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March 31
Cape Breton Island Makes the Bay
Race Notes
Ad: Boat Groupies Get a Bonus
April Latitude Hits Tomorrow
All Clear in Clipper Cove
March 31 2010 Lectronic
March 29
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Shipping Container Sinks in the Estuary
Ad: DH Farallones Race & Multihull Expo
A Swarm of Solo Circumnavigators
March 29 2010 Lectronic
March 26
Bar and Humans Broachings in San Blas
DH Farallones? Plan on Having an EPIRB . . .
Ad: Discover a Sailor's Version of Paradise
NOAA Weather Clinic Tomorrow
Search of S/V Columbia Continues
March 26 2010 Lectronic
March 24
Photo of the Day
California Dismasted, Crew Safe
Ad: DH Farallones Race & Multihull Expo
Watch Out for Whales
Ha-Ha Solves Robbery in Auckland
March 24 2010 Lectronic
March 22
18th Annual Banderas Bay Regatta
Groupama 3 Smashes Jules Verne Record
Ad: New Travelift for KKMI Sausalito
Plastiki Gets Her Sea Legs
March 22 2010 Lectronic
March 19
Plastiki Sets Sail Tomorrow Morning
Seeking Info on Missing Boat and Crew
Halley Lund Could Use Your Help
Two Steps Forward to Cuba, One Step Back
March 19 2010 Lectronic
March 17
Ralliers Celebrate Arrival at El Salvador
Sell Your Boat at the Boat Show
Groupama 3 Powers Home
Delta Doo Dah Full in 12 Hours!
March 17 2010 Lectronic
March 15
Announcing the Delta Doo Dah Deux
Tomas and Ului Pose Double Threat
Rigging Seminar at OYC
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
March 15 2010 Lectronic
March 12
Playing Hooky on Thursday
Nereida Gets Back Underway
Crew List Party
Free Publicity in Latitude 38
March 12 2010 Lectronic
March 10
Don't Be Late for the Party
'California' in the Hunt in Clipper Race
Shipwreck Survivor Detained
Don't Be An April Fool
March 10 2010 Lectronic
March 8
International Cruisers Converge at Panama
SAR Demo at Crew List Party
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
Yachts Names from 'A' to 'X'
March  8 2010 Lectronic
March 5
Rosé and the Sunday Sail to Columbie
Sail a Small Boat Day Tomorrow
Ad: NorthStar Risk Management
Shipwrecked on Vancouver Island
Power Outage Monday Morning
March  5 2010 Lectronic
March 3
Calling All Panama Puddle Jumpers
Make Your Voice Heard
Cruising With the Enemy
March  3 2010 Lectronic
March 1
March Issue of Latitude Out Today
Entire Pacific Rim Braced for Tsunami
Pooches on the Poop Deck
PV Race Wraps-Up, MEXORC Kicks Off
March  1 2010 Lectronic

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