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May 30
June Latitude Hits the Docks
Polynesian Canoe Begins Circumnavigation
Latitude 38 Logowear for Father's Day
Weekend Racing Preview
May 30 2014 Lectronic
May 28
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
No Hope for Cheeki Rafiki Crew
Ad: Zero to Clean in 60 Seconds
Historic Sloop Freda to Launch Saturday
Amanda Whips In Hurricane Season
May 28 2014 Lectronic
May 23
Seaquel's Final Chapter
The Delta Doo Dah Starts This Weekend!
Latitude 38 Logowear for Father's Day
Weekend Racing Preview
Epic F--k Up at Expedition Yacht Launching
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
May 23 2014 Lectronic
May 21
Tragedy in the Night
A Bad End to a Good Weekend
Ad: Better Coverage with BoatU.S.
The New Rambler
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
May 21 2014 Lectronic
May 19
And Away He Goes
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: KKMI Bottom Painting Packages
Schooner Gals Show Their Stuff
Don't Be One of the 500
Ta-Ta Sign-Ups Climb
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
May 19 2014 Lectronic
May 16
Sign Up For The SoCal Ta-Ta II Now
Jack van Ommen Has Replaced Fleetwood
Ad: PanelVisor Panel Protection
SIM Card Controversy
Weekend Racing Preview
May 16 2014 Lectronic
May 14
Sportfishing While Puddle Jumping
What Would Redford Do?
Ad: Micron Technology
Life Jacket Inspections/Exchange
May 14 2014 Lectronic
May 12
Kaufmans Break Silence on Rescue
Extreme Sailing Series
Ad: Drake's Bay Passagemaking Course
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
May 12 2014 Lectronic
May 9
Hugo Boss Dismasts En Route to New York
No More Dusty-Field Ha-Ha Baseball
Ad: Delta Ditch Run May 31
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
May  9 2014 Lectronic
May 7
Escape Velocity Dismasted But Safe
Delta Doo Dah Kickoff Party
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Injured Sailor Undaunted by Accident
America's Cup Wins Emmy
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
May  7 2014 Lectronic
May 5
AC 35 Actively Courting Hawaii
Know Why You're Celebrating Today?
Ad: KKMI Bottom Painting Packages
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: Sale Boat of Day
May  5 2014 Lectronic
May 2
The Baja Ha-Ha and SoCal Ta-Ta
Tatoosh on the Loose
Ad: PortVisor Rain Shields
Late-Season Santa Ana Waves Hit Avalon
Weekend Racing Preview
Ad: Sale Boat of the Day
May  2 2014 Lectronic

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