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October 31
Fireboat Tiburon Christened Saturday
Bottom Paint Study Begins
Latitude 38 Hits the Streets Tomorrow
Two Circumnavigators Check In
Why Did the Sea Lion Cross the Road?
October 31 2007 Lectronic
October 29
Smashing Kickoff for Ha-Ha XIV
Three Dead in Chicago J/35 Accident
Ad: UK-Halsey
The Great Pumpkin
Women's Circuit Wraps Up November 4
Classy Classifieds Page Temporarily Down
October 29 2007 Lectronic
October 26
I Paid How Much per Hour for This Work?
Coasties Rescue Two from Passing Wind II
Ad: Brisbane Marina Festival
Ha-Ha Update
Pindar Open 60 Dismasted
Net Times to Note
October 26 2007 Lectronic
October 24
What the . . . ?
Sailing in Santa Anas
Ad: Delphia Open House
Hell Freezes Over
Is There More Crime in La Paz?
Ha-Ha Changes Due to Fires in San Diego
October 24 2007 Lectronic
October 22
Photo of the Day: Grace Quan
Class Acts at the Jessica Cup
Ad: Brisbane Marina Festival
Spithill and Coutts Racing on the Bay
Strong Winds Off Northern Coast of Baja
New Yacht Basin at Ala Wai Yacht Harbor
October 22 2007 Lectronic
October 19
Be a Ha-Ha Hero
Jessica Cup this Weekend
Where are the Vacant Berths in Mexico?
Female Speed Sailing World Record
Mini Transat
Free Pelican Rides
October 19 2007 Lectronic
October 17
Mexico-Bound Cruisers Descend on San Diego
Hawaiian Chieftain Towed into Tillamook
Ad: Gobble Up the Savings
Here Come the Sailing Judges
Swell Surf for Liz
Red Wine & Rubber Boots
Where to Go in Mexico
October 17 2007 Lectronic
October 15
Master of the Masters
Cayard Back in the America's Cup with Spain
Lord Jim's Unplanned Refit
First Singlehanded TransPac Seminar
Just the Ha-Ha Facts, Thank You
October 15 2007 Lectronic
October 12
Cruising on $5 to $10 a Day?
Aquarius 21 'Grace' Overdue from Hawaii
Record Tally for Leukemia Cup
Bird Boats Birthday Party Tomorrow
The Tall Ships are Coming
October 12 2007 Lectronic
October 10
Photos of the Day: Fleet Week
New Marina in Apia is Good News for Cruisers
Ken-Ichi Horie - The Wind-Up and the Pitch
Baja-Bound Boater Update
Anyone Want My Latitude Collection?
October 10 2007 Lectronic
October 8
Bucaneer's Day
Bertarelli Pitches Changes to America's Cup
Deleon Sentenced to Life Times Two
Fleet Week Festivities
49 Days Across the North Pacific
October  8 2007 Lectronic
October 5
A Little Lube'll Do Ya
Notorious Palmyra Murderer Freed
It is Glenn Tieman's New Catamaran
One of the Biggest Sailboat Sales Ever
Making Connections for Mexico Cruising
A Free Mooring In The Ha-Ha Spirit
October  5 2007 Lectronic
October 3
World Cruising Cat?
Crew Schmooze Tonight at Encinal YC
Nobletec for Mac Addicts
U.S. Olympic/Paralympic Trials
Passports Now Required
October  3 2007 Lectronic
October 1
October Issue of Latitude Hits Streets
Skippers/Crews to Mingle at Encinal YC
Ad: A Sailing Vacation in the Sun
Understandable Fears: Safety In Mexico
A Win-Win for the Ladies
Buccaneer Day This Saturday
October  1 2007 Lectronic

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