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November 29
A Sunny Thanksgiving
Another Host Family Needed
Racing Outlook
Blast to Start on Wednesday
November 29 2010 Lectronic
November 24
Happy Thanksgiving from Us to You
New Dates for AC Meeting
Latitude 38 Delivered to Your Desktop
Who Owns Minerva Reef?
November 24 2010 Lectronic
November 22
The Cruisin' Life Begins Anew
Annual ARC Rally Begins
Ad: WinchRite
Cruisers Gather at Papas and Beer
Support the Cup, Save the Dates
November 22 2010 Lectronic
November 19
Big Sail a Big Show
Dekker and Socrates Keep on Truckin'
Ad: Twice the Feel on the Wheel
Cruising Season Heating up in Mexico
Boat of the Day: 'Chrysopyle'
November 19 2010 Lectronic
November 17
Route du Rhum Almost Over
Caribbean 1500 Tragedy
Aquila Lost Near New Caledonia
Latitude Delivery Men
November 17 2010 Lectronic
November 15
Bliss on the Bay
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
British Sailors' Somali Ordeal Ends
Bountiful Sailing off Baja
November 15 2010 Lectronic
November 12
Building Community Through Baseball
Lake County Sheriff Unseated
Get Rid of Your Gear
Calling All Yacht Clubs
November 12 2010 Lectronic
November 10
Cruising Cat Explodes at Anchor
SF Picks the America's Cup
Ad: Cruisers Rally to El Salvador
Vacation From Hell
November 10 2010 Lectronic
November 8
Feelin' the Spirit
Presumed PPJers Assisted Off Hawaii
Ad: Protect Your Assets with Quickline
Still Struggling on Robinson Crusoe
Cammas Set to Win, Van Liew Builds Lead
November  8 2010 Lectronic
November 5
Baja Ha-Ha Comes to a Close
Socrates Nearing San Francisco
Subscribe to 'Lectronic Latitude
I'm Ready for My Close-up, Mr. DeMille
Cammas, Van Liew Still Lead
November  5 2010 Lectronic
November 3
Photo of the Day: Get Happy
Fish On!
Ad: Northstar Risk Management
Cammas Takes Lead in RdR
November  3 2010 Lectronic
November 1
Boo! Here Comes the New Latitude
Ha-Ha Fleet Aids Singlehander
Wasting Time on Facebook?
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
November  1 2010 Lectronic

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