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March 29
Bucket About to Tip
Sea of Cortez Race Week Numero Uno
Racing Preview
Swimming with Dolphins and More
Ad: Sail Boat of the Day
March 29 2013 Lectronic
March 27
Sailor in (Potty) Training
Eight Bells for Rick Wood
Ad: Charter a Sunsail First 40
Weekend Racing Round-Up
The Floating Boat Show
March 27 2013 Lectronic
March 25
The Spectacle will Soon Begin
Jeanne Socrates Passing Cape Leeuwin
Ad: Join the KKMI Team
The End of 'Cruiser Races' in Mexico?
March 25 2013 Lectronic
March 23
SPECIAL REPORT: Crewman Injured in BBR Incident
March 23 2013 Lectronic
March 22
Bumping into Jim Jessie
Superb Conditions for Banderas Bay Regatta
Ad: Doublehanded Farallones
Smokin' on the South Bay
March 22 2013 Lectronic
March 20
We All Scream for...Sailing
Joyon Going for the 'Grand Slam'
Ad: Peace of Mind Boating
Racing Round-Up
Mariners Save Duct Tape
March 20 2013 Lectronic
March 18
Doin' the Ditch
How Can You Tell When a Yacht Is Big?
Youth AC Volunteer Needed
Two Out of Three Ain't Bad
March 18 2013 Lectronic
March 15
Free Publicity for Charter Boats
Where Have All the Outboards Gone?
The Evolution of Sailboats
Weekend Racing Preview
March 15 2013 Lectronic
March 13
Nereida Over Halfway Around
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Prepare to Be Boarded!
It's the Little Things
March 13 2013 Lectronic
March 11
Uncontrollable Urge Update
Cruiser Suicide?
Ad: Pacific Cup Entry Open
Jumpers Poised to Pounce
March 11 2013 Lectronic
March 9
SPECIAL REPORT: 1 Dead, 5 Injured in Islands Race
March  9 2013 Lectronic
March 8
The Loss of the Schooner Raindancer
More Darling Strangeness
Ad: Doublehanded Farallones
Almost Nothing
Weekend Racing Preview
March  8 2013 Lectronic
March 6
$1 Mill Bail for Darling Suspects
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Uncommon Wisdom
March  6 2013 Lectronic
March 4
An Oyster 82 on the Beach
Cap'ns and Crews to Mingle at GGYC
Full Story on Boarding at Caleta de Campos
March  4 2013 Lectronic
March 1
Fifteen Minutes of Fame Day
March Latitude Ready to Read
Sin on Wheels
Latitude's First-Ever Boat Review
March  1 2013 Lectronic

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