tips from KKMI
Liz Clark Breaks Her Neck
October 29 2012 Lectronic
October 26
Paul Put Seasilk Aground at Mag Bay
Boeing 777 Rescues Sailboat
Gear Up for the Holidays
This Weekend and Beyond
October 26 2012 Lectronic
October 24
Jeanne Socrates Does It Again
An Unusual Hitchhiker
Be a Hero to Cruising Friends
Racing Wrap-Up
The Times They Are A-Changing
October 24 2012 Lectronic
October 22
Webb Chiles Sneak Peek
Heavy Air SF Sailors Win Light Air J/105s
Latitude 38 Online or Offline
Casting Call
Ha-Ha Weather Looking Warm and Moony
October 22 2012 Lectronic
October 19
Good News for the Ha-Ha
Mustang HIT Safety Alert
Ad: Just Arrived ~ Newick 50
Taking Stock of AC World Series Success
Weekend Preview
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
October 19 2012 Lectronic
October 17
Oops! AC72 Down
A Modest Proposal
Ad: Full-Time Harbormaster
Racing Round-Up
The Div Bar Welcomes Cruisers
October 17 2012 Lectronic
October 15
Happy Birthday Mirene
Outrages Against Sensibilities
Ad: Seaworthy Goods
Planning Meetings and Sail Seminars
Time and Weather
October 15 2012 Lectronic
October 12
"Conduct Unbecoming a Member of St. Francis YC"
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: Intrepid Landing & Driscoll's Boat Yard
To Go Into the Sea or Not?
Ad: Northern California Boat Fest
October 12 2012 Lectronic
October 10
What Would You Have Done?
Who Will be Crowned Sailors of the Year?
Ad: SailTime's New Hunter 39
Boat Fest Starts Tomorrow
Update on Immigration Policy for Mexico
October 10 2012 Lectronic
October 8
Oracle Team USA Dominates on Home Turf
Race, Dress Up, Party and Shop
Ad: Half-Off Haulouts at KKMI
Strangers in a Strange Land
Sometimes You're Just Lucky
October  8 2012 Lectronic
October 5
America's Cup World Series Shares the Stage
Southbound Cruisers Alert
Ad: Sailrite, Your Source for DIY Repair
Racing Preview
Legends of Sailing at Southwestern YC
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
October  5 2012 Lectronic
October 3
Ready to Rumble - AC Action Begins Today
Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
First-Time Cruiser Preparations
Spectra vs. Stainless Steel
October  3 2012 Lectronic
October 1
Busiest Week of the Year
Not Just a Snacktician
Westsail Love
Where in the World?
October  1 2012 Lectronic

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