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July 31
20 Years Ago October
Galilee Harbor Maritime Day Saturday
Ad: 2013 Windjammer's Race
Racing Notebook
Distress Frequency Change This Week
July 31 2013 Lectronic
July 29
Joy Ride for Top Gun
Flossie Barrels Toward Hawaii
Ad: Office Position at KKMI
Beer Can Check-in
Macklemore Promotes Lady Washington
July 29 2013 Lectronic
July 26
Cat Rescues Six Near Cabo
Lobsterman Saved by His Boots
Ad: 20th Annual Baja Ha-Ha
Search Continues for Niña and Crew
Weekend Racing Preview
Errata With Regard to the African Diaspora Maritime Lawsuit
July 26 2013 Lectronic
July 24
Daisy Cutter Finishes Mini Challenge
The Kiwis Waltz into Louis Vuitton Finals
Ad: Smart, Affordable Captain's Licensing
Aldebaran Floats Again
Deep Trouble for Troubled Kiwi
Racing Wrap-Up
July 24 2013 Lectronic
July 22
What a Great TransPac!
Coasties Bust False Mayday Caller
Ad: SOS Dan Buoy
ETNZ Win Puts Them in Louis Vuitton Finals
July 22 2013 Lectronic
July 19
Lending Club Just Misses TransPac Record
AYSF Receives Hanson Rescue Medal
Ad: Summer of Racing
Weekend Racing Preview
July 19 2013 Lectronic
July 17
Bowled Over by the Kiwis
Artemis Update
Ad: Peace of Mind Boating
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ha-Ha Paid Entries Nearing 100
July 17 2013 Lectronic
July 16
Interview with Gino Morrelli on Tritium Lending Club
July 16 2013 Lectronic
July 15
TransPac Record Crushed!!!
The First Two-Boat AC72 Race
Ad: Convert to Clean, Quiet Electric
How Thrifty Can You Be?
Somali Pirates Convicted in Quest Case
July 15 2013 Lectronic
July 12
Finally, a Real Louis Vuitton Race
The TransPac Black Queen to Be Dealt Twice?
Ad: Westwind Detailing
DDDers Invited to a BBQ
Weekend Racing Preview
July 12 2013 Lectronic
July 10
Jeanne Socrates' Records
The Loss of Zen
Ad: Repower with Confidence
First TransPac Division Starts
Weekend Racing Round-Up
Another Meaningless Kiwi Victory
July 10 2013 Lectronic
July 8
One Is the Loneliest Number
Aldebaran Sinks
Ad: Bottom Painting Packages at KKMI
A Very Mini Challenge
Jeanne Socrates Finishes Solo Circumnavigation
Some Still Keep Hope for Niña
July  8 2013 Lectronic
July 3
Rendezvous Reunion in Paradise
Racing to Hawaii
Ad: NorthStar Marine Insurance
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Off Season on the Vallarta Coast
July  3 2013 Lectronic
July 1
AC Cups Permits, Rudders & Elevators
Ted Hood Passes Away
Ad: Niue Yacht Club
Emergency Recall of Lite Propane Tanks
AC Bits from Peyron and Cayard
July  1 2013 Lectronic

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