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July 29
August Latitude Out Today
Comanche Crushes Atlantic Record
Ad: Clean Less with Happy Poseidon
August Racing Preview
July 29 2016 Lectronic
July 27
Sending Out an SOS for Commodore's Boat
Still Slots Open for the SoCal Ta-Ta
Spruce up Your Sailing Wardrobe
A Dolphin Frolics with a Tuna
July 27 2016 Lectronic
July 25
Raucous Pac Cup Finish
20th Solo TransPac a Wrap
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Britannia Rules the Waves
July 25 2016 Lectronic
July 22
Pac Cup Record Set as Storm Approaches
Record Falls in Vic-Maui
Ad: Save the Waters You Love
Golden Globe Redux
July 22 2016 Lectronic
July 20
Pac Cup'ers on Record-Setting Pace
More Solo TransPac'ers Blow In
Ad: Peace of Mind with BoatU.S.
Join Us for Some Prime SoCal Cruising
July 20 2016 Lectronic
July 18
Solo Racers Sail into Hanalei Bay
Big Winds Push Pac Cup Fleet
Ad: 50% Off at KKMI
It's a Small Sailing World
July 18 2016 Lectronic
July 15
Drag Race to the Solo TransPac Finish
Pacific Cup Maxis Start Today
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Alameda Outboard Thefts Continue
Classified Deadline Is Today at 5 p.m.
July 15 2016 Lectronic
July 13
Pacific Cup Race Update
Solo TransPac Update
Ad: Save the Waters You Love
Skipper Found Dead aboard Grounded Sloop
July 13 2016 Lectronic
July 11
Let the 2016 Pacific Cup Begin!
In Celebration of the El Toro
Ad: Modern Sailing Is Hiring
Why Sailboat Diesels Go Bad
July 11 2016 Lectronic
July 8
Notes From Out There
Gauging Interest in the America's Cup
Ad: Save the Waters You Love
Slow Going in Singlehanded TransPac
July  8 2016 Lectronic
July 6
Singlehanders Cast Off for Kauai
Expect the Unexpected
Ad: Precision 9 at Farallon Electronics
Phaedo3 Crushes Yet Another Record
Gabart Smashes Solo 24-Hour Record
July  6 2016 Lectronic
July 1
Heads Up to Solo TransPac'ers
MAD Dogs Run Away with the R2AK
Ad: Westwind Boat Detailing
Finding Fireworks for the 4th (or 3rd)
July Latitude Hits the Docks
July  1 2016 Lectronic

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