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November 29
Wanna Teach Sailing?
40 Years of Mischief, Part 2
Ad: H&M Marine Clearance Sale
December Racing Preview
International Racing Update
Clipper Race News
November 29 2017 Lectronic
November 27
East Bay Teen Wins Formula Kite Worlds
Thanksgiving on the Bay
Ad: Farallon Electronics Upgrade
The Best Holidays Are on Boats
Latitude Logowear for the Holidays
November 27 2017 Lectronic
November 22
Racing for Duckies not Turkeys
Pacific Puddle Jump Sign-ups Begin
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Lighting Up for the Holidays
A First(ish) Glimpse at the AC Monohulls
November 22 2017 Lectronic
November 20
Crewmember Drowns in Clipper Race
Sailing Shelter Island
Ad: Modern Sailing School & Club
40 Years of Mischief, Part 1
Latitude Logowear for the Holidays
November 20 2017 Lectronic
November 17
When the Mood Strikes
Sailing and Dredging in Santa Cruz
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Soldini and 'Maserati' Try for a Record
ARC+ Rally Departs
November 17 2017 Lectronic
November 15
Caption Contest!
Gabart's Insane 24-Hour Record
Classy Classified Deadline Today
College Life on the Water
Are You Watching the Volvo Ocean Race?
November 15 2017 Lectronic
November 13
Baja Ha-Ha 24 Sealed With a Kiss
Watch Out for Dead Heads
Ad: Hot Deals at KKMI
Atlantic Ocean Absolutely Going Off
The Science Behind Sailboat Performance
Ad: Farallon Electronics Upgrade
November 13 2017 Lectronic
November 10
Baja Ha-Ha Wrap Up
Waterfront Threats and Opportunities
Ad: H&M Marine Inventory Clearance
Singlehanded TransPac Seminars
Get Holiday Cash with a Classy Ad
November 10 2017 Lectronic
November 8
Reader Submission: Daysail on the Bay
Racing for Personal Best
Ad: Svendsen's - Puff the Magic Siphon
'Latitude' Movie Club: 'Cast Away'?
Clagett Boat Grant Taking Applications
November  8 2017 Lectronic
November 6
Two Sides to Waterfront Development
Ad: Modern Sailing School & Club
Fast Times on the Atlantic Ocean
Call-Out for Lighted Boat Parades
YRA Calendar Ad Deadline Today
November  6 2017 Lectronic
November 3
Baja Ha-Ha Sails South
Baja Ha-Ha Leg 1 Report
Ad: H&M Marine Inventory Clearance
Volvo Race Leg 2 Starts Sunday
Grounding in Clipper Race
Sailing California Coast in the '70s, Pt. 2
Reader Submissions: Ice Ice, Baby
YRA Calendar Ad Deadline Nov. 6
November  3 2017 Lectronic
November 1
Hard Aground Near and Far
The Figure 8 Voyage Is Underway
November Latitude Hits the Docks
What Really Happened to Sea Nymph?
Great Pumpkin Trivia Contest Solved
November  1 2017 Lectronic

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