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November 30
Avoid the Baja Ha-Ha
Offshore Racing Update
Ad: Congrats from Farallon Electronics
Lighted Boats Parade into the Holidays
November 30 2016 Lectronic
November 28
A Splash and a Blast
Family Rescued from Sinking ARC Boat
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Jeanne Socrates Heads to San Diego
November 28 2016 Lectronic
November 23
Is This Cool or What?
Otto Is Late and South but Coming
Ad: OYC Lighted Yacht Parade
A Glimpse at November's Midwinters
November 23 2016 Lectronic
November 21
Radical Offshore Racing Update
Land Rover BAR Tops AC World Series
Ad: Great deals at KKMI
Getting to the Tropics
November 21 2016 Lectronic
November 18
Pacific Puddle Jump Signups Begin
Broken Tether Gives Clues to Mystery
America's Cup World Series Preview
November 18 2016 Lectronic
November 16
Reenacting a Cult Classic
Solo TransPac Cruise-In
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Queen of the Women's Circuit
November 16 2016 Lectronic
November 14
Potter-Yachters Stop Traffic
20 for 20 for Ol' 63
Classy Classifieds Deadline Tomorrow
The Latest Life on the Water Premiere
November 14 2016 Lectronic
November 9
Coville Flying Fast Below the Radar
Two Hulls, Two Big Mahi
Ad: Urgent Kickstarter Deadline Friday
German Cruiser Kidnapped Again
November  9 2016 Lectronic
November 7
Vendée Globe Off and Running
Champagne and Sashimi Sailing
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Effort to Recover Qingdao China
November  7 2016 Lectronic
November 4
The Race for Glory Begins
Summerwind Aground in Baja Ha-Ha
YRA Ad Deadline Approaching
Flashgirl's Homecoming
November  4 2016 Lectronic
November 2
Ideal Conditions for Ha-Ha Leg One
Cruising When You Were Young
November Latitude Hits the Docks
Welcome to La Paz!
November  2 2016 Lectronic

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