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May 29
Cape Horn, Again, and Beyond
June Issue Is Out
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Weekend Racing Preview
May 29 2015 Lectronic
May 27
When a Canceled Sailing Trip Is Great News
This Photo Cracks Us Up
Ad: Svendsen's Boat Works
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
May 27 2015 Lectronic
May 22
The Fastest Sailboat Ever
Hank Easom Biopic Debuts
Ad: Stockton Sailing Club
Barker Goes to Japanese AC Team
Weekend Racing Preview
May 22 2015 Lectronic
May 20
West Coast Talent Shines at 52 Super Series
Letting the World Know They've Circumnavigated
Ad: Get Towing with Vessel Assist
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
May 20 2015 Lectronic
May 18
Maserati Dodges Garbage on Shanghai Run
Delta Doo Dah Kickoff
Ad: KKMI Bottom Painting Packages
Volvo Ocean Race in the USA
Education Mixed With Family Fun
May 18 2015 Lectronic
May 15
Safe Boating Week Gives Food for Thought
Weekend Racing Preview
Classified Deadline Friday, 5PM
Kicking Off Delta Doo Dah 7
May 15 2015 Lectronic
May 13
Multiple Maydays from Atlantic Storm
It's Galway for Wind, Cold and Damp
Ad: Modern Sailing School
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
May 13 2015 Lectronic
May 11
China-Bound Maserati May Dodge Cyclone
Race to the Forbidden Island
Ad: Stockton Sailing Club
How Did You Spend Mother's Day?
May 11 2015 Lectronic
May 8
Volvo Leaders Finish 3 Minutes Apart
New: Golden Gate Racing Challenge
Weekend Racing Preview
May  8 2015 Lectronic
May 6
Tahiti Transpac '16 Seeks Entries
True But Misleading
Sign up for Baja Ha-Ha XXII
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
May  6 2015 Lectronic
May 4
Half of Ta-Ta Slots Taken Already
Already 31 Entries for the 22nd Baja Ha-Ha
Ad: KKMI Bottom Painting Packages
Delta Ironman Challenge
May  4 2015 Lectronic
May 1
Spectacular Kaiwo Maru Visits the Bay
Japan Is In for AC 35
Sign up for Baja Ha-Ha XXII now!
May Latitude Is Out
Weekend Racing Preview
May  1 2015 Lectronic

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