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July 29
August Issue Hot Off the Presses
Doo Dah Kickoff Party Tonight
John Silverwood Sets Sail Again
Lasers Seize Control of the Bay
July 29 2011 Lectronic
July 27
Mothball Fleet Revealed
Whidbey Island, Double Damned
Are You Missing the Christmas in July Sales?
Polynesian Fleet Due to Arrive Early
And the Winner is . . .
July 27 2011 Lectronic
July 25
Swell Time at Cloudbreaks
Weekend Racing Wrap-Up
Ad: KKMI eKnewsletter & Facebook
Smithsonian Boat Usage Survey
Can You Explain This Photo?
July 25 2011 Lectronic
July 22
Bonus Points for Esmeralda
Dora Downshifts
Make Life Easy and Subscribe
Sea Diamond Does the Med
July 22 2011 Lectronic
July 20
Hurricane Dora Threatens Mexican Coast
Long Night for a Bay Windsurfer
Ad: Catalina Island's Two Harbors
Esmeralda Delayed Until Thursday
Crony Capitalism About to Degrade Your GPS?
July 20 2011 Lectronic
July 18
TransPac Notes
Two Dead in Chicago-Mackinac Race
Ad: Just Bottoms
Bashing Ahead of a Hurricane?
Help Us Welcome a Chilean Beauty
July 18 2011 Lectronic
July 15
Ocean Racing News
Mendocino Queen Attacked in the Caribbean
Ad: Dockwise Yacht Transport
Follow the Freedom Flag
July 15 2011 Lectronic
July 13
Polynesian Vakas Heading for San Francisco
Pacific Vision Lost in Australia
Follow Us on Facebook
TransPac-ers Get a Case of the Slows
Weekend Racing Wrap-up
July 13 2011 Lectronic
July 11
"I Don't Give a Rat's Ass"
TransPac Big Boats Blazing
Ad: Free Haulouts at KKMI Pt. Richmond
Stuck on Banderas Bay -- And Lovin' it!
July 11 2011 Lectronic
July 8
Seahorse Has Great Taste
Seven Men Missing in the Sea
Ad: Sign Up for the Pacific Cup Today!
LongPac'ers Get Hammered
Understanding Customer Wants and Needs
July  8 2011 Lectronic
July 6
Cruising Boat Sinks, Crew Rescued
Sea Plane's Spectacular Crash
Ad: Northstar Risk Management
Race Notes
July  6 2011 Lectronic
July 1
The July Latitude is Ready for the Weekend
The Anti-Pirate Potato Cannon
Ad: Catalina Island's Two Harbors
TransPac Starts Monday
July  1 2011 Lectronic

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