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October 30
Weather Breaks for Ha-Ha
Tanker Spills Fuel
Don't Pass Up Ensenada
Where's the Beef?
The New Latitude is a Treat
October 30 2009 Lectronic
October 29
SPECIAL REPORT: J/World Sinks on Ha-Ha
Ad: Online Captain's License
October 29 2009 Lectronic
October 28
The Ha-Ha Gets Ink
Pirates Capture Cruising Yacht
Ad: Get Your Captain's License
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Create a Delivery Day Event
October 28 2009 Lectronic
October 26
Sweet Sixteen Ha-Ha Sets Sail
Great Pumpkin Regatta
Get Your Colors Done
Spooky SailMail Seminar on Saturday
BMW Oracle to Get Wing Rig?
October 26 2009 Lectronic
October 23
Rick Huffs and Puffs
Miscarriage of Justice Forces Sale
Ad: Ullman Sails - Fall Sale
Ruyant Wins Mini TransAt
Latitude Needs Your Help
October 23 2009 Lectronic
October 21
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Hang On Mazatlan
Ad: Get Your Captain's License
Ha-Ha Heroes Urgently Needed
Sale Boat of the Day
October 21 2009 Lectronic
October 19
Ky-Mani Lost at Banderas Bay Surf Spot
The Latest on Rick
Special Report: Late Season Hurricanes Along the Pacific Coast of Mexico
October 19 2009 Lectronic
October 16
Hurricane Rick To Threaten Baja?
Overdue Bay Sailor Safe
Ad: Get Your Captain's License
EPIRB Saves Cruiser and Dog
Electrical Seminar at KKMI
October 16 2009 Lectronic
October 14
Surviving the Storm
Deliver School Supplies to Baja
Ad: Need a Haulout Before the Ha-Ha?
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Surfers & Cruisers Lend a Hand
October 14 2009 Lectronic
October 12
Fleet Week Draws the Crowds
Tragedy in Australia
Ad: Need a Haulout Before the Ha-Ha?
Batten Down the Hatches
Mexican Navy to Shepherd Sailors
October 12 2009 Lectronic
October 9
More Photos of Geja's Summer Cruise
Relief Efforts on Niuatoputapu
Ad: Bay Marine Boatworks
It's Time for Fleet Week
Vote For John Craig
October  9 2009 Lectronic
October 7
Mainly for Sale
Women's Sailing Seminar This Weekend
Ad: Northstar Risk Management
Cruise Wreck Weekend in Fiji
Saving the Bay
Ad: Need a Haulout Before the Ha-Ha?
October  7 2009 Lectronic
October 5
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Tsunami Update
Ad: Peter Lyons Photography
Are Pot, Coke and LSD Legal in Mexico?
Bruce Schwab Sells OceanPlanet
Ad: Need a Haulout Before the Ha-Ha?
October  5 2009 Lectronic
October 2
Reports from the South Pacific
Tropical Storm Olaf to Hit Baja
Ad: Second Annual SailFest is Tomorrow!
Looking for Damien and Deborah
Let the Reading Begin
October  2 2009 Lectronic

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