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November 27
Once More, Dear Friends
Jack van Ommen Update
Ad: Mermaid Sails the Bay
Rambler Returns as Perpetual Loyal
Small Business Saturday
November 27 2013 Lectronic
November 25
2014 Puddle Jump Registration Opens
Mid Ocean Assist
Dehumidifiers Recalled for Fire Hazard
It's All About the Tropic of Taurus
November 25 2013 Lectronic
November 22
MACIF Dismasts in TJV
Kyle Miller Dies in Tragic Accident
C:Drive Found Adrift
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: Sale Boats of the Day
November 22 2013 Lectronic
November 20
An Inspirational Sailor Loses His Boat
Express 27 Sailor Rescued on Saturday
Holiday Shopping in Our Chandlery
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Transat Jacques Vabre Update
November 20 2013 Lectronic
November 18
Clipper Racers Face Another Onslaught
Ha-Ha Sailors Need to Check Their Visas
Ad: Modern Sailing School
Ben & Pippa Sittin' in a Tree...
November 18 2013 Lectronic
November 15
Latitude 38 Photo Contest
Jimmy & Shannon Bound for the BVI
Classy Deadline Today
The World's Most Valuable Free Boat Ad?
Weekend Racing Preview
November 15 2013 Lectronic
November 13
Check Your Power Cords, Folks!
Atlantic Spankings
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Some Good News Out of the Philippines
November 13 2013 Lectronic
November 11
From Here to Eternity, Take 20
Hospital Cove Corrected
Ad: Bottom Painting Packages at KKMI
Locals in International Photo Contest
Ad: Sale Boats of the Day
November 11 2013 Lectronic
November 8
Is the 20th the Best Ha-Ha?
High Winds Batter Clipper Race
Holiday Shopping in Our Chandlery
Where There's Smoke...
Weekend Racing Preview
November  8 2013 Lectronic
November 6
Half Moon Bay Anchoring Fee?
Importing Pets to Kiwiland
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Foul Weather Hampers Atlantic Races
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
November  6 2013 Lectronic
November 4
Last Call for Boats at Nelson's Marine
The Reviews Are In
Need Cash for the Holidays?
Lennon Sails on BBC Tonight
November  4 2013 Lectronic
November 1
Ha-Ha Fleet Hits a Home Run
November Latitude Heads Your Way
Weekend Racing Preview
Transat Jacques Vabre Preview
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
November  1 2013 Lectronic

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