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May 31
Moore 24 Dismasted in Coastal Cup
Webb Chiles Makes It to the US
Ad: KKMI - Join Our Team
June Racing Preview
Ad: South Beach YC Jr. Sailing Camp
May 31 2017 Lectronic
May 26
Artemis and the Gate
It's a Nasty 1,200 Miles
Ad: 27th Annual Delta Ditch Run
Long Weekend On and Beyond the Bay
Bad News from the Conch Republic
Ad: South Beach YC Jr. Sailing Camp
May 26 2017 Lectronic
May 24
Lookin' Good on a Morris
America's Cup Racing Begins Friday
Ad: 27th Annual Delta Ditch Run
Boat-In Dining
The Return(s) of the Titanic
May 24 2017 Lectronic
May 22
US Match Racing Qualifiers
Marin Kiteboarder Dies in Alameda
Ad: Save the Waters You Love
Antigua to Bermuda for the Cup
Latitude 38 Reader Survey
May 22 2017 Lectronic
May 19
This Old Cal 20 Has a Bright Future
Fast Boats, Big Talent at Nacra Clinic
Ad: Modern Sailing School & Club
Matthew Turner Shipyard Sale
Latitude Production Dept. Is Hiring
May 19 2017 Lectronic
May 17
Phaedo3 Nips Transpac Record
A Rookie at the (NALSA) America's Cup
Ad: BoatU.S. Towing
Pillar Point Pollution Presentation
From the May Issue
Ad: South Beach YC Jr. Sailing Camp
May 17 2017 Lectronic
May 15
Ha-Ha Entries Off to an Explosive Start
Phaedo3 Trying for Transpacific Record
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Stranded Paddleboarder Found Safely
Classy Ad Deadline Today!
May 15 2017 Lectronic
May 12
Brides to Be Upstaged by Bridesmaids?
Marc Benioff Supports Ocean Cleanup
Ad: Division of Boating and Waterways
Flipped Atlantic 57 Cat Recovered
Thanks, Steve Kissinger
May 12 2017 Lectronic
May 10
Diamond in the Rough?
Delta Doo Dah Kicks Off Saturday
Ad: Farallon Electronics
Transpac Pre-Preview
May 10 2017 Lectronic
May 8
San Francisco Bay Whale Sighting
"Perfect" Vallejo Race
Ad: May Deals at KKMI
Pacific Crossing Question
Sailboats Rule the Northwest Passage
May  8 2017 Lectronic
May 5
Forecast for Vallejo Race
Calling All Boatyard Projects
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Going Back 100 Years for a New Look
May  5 2017 Lectronic
May 3
Lookin' Good in a Knarr
$500 Reward for Lost Rudder in South Bay
Ad: Dream Yacht Charters
Pac52s Ready to Rumble
From Humble Beginnings
May  3 2017 Lectronic
May 1
Sailors Beat the Traffic to Ensenada
What Went Wrong (or Right) Here?
Ad: Mandatory Boater Safety Education
Message in a Bottle
May Day Issue of Latitude Is Out
May  1 2017 Lectronic

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