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November 30
Lighted Boat Parade Schedule
December Latitude is Out Today
Ad: Donate-A-Boat Program
La Buena Vida in Mexico
November 30 2012 Lectronic
November 28
Eight Bells for Chris Corlett
27th ARC Rally Sails From the Canaries
Ad: Holiday Gifts
World Sailing Speed Record Smashed
The Mysterious Disappearing Island
November 28 2012 Lectronic
November 26
Vendée Globe Loses Riou
What Are Your Sailing Resolutions?
Ad: The Perfect Holiday Gift
Doing Good While Cruising
November 26 2012 Lectronic
November 21
Vendée Drop-Outs & Drama
Hoisting Your Dinghy No Longer Enough?
Ad: Sail with Sunsail
Kiribati Requiring U.S. Clearance Papers
Happy Thanksgiving!
November 21 2012 Lectronic
November 19
What Happened to Argonaut?
Artemis' Big Cat Tests Bay Waters
Ad: KKMI for Winter Projects
A Petition For Justice
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
November 19 2012 Lectronic
November 16
Vendée Globe Down to 16
Boatload of Coke & a Mid-Ocean Rescue
Classy Deadline This Sunday
Cruising Author at Book Passage
Weekend Racing Preview
November 16 2012 Lectronic
November 14
Who Says You Can't Cruise the Bay?
Photo Quiz Answer
Sold My Boat!
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
November 14 2012 Lectronic
November 12
Vendée Globe Drama
Ha-Ha Recap: Reporter's Notebook
Latitude Photo Quiz
Fall Cruising in Puget Sound
November 12 2012 Lectronic
November 9
The Fleet is In!
Artemis Launches Their AC72
Rock That Shirt!
Race Notes
November  9 2012 Lectronic
November 7
USA 17 to Fly Again
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Vote Latitude 38
Practice Makes Near Perfect
The Mystery of Beautiful Sunrises
November  7 2012 Lectronic
November 5
Socrates Makes Emergency Stop in Bay
Comment on Ocean Racing Requirements
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Weekend Fun in Turtle Bay
November  5 2012 Lectronic
November 2
Ha-Ha'ers at Turtle Bay
Disabled San Diegan Wins Gold
Apple's Venus
Weekend Racing Preview
November  2 2012 Lectronic

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